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The new SAP Business Suite on HANA

White Paper: Photon

SAP has put real-time business within reach with SAP Business Suite furled by SAP HANA. This Cutting-edge platform unifies the exceptionally fast analytics of SAP HANA with transactions, enabling enterprises to accumulate and process information while simultaneously applying it to continuous business processes, all in real time. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is designed to deliver improved business value across end-to-end business processes. It will substantially change the way companies do business and interact with each other. A board variety of business practices such as marketing analysis, financial close, material resource planning, as well as consumer and social sentiment analysis and the most used operational reporting and analytics have been specifically optimised to deliver increased information that is of high value to businesses. With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, businesses can:- Enable truer market differentiation by creating better data-driven business models Make smarter decisions and minimize risks by enabling predictive analysis and simulation on Big Data Transform business processes with embedded Intelligence in transactions to amplify top-line growth Drive entire business enterprises better in real time

Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense

White Paper: Sisense

To capitalize on the value of their information, many companies today are taking an embedded approach to analytics and delivering insights into the everyday workflow of their users through embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI). However, in order to successfully expose analytics to customers and partners, companies are faced with three main challenges such as manage complex data quickly, sharing data and insights securely. This guide includes a general overview of  BI & Embedded analytics, the different approaches to embedding BI and analytics, and the benefits and challenges of the most popular BI solution technologies that offer OEM partnerships. Key takeaways form this white paper: An overview on embedded business intelligence & analytics How to Make Analytics Your Competitive Differentiator Top Approaches to Embedding Analytics Comparing Embedded Analytics Partners Unique Technical Benefits of Sisense OEM Solution

5 Signs It's Time You Move Toward a Business Intelligence Solution

White Paper: Sisense

Business intelligence (BI) application is increasingly cited as the way to get actionable insights out of the data growing every day, to improve business performance and results. If your enterprise is struggling to get valuable insights from data you want to make smart business strategies and take good business decisions. Also, you probably already possess or have access to data that can help you in both areas. However, it may not be so obvious to decide how to handle that data, and which approach or tool will be the most effective. Is business intelligence the right solution? Read this white paper that explains how to evaluate your situation to see if a business intelligence solution makes sense for you and how you can decide for your own enterprise. Key takeaways from this white paper on business intelligence: Warning signs that information needs are not being met. Four steps you must take to generate useful BI dashboards and reports. Alternate business intelligence approaches for complex data. Determining the type of business intelligence solution that is most appropriate for your needs.

BI Success Beyond Data Visualization

White Paper: Sisense

Organizations need a business intelligence solution that combines both back-end and front-end functionality addresses all the requirements and goes beyond front-end only data visualization products, to allow your enterprise to make the most of the current and future business intelligence possibilities. Many organizations lack the tools to transform gold mine of data into business results since they only look at “business intelligence” label on a solution at face value that focus only on data visualization. This white paper about “Full-Stack vs. Front-End-Only BI Software” explores the differences in the two approaches of singlestack BI vs. data visualization while highlighting the challenges in performing important BI tasks. Some of them are as below: Preparing data Joining data sources Analyzing data Scaling Collaboration  

Dynamics of Emerging Pricing Models in Business Process Management

White Paper: WNS

Today, enterprises need to look beyond cost savings, while service providers need new sources of competitive differentiation and margin levers. In Business Process Management (BPM), Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) has historically followed FTE-based pricing. However, in recent times, some areas have seen a very gradual shift towards new, value-based models such as transaction-based and — in a more limited way — outcome-based pricing.

Transforming the Future of Outsourcing

White Paper: Atos

This paper proposes two parallel and complementary opportunities for the evolution of outsourcing services. The first strategy focuses on evolving transformational outsourcing strategies whereby Atos products and services focus directly on contributing value to its customers’ core business processes. The second proposes that Atos advances its current cloud offerings by developing sector-specific clouds capitalizing on the existing knowledge the company has gained from the many years it has been collaborating closely with customers in specific industrial sectors.

Take Project and Portfolio Management to the Next Level

White Paper: Advaiya

A common reason projects fail is a lack of visibility over the entire spectrum of the project management process (PMP). Establishing a PMO is recommended to manage multiple projects and programs in collaboration under a centralized hub. By adhering to standardization, project teams can overcome hurdles and ensure that projects succeed. Bringing together data from different line-of-business applications and preparing a consolidated view eases the business innovation capability. To ensure the greatest impact, organizations need to efficiently handle large programs and invest in the right business strategy by understanding how projects are performing, and which projects should have the highest priority. How to improve collaboration between teams? What is the impact of low visibility and improper workflows? How do data-driven decisions improve project performance? Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: What Makes a Project Portfolio Difficult to Manage? How to establish proper project management practices? How can AdValue suppliment Constant Business Innovation? Why Should You Choose Advaiya for PPM?

Rewarding Interactions: Are You Ready For Customer Intimacy?

White Paper: AIMIA

Building customer intimacy means creating a trusting, safe environment where both parties can share freely. In a competitive market where loyalty programs are ubiquitous, brands must set themselves apart to drive customer experiences to build real relationships. Companies are beginning to figure out how to reward customers for the important interactions that precede and follow a purchase. In this whitepaper, explore the four powerful pillars you can build to use interaction data to create customer intimacy and long-term loyalty. Key Takeaways from This White Paper On Customer Experience: Benefits of adding interaction data and tying it in with transaction data Rewarding interactions takes time and proper analysis Ways to boost loyalty and foster intimacy with engaged customers The power of social, mobile and digital customer interactions

ATM remote management solutions

White Paper: TEKchand

To be best in class, an effective ATM remote management system has to clear various significant hurdles. While there are many ATM remote management solutions, very less offer the completeness, robust applications, ease of use, ATM-centric expertise and affordability of CO-OP ATM Visual Control. ATMs have always remained a significant piece of a credit union’s functionality, and play an essential role in offering convenience to members. This whitepaper highlights the importance of moving to true ATM Remote Management, ATM as a valuable asset to the credit union branch model and also explains the efficient management of the ATM fleet as a necessary duty. It discusses: Concept of CO-OP ATM Visual Control Three critical applications delivered by CO-OP ATM Visual Control Features and functionality for credit unions delivered by Remote Manager

Fast Growing Companies are Leaving QuickBooks for Cloud ERP

White Paper: Kenandy

The vast majority of companies start out by using QuickBooks as their first accounting product. Most of the organizations gradually implement various workarounds, as the pain points of relying on a tool designed for small businesses increases. A growing manufacturing company requires capabilities that go beyond entry-level accounting products augmented with add-ons. Here, the next logical step is an ERP solution. Moving your company to cloud-based ERP enables more efficient and effective business operations. This white paper provides insights on how you can leverage a cloud ERP to compete in today’s competitive environment and explore how a manufacturing business, like yours, deliver products to market more efficiently. It highlights: ERP—the next logical step after QuickBooks Advantages of cloud ERP over on-premise systems What it looks like when you move up to cloud ERP How to eliminate large upfront investment with cloud ERP

Choose the Right Sales Performance Management Tool

White Paper: Imprezzio

An effective Sales and Performance Management tool should have a consistent, customizable template-based platform for managers to easily and consistently evaluate new talent from the application to the offer. Having the data be easily displayed in your Sales and Performance Management solution makes the whole process smooth, consistent and reliable. This whitepaper describes how powerful software can tame unruly spreadsheets and complex compensation plans. It highlights how software enable you and your staff to join the top tier of incentivized and motivated sales teams. It addresses key questions like: What do a good sales tracking & productivity management system should provide? What do an effective gamification strategy should have? How to properly evaluate employee efficiency?

Skype for Business Migration Strategies Connecting meeting rooms

White Paper: StarLeaf

Skype for Business is fast becoming the most widely-used single vendor unified communications platform. However, as the enterprise implements Skype for Business, it hits a seemingly impossible barrier, realizing complete video communication and collaboration. There is no easy or elegant way for existing video conferencing equipment to seamlessly integrate with Skype for Business. This whitepaper addresses what the available migration strategies for video calling and conferencing are, and how interoperability between Skype for Business and professional video systems can be achieved for inter and intra-company calls. It highlights: How to bridge the gap between Skype for Business and legacy H.323 meeting room systems on a scheduled meet-me basis ‘Do nothing’ strategy- Both the video conferencing rooms and Skype for Business are maintained in parallel How to achieve direct calling and conferencing for all, while maintaining current legacy room systems, registered directly to the video cloud

Effective Subcontractor Management for Field Service Delivery

White Paper: Jolt Consulting Group

Field Service organizations are encouraged to invest in their subcontractor network with a goal of making it a competitive differentiator that yields service excellence. Embracing and embedding the third party contractor to make them feel like a valued partner and contributor to the overall customer experience is a key and area service organizations should focus. This whitepaper focuses on building a good third party subcontractor by leveraging field service software. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Reasons for companies to consider the leveraging of third party contractors Key challenges service organizations face with utilizing third party subcontractors How to gain real-time visibility into the performance and activities of the third-party technician Best-in-Class service organizations receive the necessary visibility into the subcontractor network by extending field service software and mobility tools to the third party providers.

IT Monitoring Software: Opsview Whitepaper

White Paper: Opsview

In the present scenario, the field of IT monitoring has become very good at collecting status information and performance metrics from various endpoints. However, executive stakeholders are much more interested in the performance of people and processes than of CPU, memory, and throughput. With the new ability to model your applications and business services inside the monitoring tool, this business continuity measure is now a key artifact to contribute to the completeness of an Enterprise Architecture. This whitepaper provides insights on the needs of the market for IT monitoring software that understands the anatomy of the application it seeks to protect. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The “Fog of War” Between Business and IT Services IT Monitoring Business Services Diagram How has the Market Responded?

The Business of Mobile Collaboration

White Paper: Plantronics

Making mobile collaboration a part of your work culture is not just something that is possible with mobile technology, but also integral to the way people feel they should work with one another. Today, more and more companies are embracing mobile technology as an essential workforce asset. Mobile technology gives individuals the ability to efficiently work by themselves or with one another, from wherever they happen to be. This whitepaper provides you with some practical guidance on establishing a mobile collaboration strategy for your organization. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Five criteria for implementing a mobile collaboration culture in your organization Mapping the mobile collaboration ecosystem to drive business results The oxygen that fuels a mobile collaboration ecosystem How to best navigate the mobile ecosystem and develop a strategy for your organization  

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for the Optimistic Pessimist

White Paper: FalconStor

Having a business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) plan is critical to an organization’s success and it is up to you to choose the best DR solution to meet your business needs. Creating a good recovery plan begins with defining recovery objectives and aligning the BCDR strategy with business requirements. A good BCDR plan identifies your recovery objectives and then aligns your strategy to your business requirements. This white paper discusses some disaster recovery (DR) strategies and challenges that an organization might face while creating a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Elements of a good DR plan Strategies the customers can use to meet ROI recovery requirements Two types of recovery: manual on-premise and automated Recovery in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal

White Paper: Mind Matrix

A partner portal provides your channel partners with easy access to critical elements that will help them close deals faster. It plays a key role in helping you maintain your partner relationships better. Each channel partner is unique; so are their requirements. So, how can you bring them all on the same page as you? This whitepaper discusses the 9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal that can help your channel partners succeed. It also addresses questions like: What do your channel partners really want in a partner portal? What are the things to consider when investing in a partner portal? How can you make the most of your investment in a partner portal? What are the key requirements of a perfect partner portal to improve partner adoption and usage?

Providing a total risk management solution

White Paper: Zywave

Providing a total risk management solution is an important aspect for P&C brokers apart from focusing on coverage and obtaining the best price for your client. Clients are looking for brokers that can take on a trusted advisor role, helping them address their true business exposures and help mitigate their total cost of risk. With the right resources, one can offer prospects and clients effective risk management processes which address all of the issues, create value, and become an integral part of their decision-making process. This whitepaper provides steps that should be taken to move towards becoming a trusted risk management advisor for your clients by managing their total cost of risk and providing solutions to help them save money on their long-term risk management costs. It addresses the following key questions: How does risk management impact a business’s bottom line? What are the employers’ top 3 risk management challenges? What are the most effective ways through which a broker can take on the advisor role? Deliver a total risk management solution to your clients and you’ll find yourself with a new business model that makes both you and your clients more successful.

Utilizing technology in small agencies

White Paper: Zywave

For any small insurance agency, deciding to make the investment in technology is a risk. Technology has changed the insurance game, and small agencies can benefit from having sophisticated, yet simple technology embedded in their culture from day one. As the insurance market place changes, it is going to make it more difficult for brokers who do not have technology as time goes on. In this whitepaper, learn how having technology in your agency can differentiate you from the rest and how to leverage technology to your agency’s advantage. It highlights: What is technology in the insurance industry and what can it mean to a broker, especially a small agency? Keys to success when leveraging technology in small agencies Technology in the small agency sphere Differences in line of business

Sourcing and Procurement: The 2016-2017 Technology and Innovation Outlook Report

White Paper: Basware

In this fast-moving and highly competitive global marketplace, how procurement and sourcing organizations communicate, collaborate and transact with their internal stakeholders and external trading partners and the enabling technologies and platforms that they utilize will take on increasing importance to overall business operations and bottom-line results. This whitepaper highlights the impact of today’s progressive solutions as well as those that are emerging across all relevant sourcing and procurement processes. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on sourcing and procurement: Procurement Playmakers: Agile and Innovative The State of Procurement Technology Primary sub-process areas that drive all sourcing activity Key Technology Trends: The Evolution Continues The Future of Procurement Analysis: Happening Now


White Paper: CloudCraze

Most leadership teams recognize the opportunity to boost sales and cement customer relationships by building better online and mobile experiences. But when faced with a variety of options and a growing sense of urgency, just getting started can be a challenge. At $1 trillion, the global B2B market is four times the size of the B2C market overall. Yet in its Wave™ B2B Commerce Suites Q2 2015, Forrester reports that most B2B companies lag their B2C counterparts in terms of digital maturity and quality of customer experience. Whether starting from scratch or replacing an aging legacy platform, you can find the most effective implementations by following six key principles in this whitepaper: Candid assessment of how the system can improve or extend a company’s core business Make a long-term plan with clear, short-term objectives Talk with customers Allow for iteration based on a feedback loop Align your team, deploy fast and measure ROI Develop a culture of commerce

Using Gamification to Improve Contact Center Performance

White Paper: CallMiner

Gamification is a fun and growing resource that can be adapted to improve contact center performance and agent engagement. While gamification is flexible, two elements are required to make it successful: clear business goals and accurate metrics. When contact center agents are more engaged at work, enterprises can optimize engagement with customers. This whitepaper provides you insights on how interaction analytics and gamification could help your organization to optimize customer engagements and improve contact center performance. It discusses: How does gamification relate to contact centers? Several avenues to motivate contact center agents How leaders are combining gamification and interaction analytics to get business results Best Practices from the Leaders

Human Resource Document Management Technology: Finding the Right Solution

White Paper: ACCESS

With increasing awareness of the security and governance risks posed by physical HR files, companies are looking for ways to efficiently convert all of their existing paper records into digital documents, in order to start down a new path that’s exclusively digital. There are no upfront capital expenditures for equipment and technology licenses, and there is no delay for provisioning the platform, with a SaaS solution. This whitepaper talks about the advantages of converting from old paper-based human resources document processes to a more modern digital approach. It discusses: What is the best approach to going paperless for HR Document Management? Determination of the goals of the project and the anticipated benefits Achieving a meaningful business impact requires more than a simple paper to digital conversion Evaluation of each of the alternative approaches

Business Continuity in a Technology-Dependent World

White Paper: Integrated Business Systems

Orchestrating an effective business continuity solution requires understanding an organization’s distinctive needs and designing a system to accommodate them. With so many moving parts, this process can be challenging. This whitepaper provides insights on how organizations can mitigate the risks by having a business continuity plan in place. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: 5 basic building blocks that is necessary for successful business continuity  A note on data loss, downtime and the cloud Proper planning can protect against devastating losses Requirement for orchestrating an effective business continuity solution

8 Financial Reports Every Facilities Manager Needs (and Every CFO Loves)

White Paper: ServiceChannel

Facilities managers are tasked with all kinds of responsibilities, from ensuring the look and feel of a company’s locations remains in top notch order to literally keeping the lights on. Being a facilities manager is critical to maintain visibility into all aspects of the operations, particularly from the financial perspective. This whitepaper discusses all the metrics that are the key indicators many facilities managers use to stay on top of their game. It highlights the following key questions: What are the metrics that are important for a facilities management group to track and report on to the finance group? What are the numbers that modern facilities managers share with their CFO? What financial benchmarks and data points should you regularly use to optimize performance and make smarter decisions?

What You Need to Know to Succeed in Facilities Management in 2020

White Paper: ServiceChannel

Within the next few years, there will be real opportunities to “get a seat at the table” and demonstrate how the facility management function can deliver shareholder value. But to do this will require a forward thinking approach, collaboration with both internal peers and external partners, and most importantly, creative and unique ideas on how to tie repair and maintenance (R&M) operations into an organization’s broader-based strategy. So, what is the facility manager of the future planning for and learning about today to position his/her career and company - for the highest likelihood of success?  This whitepaper highlights the 13 specific best practices, trends and new technologies you should know about now to get yourself ahead of the curve and prepared for 2020. It includes: Eco-Friendly FM Practices Optimizing Supply Management Mobility Brings FM Everywhere, to Everyone Commanding the Facilities Ship

Understanding The Expanding Benefits Of Marketing With Video

White Paper: Aberdeen Group

Video is a powerful medium that can be used to address a wide range of business challenges. While video’s use in business may start with simple marketing videos, it has the potential to do so much more. Marketing with video is unlike marketing with any other tactic, tool, technology, or channel. This whitepaper explores the impact of marketing with video – not only in terms of marketing performance, but with regard to the business as a whole. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How to extend video’s value to the organization at large, optimize the technologies that integrate with or amplify video-based interactions How to stay ahead of the curve on effective video deployments Four general categories the marketing initiative adoption rates roll into

The Ideal Buyers Guide To Contract Management

White Paper: Conga Novatus

When contracts become business critical, a fully automated contract management solution is your best option. Selecting the right contract management solution can be a daunting task. With a broad array of functionality available in the marketplace, each system has different capabilities and strengths. This whitepaper covers all the activities associated with contract management from the establishment of the business case and the confirmation of need, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How contracts impact & simplify business Without an automated solution, the job can be complex Contract management: Success checklist Contract management: Core competency & focus Get everything you need to know about contract management!

How IT Can Start Tackling Business Goals

White Paper: AppNeta

These days IT teams are not only maintaining infrastructure and data centers, but also supporting mobile devices and remote users. It configures the network to support increased bandwidth needs at multiple locations and understands the ins and outs of hundreds of third-party apps and cloud services.  This means that IT is troubleshooting any and all problems that arise in the applications and networks, leaving little time for tackling the big goals that CIOs set for their teams year after year.  This whitepaper discusses three ways that IT can utilize modern technology to take charge and start focusing on bigger business goals. Clean House-IT getting into strategy building Monitor All the Things-Performance monitoring software takes on the visibility part of the equation Stay Ahead of the Problems-Alerting and reporting in a performance monitoring tool

5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

White Paper: AppNeta

Before migrating a business-critical application to the cloud, prepare up-front and keep the control you need throughout the process. With the right tools in place, moving an app-even a high-stakes business-critical app-to the cloud doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. This whitepaper highlights the five steps you need to prepare for and move apps to the cloud using your performance monitoring tool. See What’s Already In Use- Change user behavior and usage policies for recreational SaaS apps Find Out How Apps Are Performing Now- Use performance monitoring Get a Handle on Bandwidth- Bring good end-user experience for critical applications Remember the Users- Investigate about users who are using the new SaaS service IT Team’s Work is Never Done- Make those SaaS investments worth the time and resources

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

White Paper: Computaris

Depending on the category to which an MVNO belongs to, according to this paper, the MVNO will have some priorities before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs.Obtaining market intelligence and shaping a strong marketing strategy should have the highest priority for any MVNO. This whitepaper highlights various approaches that MVNOs should look at before investing in technology, depending on their category. When and why should such an MVNO look for technology expertise? How much be allocated for communication and the level of incentives to be paid to the dealers selling their product? What could be the expected level of accuracy of any budgetary offer for each category of MVNOs? Typical functions that a large MVNO should consider before deciding to invest in technology and the benefits and issues with the deployment of each of them. This is meant to share a recommended approach when MVNOs are considering investing in technology.

Increase Your Per-Agent Debt Collection Revenue By Over 200%

White Paper: Ameyo

Fueled by many reasons, the debt collection industry has been growing and gaining more importance, forcing companies to adapt to this trend. By using a Dialer for handling large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and minimize the number of interactions to reach the right party. This whitepaper on “Increase your per-agent debt collection revenue by over 200%,” provides insights on how contact center technology and intelligent strategies can help collection agents to improve their debt collection rates. It highlights: Benefits of Automated Dialing System over Manual Dialing System for debt recovery scenario Metrics that are responsible in affecting productivity in debt collection agencies Personalized approach to debt collection services Automation to handle large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and by minimizing the number of interactions to reach the right party, they can improve the efficiency.

Intelligent Use of Technology: The Key to Successful Business Transformation

White Paper: Advaiya

As the importance of technology driven business transformation is increasing in the present scenario, emphasis on certain enterprise and consumer-based opportunities and challenges are emerging. To take advantage of the game-changing business transformation strategies & opportunities enabled by current technology business mega-trends, businesses are looking to equip themselves with the latest tech advancements. This whitepaper describes the attributes required in every business to stay relevant in the technology market within the next 5-10 years include the ability to spot new opportunities, demonstrate transparency, and innovate in an agile way. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “Business Transformation” to enable your business to run, grow and transform: Taking a deliberate approach for changing technology business landscape Top industries projected to be transformed by emerging technology business Technologies that make the biggest impact in the business transformation process

Building Self Service Demo Clouds with CloudShell

White Paper: Quali

An accessible self-service portal that offers a predefined catalog of demonstration can address many shortcomings and make life easier for both sales teams and prospective customers.  By leveraging the maturity, scalability, maintainability and ease of use capabilities o­ffered by CloudShell, sales and marketing teams can ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. This whitepaper on “Building Self Service Demo Clouds with CloudShell,” provides insights on how self-service demo clouds helps to deliver the products and services faster to market with better quality. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Cloud-based self-service access: Delivering complex demo environments Demo and POC cost will make you non-competitive Demo Clouds give you a competitive advantage Cloud sandboxing enables eff­ective demo clouds

Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes

White Paper: Quali

Cloud sandboxing is the key to the successful modeling of production-like environments and consolidating Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) test clouds. A modern LaaS cloud sandboxing platform provides the foundation for infrastructure-aware test and continuous integration (CI) automation. This whitepaper on “Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes,” provides insights for organizations that are seeking to merge multiple labs into centralized, shared data centers that can be used by many remote user groups. It covers: Key aspects to making LaaS initiatives sustainable Steps to successful Cloud Sandbox deployment Best Practices for Modeling Production-Like Environments to achieve a successful LaaS rollout Capabilities of modern LaaS sandboxing platforms that enable sustainability of the LaaS initiative

TABLETS FOR THE ENTERPRISE: Bridging to an Evolved Service Experience and Improved Bottom Line

White Paper: Kore Telematics

With a managed tablet solution in place, enterprises empower professionals to move more freely and ultimately produce better outcomes. The opportunity for tablets to change the game for service workers, and improve the bottom line of the companies that employ them, covers any industry where processing power, data security, and remote worker management are paramount. In this whitepaper on “TABLETS FOR THE ENTERPRISE: Bridging to an Evolved Service Experience and Improved Bottom Line,” learn how a variety of enterprises are using tablets to transform the way mobile work gets done. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: For desk-less work, tablets take center stage Monetizing the managed tablet and selecting the best tablet for business Connecting Healthcare: The end-to-end solution making tablets work for business Leverage the power, security and convenience of tablets for managed mobile connections in the field. 

Franchising in the Digital Age

White Paper: Primero Systems

Franchising empowers thousands of entrepreneurs to become turnkey business owners yet it faces a critical challenge of competing in the digital age by leveraging the power of internet in the best possible way. To become a digitally empowered franchise network and meet the challenges created by the Internet, a franchisor must digitally empower its franchise network and build online connections with franchisees. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “Franchising in the Digital Age”: Harnessing content for franchise-branded experiences Continuing evolution of the underlying technologies fueling the digital transformation Enabling next-generation franchising The Value Proposition for digital franchising Get the digital difference with a franchise marketing platform that gives you the freedom to branch out.

Using Spend Analysis Data to Build Your Sourcing Roadmap

White Paper: SciQuest

A strategic spend analysis solution will allow your organization to identify what data is important to collect, and will then enable actionable business decisions based on that data, including a forward-thinking sourcing roadmap. Having the right spend analysis tools can help your organization to get an accurate view of your spending, your suppliers, and opportunities for improving your sourcing and procurement activities. This whitepaper on Spend Analysis Data will discuss: The importance of collecting all data within your organization to leverage a business-driven, actionable plan How to improve the sourcing and procurement activities of your spend data and spend analytics How to make more informed decisions about your spend analytics and sourcing activities How visible and accurate data can help drive a strategic sourcing pipeline that is more forward-thinking instead of reactive What are the elements that are important and should be considered to properly develop the sourcing roadmap    

6 Ways to Improve Business Practices Using PDF

White Paper: LULU Software

Improving business practices using PDFs has become popular amongst companies for their benefits in aiding business operations in a trusting manner. It is an essential file format for improve business practices because it allows users to securely transfer and view electronic documents. The Portable Document Format has been the industry-standard for decades, namely because of its complacency in file sharing across a wide range of operating platforms and devices. What are the benefits PDFs can aid in business operations? How to use PDFs to improve business practices and take your business to a top notch level? Using PDFs are best to improve business practices because: It’s layout consistency amongst any device, regardless of the type of device. It gives businesses limitless opportunities for information retrieval. PDF’s gives the ability to compress large files makes it that much easier to download, open, and save files for clients using various devices. Its dependable format lets businesses to confidently share their important files with their respective clients without having to worry about any data breaches. This whitepaper offers some of the key ways in which organizations can improve business practices using PDFs. And, it is clear that PDF is the most viable option for business purposes and it will boost productivity, encourage collaboration, and ensure security.

Vertical Solutions Integration In The Banking And Financial Services Industry

White Paper: HCL

Vertical Solutions will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions. In Financial service industry,the business applications landscape is changing rapidly, and firms must act fast to cater to evolving customer demand. Financial service institutions (FSIs) need business applications that can deliver new business capabilities more flexibly including analytics, business intelligence, CX, and digital business processes faster. Read this insightful whitepaper that brings you the trends, drivers, and challenges of the business applications environment in financial services enterprises. It addresses questions like: How Vertical solution integration will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions? What are the top business imperative that drives company’s transformation initiative to improve customer experience? Would your firm consider transforming its current landscape of financial-services specific business applications? What financial services firms do to simplify the business application environment ? How to overcome the key challenges faced in financial service business applications?      

7 Reasons Why CFOs Should Change their Budgeting & Forecasting Process

White Paper: Jedox

From the use of obsolete data, wasting crucial time and much-needed capital to shedding your reliance on your IT department, there are several reasons why you must consider bringing in a change in your budgeting and forecasting process. Maybe now is the time to stop relying on IT to fabricate financial planning and forecasting reports for you and being stalled by them for months, or it is the time to replace the antiquated business intelligence tools by a better self-service tool that propels your budgeting and forecasting approach and doesn’t hold your company back anymore. This white paper was written for financial managers needing a better self-service tool for budgeting, planning and forecasting and those needing a spark to change current practices that are holding your company back. It imparts the useful information about how this modern financial planning software solution with advanced planning functionality has accelerated many renowned companies’ forecasting process, and the data consolidation and data preparation, availed by this budgeting tool, for them has definitely strengthened their revenue, margin and expenses model.

Making Smart Business Process Applications Smart with ABBYY InfoExtractor

White Paper: ABBYY

For making smart business process applications smart, we must create a proper information environment for knowledge workers. The biggest challenge faced by the organizations today is how to increase the productivity of their knowledge workers. This whitepaper outlines the intelligence and insight needed to make Smart Process Applications truly “smart” by providing the right information – exactly, to accelerate and improve results. It highlights: How to identify and extract events and facts between related entities with a high speed and comprehensiveness? How does a system determine the context with the precision necessary to empower efficiencies? How can the knowledge workers action their information throughout the entire process efficiently? Download this whitepaper to learn how to fully optimize the knowledge worker stack and make smart business process applications smart.

Implementing a Proactive Chat System to Solve Ecommerce Challenges

White Paper: Etech Global Services

  Solving Ecommerce Business Challenges Through Proactive Chat Implementing a Proactive Chat System gives us a fast, direct and uncomplicated experience– that’s what the experience should be like when customers contact companies. In today’s global economy, businesses are doing all they can do to stay relevant with the expanding technology in an attempt to reach more customers. Customer support over the phone is no longer a preferred method of communication, encouraging issues such as shopping cart abandonment and low average order values, rather than preventing them. The simple, yet highly effective solution lies within the application of proactive chat. Proactive chat is proactively trying to help the customer when the probability of the customer leaving the site is high. Let’s dig into the benefits of proactive chat and how you can use it for your e-Commerce business: Improves the service experience, increases conversion rates and reduces cancellations Potentials for sales are directly identified and utilized, while the customer finds out about the product Cost savings by reducing service queries through traditional channels Download this informative whitepaper to learn: How to implement proactive chat the right way? What are the best practices to implement proactive chat? How to increase lead conversion with proactive chat and what are its best practices? What are the things that should be considered when implementing chat?

The Relationship Game: Analyzing Your Network Potential

White Paper: MREN

Relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. This maintenance however is often lost in the hustle for new business, more business, and attracting potential business. The art of maintaining business relationships through analyzing your network potential should be done as relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. Read this informative whitepaper which covers: In-Vested Trust: No matter how expansive your network may be, it is nothing without credible trust built. Relationship Intelligence: Did you make a connection with an enterprise or an individual? Are they still working at the same organization you remember them from? Transparent Opportunity: Transparency enables more opportunities and collaboration for individuals to make new deals. This whitepaper challenges you to review your contact lists and ask yourself, “How tangible is my network?” 

Building High Performance Websites That Last for Engaging Digital Experiences

White Paper: Kuno Creative

High performance websites enjoy higher visitor engagement with advanced styles, features, including strong content and eye-catching visuals. High performance websites go beyond meeting the immediate behaviors and preferences of today’s user. Is your website designed and developed for adaptability, scalability and on-going optimization?Are you still using the traditional website designing methods? Some of the problems organizations are facing while traditional website redesigning: Marketing gets pulled from its focus on business goals to assist with branding and messaging. Organizations place significant cost, resources and energy into the website upfront without any guarantee that the finished product will perform to their standard. There is no warranty and the webiste performance is not up to the mark. This whitepaper includes all the necessary information to help you build high performance web sites including: 10 Steps to create high performance websites that lasts Different phases in redesigning high performaning websites Different enhancement approaches to design a high performing website? Mobile optimization: Making websites look great and function well Tools and Techniques used to build high performance websites for engaging digital experiences How to create strong visual content to engage more website visitors? Read this whitepaper and learn more about creating high performance websites for engaging digital experiences and how to incorporate these approaches, strategies and features through website redesign, to maximize your investment and meet your audiences in motion.

Managing Third Party Contractors in Network Management :Seven Deadly Sins

White Paper: ServicePower

Network Management: How can you manage the third party contractors? Deploying third party contractors into labor equation can benefit business analyst organizations to a maximum level. Third party contractor management facilitates reduce costs, gain higher margins, have shorter cycle times and provide high levels of customer service, without any high costs. Managing third party contractors is associated with recruiting, training and managing more employees, in cyclical businesses where demand varies. This whitepaper on third party contractor management gives you insights on: What are the technologies required when managing the third party independent contractors? How does the lack of end-to-end business management lead to higher costs and inefficiency in third party network management? What are the 7 mistakes you could possibly make when managing third party contractors? Don’t fall victim to one of these deadly sins while your third party network management.

Redefining Field Service With Quantum Annealing

White Paper: ServicePower

What is Quantum annealing and how can it revolutionize your field service organization? Implementing Quantum Annealing technology has enhanced the speed of field service businesses. It is critical to control costs, manage cyclical demand, ensure consistent delivery of services and improve customer satisfaction through an age old scheduling technology. Increased use of mobile workforce management software has increased the need for schedule optimization, as it is simple and less efficient for field service businesses. Field service business have been using age old schedule optimization techniques based on an artificial intelligence algorithm called Simulated Annealing, to optimize work schedule. ServicePower, a veteran Mobile Workforce Management provider, has come up with the new optimization algorithm called Quantum Annealing (QA). This white-paper looks into incorporation of new Quantum Annealing algorithms into the latest schedule optimization solutions to improve field service businesses. Why Quantum Annealing over Simulated Annealing? What are the different scheduling approaches implemented through Quantum annealing? What is intelligent scheduling? How does service scheduling use simulated annealing? What are the advantages of Quantum Annealing? Download this whitepaper to know more and understand the improvements of Quantum annealing over simulated annealing.

Best Practices for Complex Sourcing Events

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

Running complex sourcing events takes time and effort, but if done right, the benefits make it worthwhile. But Sourcing solutions are rarely used to their full potential. Most of the sourcing systems come with advanced functionality that can be used to run many types of events, and as these systems get upgraded, further functionalities get added. Learn how to make the most of complex sourcing events through this whitepaper that addresses questions like: What constitutes a complex sourcing event? Why should you consider increasing the complexity of your events? What are the common pitfalls in running complex sourcing events and how to avoid them? What are the most commonly used methods to overcome complex sourcing events? How to run events effectively and efficiently using the functionality offered by mature sourcing solution? What are the reasons behind potentially challenging complex sourcing events ? How to use valuable information collected with event responses to improve future events?  It also includes ''Real Life Examples of Complex Sourcing Events''.  

Targeting Value In A Digital World:Value-Driven Design and Implementation of Business Processes

White Paper: BPM-D

Value driven business process management focuses systematically on creating business value. In many organizations, the key challenge is adapting to an ever-changing business environment in order to strive in this digital world. What is the business strategy to overcome this challenge and how to execute it? A key component of a Business Process Management is a structured value-driven design of processes realizing the business strategy of an organization. A value driven approach to design and implementation of processes enables organizations to use resources where they provide best value during improvement initiatives, which focuses on moving the organization to the next level of performance, including the right degree of digitalization. Download this whitepaper on Design and Implementation of Business Processes which covers topics like: Value-driven implementation: Enable a consistent, value-driven process design and implementation. Segmenting business processes:Segmentation of business processes is needed in order to use it to drive process design and implementation. Value-driven Process Design approach: All information necessary for a holistic process design and process implementation. Process Impact Assessment: identifying the high impact “high opportunity” of business processes. BPM-Discipline to sustain value: how to sustain the results once business processes have been designed and implemented targeting business value.

ERP Project Success: How to Choose an ERP System

White Paper: Business Automation

How to Choose an ERP System? Selecting, installing and implementing a new ERP System may be the toughest business challenge you face because the results of the process are so critical to your business.  There are many common methods people use when trying to select the ERP software. Some of them work well, others don’t. This whitepaper discusses some of these techniques based on what your priorities are in selecting an ERP software to solve challenges and exploit opportunities. How to evaluate an ERP system? Selection Criteria for Choosing an ERP Software In order to select the very best ERP system to meet the unique requirements of your company, you need to evaluate the ERP service providers with respect to certain criteria like: Level of Support from the Solution Provider. Vendor’s Track Record of Performance. Software’s Ability to Fit the Business. Growth Potential of the Software. Price of the Software. Quality of Documentation. Download this whitepaper for a closer look at the steps involved in evaluating and selecting the right ERP system for implementing automated business management system that can meet the unique requirements in your organization.

The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution In a Digital World

White Paper: BPM-D

The execution of the strategy in the process of process management can be people or technology based – or a combination of both. Organizations need to master a systematic strategy execution and deal proactively with the opportunities and threats in this “digital world”. The Process of Process Management (PoPM) was developed to build and run a value-driven BPM-Discipline for strategy execution. The BPM Discipline delivers significant business value by transferring strategy onto people and technology based execution – at pace with certainty so that it can meet the requirement of a systematic strategy execution and benefit from the opportunities of digitalization. This whitepaper defines the BPM-Discipline and its value. It gives you an overview of a reference model developed for the PoPM and how it can be applied to build and run a value-driven BPM-Discipline for perfect strategy execution.  This whitepaper sees into: How BPM uses the “business process” concept as a vehicle for cross-organizational strategy execution? How the Process of Process Management (PoPM) has operationalized the Business? How can we enhance the value in Process of Process Management (PoPM)? How can value be driven by improving execution of strategy using BPM-Discipline? Four core frameworks that describe the Process of Process Management (PoPM).

Process Standardization & Harmonization Improvement in The Digital World

White Paper: BPM-D

Why has standardization and harmonization in Business Process Management become so much more important in this digital world? Measuring success of standardization and harmonization initiatives has a dramatic impact on BPM enablers. But complex market conditions combined with digitally empowered consumers present a challenging commercial environment. So, how can you achieve this? When processes are aligned and good practices are applied, efficiencies are created, freeing people to innovate. In order to achieve this alignment and efficiency, standardization and harmonization of business processes is important. This whitepaper guides you on all five of these critical areas in the context of standardization and harmonization and actions to be taken to improve standardization and harmonization in business processes. What’s inside this whitepaper? What are the business process standardization and harmonization in BPM? Standardization of processes benefits. The Process Implementation Challenge. Adopting Standard Business Processes – Fast at low risk. Process Governance, Process Knowledge Management, People Engagement.

Xoomworks BI Survey 2015 Business Intelligence

White Paper: Xoomworks BI

Have you identified Business Intelligence and Analysis as an important investment? 90% of survey report states Business intelligence as a prevalent tool to improve business. XoomWorks, an expert in Business Intelligence and Analytics gave a statistic report on how Business Intelligence, Data Management and Data Security remain a high priority for large enterprises. Based on survey done by XoomWorks:What are the main reasons for Business Intelligence project failures? Data quality, Data governance, performance, user adoption change management and lack of skills, which tools to be used, are the main causes for project failures. Has your company identified Dashboards and Story boards as an important investment? How important is the control over access to sensitive data to your organization? This white paper gives a deep insight on proper methodology and business intelligence strategies including: Business Intelligence Tool Selection Management Information ,Business Intelligence Competence Centres, Centres of Excellence How Database Governance and Data Security is an important investment to lead in Business Intelligence? Download this white paper to learn more about trending Business Intelligence issues and implemention of self-service technologies to ensure high quality data which results creating a visual thinking culture.

The BPM Discipline: Getting More Value out of Six Sigma and Traditional Process Improvement

White Paper: BPM-D

Value‐driven Business Process Management Discipline directs the traditional process improvement approaches like Lean or Six Sigma to the right targets where they deliver best value and address issues through other approaches with an appropriate automation. But the traditional process improvement approaches often don't lead to any tangible business outcomes while consuming significant resources. To ensure the long‐term success of such business process improvement initiatives, you need to understand: What processes have a high impact on your business strategy? What are the additional capabilities and processes that a company with traditional improvement approaches would require to build a value-driven Business Process Management discipline? What processes are less critical for achieving organization's strategic objectives? What is the sole purpose of your business process improvement strategies? This whitepaper looks at how organizations can use the Business Process Management Discipline to overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional process improvement approaches and point them at the right targets where they deliver best value.   Inside this Business Process Management whitepaper: Key characteristics of traditional process improvement approaches Importance of Separation between business and IT process improvement initiatives Solving significant issues related to analyzing and improving business processes Identifying Process management capability gaps Business process mapping, modeling & analysis

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

White Paper: cd2 Learning

The return on investment of training with gamification is better than from presentations, print materials,and even videos; so why not maximize that ROI from the start? There are many reasons that gamification, including gamebased learning, are successfully used in training today.Game-based learning also allows users to play or try more than once to achieve a goal. Repeated retrievaland spaced repetition are scientific principles proven to change behavior. In education this is referred to as reinforcement of learning through practice. This whitepaper will give you insight on : How does gamification work for businesses? How Game based learning Can Help Drive Employee Engagement ? Does gamification really work?

All About Millennials: Crossing A Multi-Generational Talent Pool

White Paper: People Scout

Recruiting and retaining millenials has become challenging for the companies today. Many avenues are available for organizations to increase their awareness of Millennials’ needs. Millenials: Who are they and why should employers care about them? Millenials are the young individuals who possess unique characteristics that can strengthen workforces and bring new insight to organizations. Companies working with Millenials will find themselves with a productive workforce and the opportunities to develop the next generation of leaders. This descriptive whitepaper on ''MILLENNIALS'' highlights: Recruiting strategies for Millennials:How to attract and keep top Millennial talent to your business? Retaining Millennials in the workplace:What are some suggestions for retaining the best of the Millennial generation? How Millennials are disrupting the workforce — for the better? What are the steps taken by the leading companies to ensure Millennials maximize their productivity? Download this whitepaper to know more about the keys to grow and succeeding in an increasingly competitive global marketplace by recruiting and retaining millenials.

Business Intelligence - Does Your Organization Need It?

White Paper: Affirma Consulting

Business Intelligence derived Information and analysis can lead to a tremendous return on investment (ROI) if implemented correctly. You can improve the decision making processes at all levels of management and improve your tactical and strategic management processes with it. Do you have quick access to actionable data? Would you like to increase collaboration and unlock insights from your business systems? If yes! Read this whitepaper that addresses the following questions: What is Business Intelligence and why do organizations need it?  Is it the right time to implement Business Intelligence for your organization?  How to select the correct Business Intelligence solution for your business needs?

Which ERP Architecture Best Handles Business Change?

White Paper: Eval-Source

Service businesses need enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that minimize the costs and disruptions of change, but most ERPs accommodate technology change more readily than business change. Announcements of most ERP vendors are focused on supporting new mobile device options, cloud architectures, overall technology platform and software interoperability. These newer functionalities are often add-ons that enhance a dated architecture or address a technology stack that was not built with business change in mind. Service businesses need enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that minimize the costs and disruptions of change, but most ERPs accommodate technology change more readily than business change. Announcements of most ERP vendors are focused on supporting new mobile device options, cloud architectures, overall technology platform and software interoperability. These newer functionalities are often add-ons that enhance a dated architecture or address a technology stack that was not built with business change in mind

The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change

White Paper: IDC

ERP systems are the technology backbone of the modern business, and as such, the process of matching the "right" system to specific business needs is extremely critical. Most companies spend quite a bit of scarce resources (time and money) on defining the business requirements and then evaluating the potential systems for a close functional fit and for the potential up-front (implementation and license) costs.

Cloud Computing Success Demands the Right Cloud Connectivity

White Paper: GTT Communications

Cloud connectivity has moved beyond the tipping point, with the majority of enterprises using some form of cloud computing in their business. The white paper on “Cloud computing success demands the right cloud connectivity” highlights why it is critically important for enterprises to use private cloud connectivity, rather than the public Internet, to access their IT applications and services residing in the cloud. In this white paper, GTT explains that a cloud solution is only as good as the network that supports it. Key takeaways from it: Fast provisioning and service turn-ups enhance enterprise agility and cloud connectivity Transparent access protects existing hardware and software investments Reliable, secure network technology means reliable, secure cloud connectivity The right network connectivity is essential to enterprise cloud computing success

Why Choose Acumatica?

White Paper: Acumatica

Acumatica is a web-based financial and business management system that can improve the productivity of your organization. The software Acumatica runs on servers in your private network or hosted on the Internet so it can be used from anywhere. Acumatica is designed to be used by any size company- from small companies with specialized requirements through large companies with multiple entities. Read this technical whitepaper, “Why Choose Acumatica“, to learn more about: How Acumatica integrates ERP and CRM into one solution Top reasons why Acumatica is cost effective Top ways Acumatica can improve your business Robust set of core financial platform benefits and CRM features of Acumatica This whitepaper on Acumatica brings you a cost-effective way to improve your business using web-based financial and business management software.  

'Sharp Carrier Technology' Optimized Carrier Spacing using Advanced Filter Shaping

White Paper: DATUM

Advanced filtering techniques in the M7 is now more cost effective to build Nyquist filters for satellite communications that allow carrier spacing at frequency offsets below 10% of the symbol rate.There are a bunch of advanced filtering techniques listed in this white paper that are popular now. In this white paper you will learn about: Spectral efficiency and capacity are increased by filter technology Channel capacity increase for advanced filtering SNR is lower for the advanced filter case to maintain the transponder power balance PAPR (Peak to Average Power Ratio) is a Concern Read this whitepaper on “Sharp Carrier Technology: Optimized Carrier Spacing using Advanced Filter Shaping” to know more about the improved Low Excess Bandwidth (Alpha) Filtering in the new M7 line of Modems.

Integrated Demand-Side Management Cost-Effectiveness and Optimization Methodology


Across the U.S., demand-side management (DSM)4 activities, budgets and programs continue to grow in importance and to increase in overall magnitude in response to state and national policy. The effectiveness of these programs can benefit greatly from better integration and optimization in planning and operations. In the smart grid context, both the optimal integration and the full valuation of DSM cost-effectiveness (CE) have been challenging and difficult to achieve.5 Important interactive effects between measures and full optimization have been difficult to quantify, which in the long run cause poor investment decisions, misalignments, lost opportunities, and stranded benefits. This paper contends that much greater planning and operational efficiency (and resulting benefits) can be captured through robust valuation and optimization of the grid and the full integrated DSM (IDSM) portfolio, which will in turn show greater business case opportunities. Water related benefits, including embedded-energy-in-water, can also be further integrated and optimized. A critical outcome of better integration and optimization is to effectively and systematically optimize consumer engagement, with corresponding cost reductions.

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