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"Executive's Guide: When should an MVNO invest in technology?"

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

White Paper: Computaris

Depending on the category to which an MVNO belongs to, according to this paper, the MVNO will have some priorities before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs.Obtaining market intelligence and shaping a strong marketing strategy should have the highest priority for any MVNO.

This whitepaper highlights various approaches that MVNOs should look at before investing in technology, depending on their category.

  • When and why should such an MVNO look for technology expertise?

  • How much be allocated for communication and the level of incentives to be paid to the dealers selling their product?

  • What could be the expected level of accuracy of any budgetary offer for each category of MVNOs?

  • Typical functions that a large MVNO should consider before deciding to invest in technology and the benefits and issues with the deployment of each of them.

This is meant to share a recommended approach when MVNOs are considering investing in technology.

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