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Information Technology

Parallels Remote Application Server vs Dell vWorkspace

White Paper: Parallels

Desktop virtualization and application publishing have made some amazing progress. There were just a few noteworthy players in the industry, but now there are quite a few different solutions that claim to do a lot of different things. When comparing Parallels Remote Application Server and Dell vWorkspace, one can't help but notice the ease of use and licensing options are significantly simpler. Parallels Remote Application Server allows organizations to remotely install all needed components when scaling up the infrastructure. With Dell vWorkspace, organizations need to manually install the agent on every new server added after the operating system is installed, and then they have to add it to the pool of their choice. This makes the Parallels Remote Application Server easier to set up and quicker to roll out. This paper concentrates on how the features of Parallels RAS and Dell vWorkspace differ and how these differences affect the end user experience. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How the features of Parallels RAS and Dell vWorkspace differ? How the differences between the Parallels RAS and Dell vWorkspace affect the end user experience? What makes Parallels Remote Application the clear choice for your business? 

Parallels Remote Application Server vs VMware Horizon

White Paper: Parallels

VMware came into the business from a pure VDI solution, while Parallels Remote Application Server originated from RDS. VMware may be more appropriate for VDI clients; however, Parallels Remote Application Server will exceed expectations with RDS clients. While considering both VDI and RDS solutions, RDS is less expensive than VDI. As a VDI management tool, VMware Horizon View is exceptionally hard to set up, arrange, and utilize. Even though it is a dedicated VDI management solution, it has a number of shortcomings when compared to Parallels Remote Application Server VDI module. An out-of-the-box installation of VMware Horizon View is limited in functionality, requiring additional add-ons (some at an additional cost) to provide basic functionality. This paper explains how the features of Parallels Remote Application Server and VMware Horizon differ and how these differences affect the end user experience. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How the installation processes for Parallels Remote Application Server differ from VMware Horizon? How to keep virtual desktops up to date? What are the unique VMware Horizon View features?

5 Reasons to Choose Parallels RAS Over Citrix Solutions

White Paper: Parallels

Virtualization technology is the conspicuous answer for building proficient and financially savvy IT and cloud solutions that enable the majority of employees to get to their information and virtual desktops safely. Citrix®, specifically, has driven the field of virtualization and application and virtual desktop delivery. Business software should be a means to automate and ease business operations rather than a means to introduce new, complex operations and costs. And that is exactly where Parallels has the edge on Citrix: Parallels RAS is a solution that checks all the right boxes. Parallels Remote Application Server is a cost-effective, all-in-one application and virtual desktop delivery solution that is easy to use and manage. It allows organizations to concentrate their efforts on the line of business rather than on the IT solution to run the business, without breaking the bank account. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How Parallels help businesses keep IT infrastructure costs down? How businesses can build more advanced VDI solutions with less money using Parallels RAS? Where Citrix falls short?

Creating Agility & Efficiency at Scale: The Economic Advantages of Open Architecture Platforms In NFV Deployments

White Paper: ACG Research

The imperative for communication service providers to embrace more agile service delivery platforms that help them become more continuously innovative is compelling and widespread. Having proven the essential functionality of numerous types of network appliances and applications in lab tests and trials, it is now time for operators to put the platforms to use in progressively larger deployments and determine how well they can meet their goals. This whitepaper provides an analysis of the nature of architectural transitions such as NFV in service providers’ environments and its strengths in determining the economic advantages on cost and revenue-generating aspects of designs. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The Rise of NFV in Service Providers’ Environments Beyond Theory & POCs: Realizing the NFV Vision  The Case of a Tier 1 Operator’s Deployment of NFV at Scale based on Open Architecture Platforms  The Operator’s Perspective on Its Deployment Architectural, Operational, and Economic Attributes Compared

Plantronics Manager Pro Security Overview

White Paper: Plantronics

Plantronics takes security seriously and understands how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to the customers, and takes comprehensive measures to protect them. Plantronics contracts with respected security firms who perform regular audits of the Plantronics Manager Pro services to verify that its security practices are sound, and to monitor its services for new vulnerabilities discovered by the security research community. This whitepaper gives an overview of Plantronics Manager Pro Security and its different practices. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: CONFIDENTIALITY-Plantronics Manager Pro requires limited employee access PERSONNEL PRACTICES-Plantronics conducts background checks and other personnel practices COMPLIANCE-With the security-related audits and certifications DATA RETENTION-To support the functionality of Plantronics Manager Pro

Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark

White Paper: DataFactZ Solutions

Apache Spark is the next-generation distributed framework that can be integrated with an existing Hadoop environment or run as a standalone tool for Big Data processing. Hadoop, in particular, has been spectacular and has offered cheap storage in both the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce frameworks to analyze this data offline. New connectors for Spark will continue to emerge for extracting data from various data sources. This whitepaper provides insights on how Apache Spark stands out as a next-generation super-fast distributed computing engine for Big Data applications. White Paper Discusses About: Inception of Apache Spark Spark Ecosystem: A unique API library design Range of libraries supported by Spark

9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal

White Paper: Mind Matrix

A partner portal provides your channel partners with easy access to critical elements that will help them close deals faster. It plays a key role in helping you maintain your partner relationships better. Each channel partner is unique; so are their requirements. So, how can you bring them all on the same page as you? This whitepaper discusses the 9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal that can help your channel partners succeed. It also addresses questions like: What do your channel partners really want in a partner portal? What are the things to consider when investing in a partner portal? How can you make the most of your investment in a partner portal? What are the key requirements of a perfect partner portal to improve partner adoption and usage?

The IT Manager’s Guide to IoT in Meeting Spaces

White Paper: AVI-SPL

In a meeting room context, IoT refers to the use of hardware and software to connect AV devices and room technologies so companies can remotely control, monitor, and manage room systems to meet their strategic business objectives. This whitepaper highlights the opportunities Internet of Things brings to meeting rooms and discusses deployment considerations managers should keep in mind when pursuing IoT solutions for meeting room systems. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on Internet of Things: What Is IoT and How Will It Impact Meeting Room Technologies? Why Does IoT Matter to IT and Facilities? How to Get Started on an IoT Deployment Typical applications benefiting from IoT 

Implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

White Paper: Certero

BYOD policy is now an essential part of many organizations IT strategy. As we have seen it can deliver significant benefits, but care needs to be taken to ensure success in your implementation. If you are struggling with how best to fund and manage a disruptive change, then the implementation of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is the answer. This whitepaper is designed to give an introduction if you have been tasked with implementing a BYOD strategy in your organization. It addresses the following key questions: What are the challenges or barriers you face in deploying BYOD policy? What are the three critical components that need to be considered when implementing a BYOD policy? How can a software solution help you with the second of the required components?

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

White Paper: Computaris

Depending on the category to which an MVNO belongs to, according to this paper, the MVNO will have some priorities before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs.Obtaining market intelligence and shaping a strong marketing strategy should have the highest priority for any MVNO. This whitepaper highlights various approaches that MVNOs should look at before investing in technology, depending on their category. When and why should such an MVNO look for technology expertise? How much be allocated for communication and the level of incentives to be paid to the dealers selling their product? What could be the expected level of accuracy of any budgetary offer for each category of MVNOs? Typical functions that a large MVNO should consider before deciding to invest in technology and the benefits and issues with the deployment of each of them. This is meant to share a recommended approach when MVNOs are considering investing in technology.

Intelligent Use of Technology: The Key to Successful Business Transformation

White Paper: Advaiya

As the importance of technology driven business transformation is increasing in the present scenario, emphasis on certain enterprise and consumer-based opportunities and challenges are emerging. To take advantage of the game-changing business transformation strategies & opportunities enabled by current technology business mega-trends, businesses are looking to equip themselves with the latest tech advancements. This whitepaper describes the attributes required in every business to stay relevant in the technology market within the next 5-10 years include the ability to spot new opportunities, demonstrate transparency, and innovate in an agile way. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “Business Transformation” to enable your business to run, grow and transform: Taking a deliberate approach for changing technology business landscape Top industries projected to be transformed by emerging technology business Technologies that make the biggest impact in the business transformation process

Classification of Information: Accuracy of Classification Models

White Paper: ABBYY

Squaring the Classification Circle with ABBYY Smart Classifier Classification of information to organize large data sets is a critical tool in the drive to business value. So why is it that CIO’s desperately want to classify their information, but are not implementing and taking advantage of it? Read this informative whitepaper on ''Classification of the Information'' to learn how information can be classified in a number of ways to provide a better understanding of data. It highlights various topics related to ''Classification of Information'': A single integrated environment to manage all aspects of information classification Easy-to-use Model Editor to guide users through classifying information workflow Automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for all document images for accurate classification of information High-performance text-based classification and Enhanced semantic-based classification  Accurate classification: Criteria to decide what and how text-based information should be migrated or discarded. Download this whitepaper to understand more about Classifying information and testing the accuracy of Classification Models . 

Comparison Between IT Asset Management Software Solutions

White Paper: E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC

Enterprise asset management software comparison: Competitive analysis between IT asset management solution providers Enterprise asset management solutions are seeing increasing demand in private and government agencies. Choosing the best IT EnterpriseAsset Management solution requires a comparison between them. On what criteria should we compare different enterprise asset management solution, providers? What is the scope of the “must-have” functionality in an IT asset management solution? What are optional “nice-to-have” features and functionality in an IAM Solution? Which are the major providers of Enterprise IT asset management solutions? This whitepaper presents a summary view of the competitive landscape of the providers of IT asset management solutions for different sizes of businesses. Learn the pros and cons with different IT asset management solution providers by downloading this whitepaper on ''Enterprise asset management software comparison''.

Sales Force Management:Information Is Power

White Paper: RepSpark

What is the strategic role of information in sales management? Essentially today’s retailers have all power because they have access to solid, timely, accurate and actionable information. All too often, executives and their sales force must navigate multiple complex applications or ask someone to produce reports and visualizations. Worse, the output is often too fragmented or complicated to interpret and use readily. This descriptive whitepaper delivers a brief talk about the below topics: What is sales force automation? What are the potential benefits of it? How to measure retail performance? What are the essential performance metrics that matter in retail jobs? What are the advantages of data analytics?

Taking the Complexity Out of Intel Design

White Paper: SolidRun

This whitepaper outlines the challenges of Intel implementation. Designing an Intel-based computer has become an increasingly complicated process, requiring the developer to overcome the key issues lies in Intel's implementation process: How to implement a series of complex power conversions and sequencing? How to reduce physical footprint for small form factor applications? How to search through hundreds of pages of Intel-supplied documentation for answers to questions? If you want a headache-free way to leverage the power of Intel’s SoC, while eliminating the need for complex power circuit design and reducing time-to-market download this free whitepaper which helps you in taking the complexity out of Intel design.

Files, Files everywhere: 7 Steps for Making Your Office Completely Paperless

White Paper: EFileCabinet

Organizations are realizing that the paper document is an ineffective and expensive method to manage the information. Hence, they have begun switching over to electronic document management systems for making the office completely paperless. Consider downloading this free whitepaper which assists modern businesses in making the difficult switch from paper to electronic document management systems. This whitepaper tends to questions like: What are the reasons to turn to a paperless business? What are the benefits of switching to a paperless office? How to make the office completely paperless? How to switch from physical document processes to paperless information management systems? What are the challenges faced by the firms in the transition process to a paperless office?

Why Technology Training is Broken?

White Paper: Eagle Point Software

Technology training is broken and needs to get back in step with the times. Traditional training events will be left behind, but companies who evolve and move toward informal learning will not. This informative whitepaper details the issues with the technology training and the problems with only considering the e-Training approaches. It addresses questions like: Why traditional choices like event training are still popular choices? How can successful companies combat these challenges of technical training? What is the uniqueness about training classes offered in Pinnacle Series and what are the key benefits of it? What are the factors that must be considered when implementing a training tool? Read this whitepaper on Why Technology Training is Broken. It’s time for a modern approach!!

Internet of Things:The Interconnection of Everything

White Paper: CloudOne

The Internet of Things(Iot) is the future of internet, powering billions of integrated devices and processes across industries and global locations. Typically, Internet of Things is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications. Download this whitepaper on “IoT-The Interconnection of Everything” and learn about significant challenges of IoT and how to prepare for the interconnecting of everything. It covers: Dimensions of the Internet of Things: Components, building blocks, and system of systems Business challenges with the Internet of Things: Complex challenges that affect Internet-of-Things adoption and growth Cross-Industry concepts for the Internet-of-Things technologies and its components Internet of Things world: Connect and manage devices anywhere and simplify the last mile in the world of Internet of Things

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

White Paper: Apperian

Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. Best-of-breed Mobile Application Management provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to every user in the extended enterprise because it is device management agnostic and manages the complete mobile app lifecycle. The remainder of this whitepaper is intended to help you map out the range of capabilities possible with best-of-breed Mobile Application Management (MAM) and the value they can deliver to your enterprise mobility initiatives. It addresses: What are the requirements for Best-of-Breed Mobile Application Management? What is the need for Mobile Application Management? What are the limitations of Legacy Mobile Management? What are the specific Mobile Application Management capabilities and your requirements? 

What the Heck is an Analytics Strategy?

White Paper: Kavi Global

Analytics strategy has to be very closely aligned with the business strategy as business transformation is not an isolated activity. An analytics strategy can identify the gaps in terms of organization and people, processes, technology and data are and proactively address them to be successful. So, what really is an analytics strategy? The key to success is a clearly defined vision and an analytics strategy. Whether you are planning an enterprise wide analytics program to transform the business or an analytics initiative that would benefit a single department, a well-planned Analytics Strategy can make all the difference by proactively addressing the reasons for the failures. Are you struggling to bring analytics to the business strategy?? Then read this whitepaper that explores enterprise data analytics strategy, best practices, risks associated and how to mitigate them. It highlights: How to successfully execute an enterprise analytics strategy? Where in the business processes can analytics strategy be applied? What are the quantifiable benefits of doing so?  What are the best known strategies to prepare data for analytics? What are the keys to develop a successful analytics strategy?

New Thinking for Old Problems: The Executive's Guide to Common IT Issues

White Paper: VictorOps

Guide to common Information Technology(IT) issues in Business: Modern company IT responsibilities have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Where IT used to be a support function to the business, now in most businesses, IT is a critical part of the system. Today’s IT teams are on the front line 24×7. The whitepaper provides high-level suggestions from IT professionals that have been in the IT support business for over 20 years. It addresses most common IT issues in complex IT systems and how to avoid those issues. This '' Executives’ Guide to Common IT Issues'' covers: General Suggestions for IT executives on dealing with the common IT issues How to handle IT Problems/Incidents which are now frequent in modern IT infrastructures Optimize Your Response to IT related issues Read this resourceful whitepaper that brings you the key insights and expert guidance on few of the most common IT issues in business.

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