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"5 Reasons to Choose Parallels RAS Over Citrix Solutions"

5 Reasons to Choose Parallels RAS Over Citrix Solutions

White Paper: Parallels

Virtualization technology is the conspicuous answer for building proficient and financially savvy IT and cloud solutions that enable the majority of employees to get to their information and virtual desktops safely. Citrix®, specifically, has driven the field of virtualization and application and virtual desktop delivery. Business software should be a means to automate and ease business operations rather than a means to introduce new, complex operations and costs. And that is exactly where Parallels has the edge on Citrix: Parallels RAS is a solution that checks all the right boxes.

Parallels Remote Application Server is a cost-effective, all-in-one application and virtual desktop delivery solution that is easy to use and manage. It allows organizations to concentrate their efforts on the line of business rather than on the IT solution to run the business, without breaking the bank account.

Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these:

  • How Parallels help businesses keep IT infrastructure costs down?

  • How businesses can build more advanced VDI solutions with less money using Parallels RAS?

  • Where Citrix falls short?

5 Reasons to Choose Parallels RAS Over Citrix Solutions
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Seamless Access to Applications—Anywhere, Any Device

An endless array of desktop and mobile devices has affected many aspects of everyday life, from personal to corporate workspaces. Particularly, enterprises find themselves caught in a difficult position, as they try to adapt to employee expectations in the mobile-enabled era, where everyone has a preferred platform. Businesses are presented with an expensive challenge to deliver business-related applications on the wide selection of devices and platforms that employees are using to connect to the network. Delivering Windows applications in a way that presents a useful and enjoyable experience for employees—regardless of the device or platform they’re using—often presents a challenge for IT departments within medium and large businesses.

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