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"IGEL Technology and Parallels Remote Application Server Advantages"

Parallels Remote Application Server: Perfect Integration with IGEL Technology

Parallels Remote Application Server: Perfect Integration with IGEL Technology

White Paper: Parallels

This whitepaper depicts the upsides of utilizing thin clients instead of PCs, furthermore, shows how thin clients can deliver noteworthy cost savings over time to your enterprise.

IGEL Technology and Parallels have been working together on thin client computing and virtual desktops since 2002 to deliver a solution for fast and economical implementation of server-based computing and desktop virtualization.

This White Paper on “Thin Client” describes:

  • What exactly are Thin Clients?

  • Why Should You Switch to Thin Clients?

  • IGEL Technology: Hardware and Software

  • IGEL Technology: Advantages of Thin Clients

  • IGEL Technology and Parallels Remote Application Server Advantages

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What is

What is Network ?

Network is a group of two or more computing devices enabled to exchanging data with each other (such as files or messages, printers and other shared peripherals) through a data link. The connections between these devices can be established by means of a cable or wireless media. The computers or devices on a network are called as nodes and the ones that allocate resources are broadly categorized as servers or workstations.

What is Cloud hosting ?

Cloud hosting is the provision of storing data on servers with multiple connections that can be accessed over the internet. Cloud hosting is cost efficient and guarantees the security of data as many different servers are used rather than a single server or data center. It also offers on-demand scalability and increased accessibility.

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Networking is the process of establishing a connection between the computers on a network. The sole purpose of networking is sharing the information as fast as possible. The first step towards understanding networking is how it operates and how do we use switches, routers and access points to perform functions in a network. TCP/IP or Internet Protocol suite is the foundation of all modern networking, which offers connection-less as well as connection-oriented services

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