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"Parallels Remote Application Server Cloud Platform Design VMware ESX"

Parallels Remote Application Server on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Design VMware ESX & vCenter

Parallels Remote Application Server on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Design VMware ESX & vCenter

White Paper: Parallels

VMware provides the hypervisor hosting platform to the virtualized desktop and infrastructure server instances.

The purpose of this White paper is to provide design information that describes the architecture for the Parallels Solution which is based on Parallels Remote Application Server Hosted Shared Applications (RDSH) and Parallels Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) FlexCast models. 

The solution is built on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, NX-3060 nodes running VMware® to support the virtualized environment .
Key takeaways from this white paper: 

  • Overview: logical architecture and concepts for  VMware ESX deployment

  • VMware Desktop Publishing Agent:  Design decisions for the underlying infrastructure supporting the virtual desktop layer

  • Parallels Remote Application Server: How applications and VDI are delivered to end users

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What is Cloud Computing ?

A type of internet-based computing, Cloud computing refers to delivery of computing services over the internet or "the cloud" instead of using local storage and computing. The different computing services include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, applications, and analytics. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware acquisition, maintenance, installation of software.

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What is Virtual Reality ?

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