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"Overview of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services"

How Parallels Remote Application Server Enhances Microsoft RDS

How Parallels Remote Application Server Enhances Microsoft RDS

White Paper: Parallels

This white paper looks at the pain points of Microsoft Remote desktop solutions, and how systems administrators can use Parallels Remote Application Server to enhance your Microsoft RDS infrastructure, enabling you to offer a far better application and virtual desktop delivery solution.

Inside this white paper:

  • Overview of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services – Biggest Pain Points

  • Setting Up an Application and Virtual Desktop Delivery Solution with RDS

  • How Parallels Remote Application Server Help to Enhance Your business with Microsoft desktop virtualization services

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Database is a concise and arranged collection of similar data that is usually accessible to many simultaneous users. Database can be stored on a system and examined by a program called database management system (DBMS). One of the most important aspects of a DBMS is its relational model which is also known as relational Database management system (RDBMS)

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