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The Role, Application and Benefits of Digital Customer Experience

White Paper: FirstSource

Today’s customer interacts with companies via multiple digital and traditional channels like web chat, smartphone apps, social media, voice and IVR, and they expect a seamless customer experience, based on a single view of their interactions. This makes it critical for companies to offer convergence based digital customer experience.

Build Amazing Apps with Aurelia

White Paper: Belatrix Software

Aurelia is a forward-thinking technology targeting today`s mobile and browser environments. Aurelia helps organizations in creating and developing rich user experiences. Aurelia is a next generation Javascript framework – or in other words, it is a powerful open source framework to enable you to build amazing apps with optional commercial support. This whitepaper on Aurelia framework explains the basics of Aurelia, why there is need of a next-generation framework for Javascript, why Aurelia is worth a shot and how you can take advantage of it.

Parallels Remote Application Server: Perfect Integration with IGEL Technology

White Paper: Parallels

This whitepaper depicts the upsides of utilizing thin clients instead of PCs, furthermore, shows how thin clients can deliver noteworthy cost savings over time to your enterprise. IGEL Technology and Parallels have been working together on thin client computing and virtual desktops since 2002 to deliver a solution for fast and economical implementation of server-based computing and desktop virtualization. This White Paper on “Thin Client” describes: What exactly are Thin Clients? Why Should You Switch to Thin Clients? IGEL Technology: Hardware and Software IGEL Technology: Advantages of Thin Clients IGEL Technology and Parallels Remote Application Server Advantages

Seamless Application Delivery on any Device, at any time

White Paper: Parallels

Application delivery is essential to the work environment. Businesses of all sizes need to have constant access to their applications, to keep the wheel turning, whether in the office, or while working remotely. The primal responsibility of the IT segment of any business is to ensure that business applications are securely, reliably and efficiently available to end-users, regardless of the device, OS and platform they use. Application delivery offers a centralized management system which enables you to effectively monitor and manage the entire infrastructure from a single dashboard.   Read this white paper to explore below topics: Important attributes of cloud-based application delivery Challenges associated with enterprise application delivery Different ways in which application delivery can be achieved Replacing traditional application deployment with on-demand application delivery How Parallels Remote Application Server meets the application delivery challenges

Testing Legacy Application Modernization

White Paper: Zeenyx Software

When a legacy application is modernized, transaction flow may be changed to adjust to the standards and capabilities of the new platform. If tests are automated using a traditional testing tool, those user interface changes would require a significant amount of test maintenance to get tests running on the new platform. AscentialTest provides a short-cut by allowing users to develop tests against the legacy application as a baseline and then converting them to the new user interface. This whitepaper on “Testing Legacy Application Modernization,” highlights: High level overview of how tests are created in AscentialTest Ways to convert the legacy objects to the new platform Components of Object definition How to ensure that the modernized version of the application produces the same results

Automating Terminal-Based Applications

White Paper: Zeenyx Software

Effective test automation for terminal-based software can be developed quickly and efficiently. A high degree of coverage and a good return on investment can be achieved while improving software quality. The process and level of effort for building automated tests for terminal-based applications are similar to that of automating tests for applications running on other platforms, including MS Windows and the web. This whitepaper explains the setup, development and execution of automated tests for terminal-based applications, highlighting the differences and similarities as compared to other platforms. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Creating an effective Test Plan Approach for building automated tests for terminal-based applications through a terminal emulator Challenges related to building test automation for terminal-based applications Ways to manage the test execution process

5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

White Paper: AppNeta

Before migrating a business-critical application to the cloud, prepare up-front and keep the control you need throughout the process. With the right tools in place, moving an app-even a high-stakes business-critical app-to the cloud doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. This whitepaper highlights the five steps you need to prepare for and move apps to the cloud using your performance monitoring tool. See What’s Already In Use- Change user behavior and usage policies for recreational SaaS apps Find Out How Apps Are Performing Now- Use performance monitoring Get a Handle on Bandwidth- Bring good end-user experience for critical applications Remember the Users- Investigate about users who are using the new SaaS service IT Team’s Work is Never Done- Make those SaaS investments worth the time and resources

PERCEPTIONS VS. REALITIES: 5 common myths about today’s automated workflow applications

White Paper: XTRAC Solutions

Today, workflow automation solutions tailored to financial services are available that allow organizations to easily adopt best practices and improve productivity while continuing to hold on to their unique culture and identity. This whitepaper exposes the five common misperceptions about automated workflow applications and accentuates the reasons why financial services executives should take action sooner rather than later. It addresses key questions like: How can automated workflow applications help your firm? What are the ways to ensure a successful and smooth automated workflow implementation? What are the several ongoing direct and indirect costs of continuing to operate in a manual or semi-manual operating environment? How can financial services firms realize their return on investment (ROI) relatively quickly?

How to Win the Digital Retail Race with Effective API Design Management

White Paper: DigitalML

Helping retailers provide a seamless digital experience Continuing innovations in store technology that transform the retail experience, powered by mobile apps, API design management, interactive displays, and other elements are designed to fit together with digital services and big data insights into a cohesive whole. This whitepaper provides insights on how leaders can be successful by creating a business-led portfolio of API services that consistently deliver comprehensive services at any touch-point. It discusses: Digital experiences are critical for retailers IT faces many obstacles to delivering a cohesive API services portfolio Accelerate digital retail with the API service design platform Without the API design management, your firm is destined to struggle to deliver the omni-channel experiences your customers are demanding.

Vertical Solutions Integration In The Banking And Financial Services Industry

White Paper: HCL

Vertical Solutions will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions. In Financial service industry,the business applications landscape is changing rapidly, and firms must act fast to cater to evolving customer demand. Financial service institutions (FSIs) need business applications that can deliver new business capabilities more flexibly including analytics, business intelligence, CX, and digital business processes faster. Read this insightful whitepaper that brings you the trends, drivers, and challenges of the business applications environment in financial services enterprises. It addresses questions like: How Vertical solution integration will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions? What are the top business imperative that drives company’s transformation initiative to improve customer experience? Would your firm consider transforming its current landscape of financial-services specific business applications? What financial services firms do to simplify the business application environment ? How to overcome the key challenges faced in financial service business applications?      

Best Practices for Managing ESI on Mobile Devices

White Paper: NightOwl Discovery

Managing electronically stored information on mobile devices is becoming critical for organizations as employees routinely use their personal mobile devices to work either during or after their official workday that may ultimately prove to be discoverable evidence in an event of litigation. To avoid any such issue, it is important to know: Where is ESI located within the organization and what are the implications of this electronically stored information? How to Identifying the information that is most relevant for litigation needs? What are the important aspects of electronic data and how it should be managed? Organizations face a number of challenges in reviewing the mobile ESI at the time when it matters the most, so companies should have a plan in place before any litigation arises that can allow them to both identify and preserve potentially relevant mobile ESI. Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about the best practices to manage ESI on mobile device that includes: • Managing Mobile ESI: What it is, and what it means for your company. • Discovery and evaluation of potentially relevant ESI from mobile devices • Maintaining Control: Corporate Policies that govern private mobile device use. • Identification and Collection: Accessing ESI from mobile device.

Waiting on IO: The Straw That Broke Virtualization's Back

White Paper: DataCore

As technology changes, more and more organizations are harnessing Parallel IO technologies in virtualization especially for heavy online transactional processing (OLTP) apps, databases and mainstream IO-intensive workloads. The parallel IO technology designed to process IO across many cores are putting the idle CPUs to work. Hence for a long term success in this highly complex area, you need to: The major factors of loss in virtualized I/O performance The Powerful multicore/ parallel processing infrastructure Software-defined storage and parallel  IO software technology In this whitepaper, we will discuss the underlying parallel architecture’s evolution over the years and how it resulted in a markedly different way to address the craving for IOPS (input/output operations per second) in a software-defined world.

Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide

White Paper: Vroozi

Mobile procurement represents a solution for organizations of all sizes and across all industries to better manage their spending environment anywhere, at any time, from any device So it critical to know which evaluation criteria your organization should look for. To determine that evaluation criteria few questions every company must ask before deciding to implement mobile procurement, including: How secure is your company data on mobile devices? Does the application work on all devices? How well does the application leverage the devices? This Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide is aimed at procurement and IT organizations in the process of developing a mobile strategy and selecting a procurement platform that can give their increasing mobile workforce continuous productivity. In this guide, you will learn the thought process behind: • Evaluating Mobile Procurement the right way to add value. • Choosing the applications that best fit your organization. • Leveraging Mobile Procurement the best way possible, to suit your company’s needs.

Enterprise App Adoption: Get the Maximum Value from Your Enterprise Mobile Apps Investment

White Paper: Apperian

The connection between mobile app adoption and Return on Mobile Investment (RoMI) is intuitive – what good does it do to build the most useful and compelling mobile apps if they’re not consistently used? RoMI can be defined as the ratio of the quantifiable benefit enabled by mobility divided by the dollar value of the mobile investment itself. Download this insightful whitepaper on “Enterprise App Adoption,” that will help your organization maximize its Return on Mobile Investment (RoMI) – by building apps that employees actually want to use, ensuring a high adoption rate. In this whitepaper you will receive: Useful templates to promote greater awareness and ultimately a better return on your organization’s mobile app investment The Mobile Application Adoption and Internal Marketing tool kit Useful tips on how to drive adoption of your mobile apps End-user perspectives and best-practices from enterprise mobile app adoption experts Read this whitepaper to learn how to improve your organization’s RoMI through fostering mobile app adoption best practices.

Advantages of Model Driven Software Development

White Paper: SoftFluent

The objective of this white paper is to describe the software development challenge, clarify its root causes and show how SoftFluent addresses it through its CodeFluent Entities model-first software factory and associated methodology. Ultimately, the CodeFluent Entities approach is a robust and productive tool that enables successful software development projects to be achieved. Possibly, this approach is not unique, but this one has proved to be of great value to our customers so far. This White paper conclude in chapter 8 by exposing why model-first is so structurally important in finding the solution to the evolution challenge detailed in this white paper.

Place Enterprise Data at Your Customer's Fingertips with a Self-Service Mobile App

White Paper: SAPinsider

Nearly every company is now reacting with a growing demand to create an enterprise mobility strategy that equips both employees and customers with easy access to key back-end information. At the same time, companies must ensure that any mobile app they roll out will integrate seamlessly with multiple back-end sources to deliver real-time access to order information, shipment notifications, reported errors, pending action items, and more.

What is Electronic Data Interchange?

White Paper: ProcessPro

What is Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. This whitepaper brings you the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange solution in simplifying your business transactions, saving time and money by eliminating paper documents, and improving overall customer satisfaction. How does the process of EDI application actually work? What are the things that should be included in your purchase and partnership when choosing an EDI application? What is the key hindrance to a successful implementation of EDI? Download this informative whitepaper to find out how your business can run more efficiently and effectively with implementing an EDI solution.

Grid Data Vault:Data Management for Smart Grid Applications

White Paper: EMeter

Grid Data Vault is a seamless and highly scalable software application that effortlessly compresses inactive EnergyIP data, while providing flexible access so that data is available whenever and however it is needed. Grid Data Vault represents a 360 degree view of data management for Smart Grid. This informative whitepaper focuses on: How can a data archiving approach using Grid Data Vault streamline the data management process? What are the key benefits of using Grid Data Vault in smart grid applications? How can smart grid technology help in significantly reducing data storage and maintenance requirements? How can Grid Data Vault overcome the data management complexity and the risk of non-compliance? Get rid of extraneous infrastructure, power, and overall costs associated with storing vast amounts of inactive data!!! Download this whitepaper on “Grid Data Vault: data management for Smart Grid applications” to get started now.

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