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How to Build the Perfect Commercial Real Estate Technology Stack

White Paper: Integrated Business Systems

A well-integrated technology stack helps streamline routine management tasks and also greatly increases the ability to use information to improve planning. A “technology stack” is essentially the group of software applications that helps a business to manage their core functions. With the universal growth of platforms powering marketing and business functions, the importance of a technology stack is being recognized in all businesses, old and new, small and large. In this whitepaper as you’re assembling a real estate technology stack for your organization, take a look at these best-in- class technology platforms: Lease Management/Accounting-Helps to serve as the core of the real estate tech stack  Project Management and Procurement- Helps to centralize project data, increase transparency, automate bid management and standardize reporting  Budgeting and Valuation-Helps organizations maximize performance and profitability Marketing-Provides innovative and versatile marketing tools for all types of commercial real estate properties The enterprise lease management/accounting platform serves as the core of a well-assembled commercial real estate tech stack.

Mobile Technology For Construction

White Paper: Viewpoint Construction Software

Adopting a mobility strategy in construction enterprises is having a tremendous impact in transforming the workforce efficiencies. A good mobile technology solution will contribute significantly to a construction industry’s ability to better manage its own costs and, at the same time, pass the value on to its clients. Anyone interested in learning about how mobile technology can be applied in industrial settings such as in construction project? Read this whitepaper to: Learn how real-world construction industry challenges are being addressed. Learn how accurate tracking in the field not only improves visibility and accountability but it also enables construction companies to make more accurate bids for future projects. Learn how construction companies can quickly mobile-enable their workforce to securely and effectively interact with key business IT functions. Key factors that are driving the demand for mobile technology in the construction industry Read this informative whitepaper that describes the development of mobile technology which could address some of the issues and pressures prevailing in the context of the construction industry.

Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout

White Paper: Penta Technologies

Construction software roll out when carefully managed, can result in optimum growth and return on investment. Understanding the justification behind the rules of construction software roll out management buy-in is only half the battle. Actually attaining such buy-in is the challenge. This whitepaper on "Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout," brings you three often-overlooked rules for your system rollout to be a success. Setting up clear objectives to determine rollout success of your construction software implementation How to communicate effectively with key staff before, during, and after the system rollout effort How construction firms can streamline processes and gain competitive advantage by selecting and implementing the perfect construction software systems for their unique needs Read this white paper to get an insight on key factors for IT professionals to successfully rolling out a construction software and ensure a smooth implementation.

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