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Document Management Systems

6 Ways to Improve Business Practices Using PDF

White Paper: LULU Software

Improving business practices using PDFs has become popular amongst companies for their benefits in aiding business operations in a trusting manner. It is an essential file format for improve business practices because it allows users to securely transfer and view electronic documents. The Portable Document Format has been the industry-standard for decades, namely because of its complacency in file sharing across a wide range of operating platforms and devices. What are the benefits PDFs can aid in business operations? How to use PDFs to improve business practices and take your business to a top notch level? Using PDFs are best to improve business practices because: It’s layout consistency amongst any device, regardless of the type of device. It gives businesses limitless opportunities for information retrieval. PDF’s gives the ability to compress large files makes it that much easier to download, open, and save files for clients using various devices. Its dependable format lets businesses to confidently share their important files with their respective clients without having to worry about any data breaches. This whitepaper offers some of the key ways in which organizations can improve business practices using PDFs. And, it is clear that PDF is the most viable option for business purposes and it will boost productivity, encourage collaboration, and ensure security.

WebDav the Interoperable Protocol for File and Data Access

White Paper: Storage Made Easy

What is WebDav? What does WebDav do? Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is an extension of the HTTP protocol. WebDav is an access protocol for data that provides a framework for users to create, change and move documents on a server. It provides support for remote collaborative authoring of web sites and individual documents, as well as remote access to document based systems. Advantages of using WebDav for Windows File Sharing: WebDav supports secured connection. WebDav enables seamless integration with the IIS Manager. Allows administrators to specify custom WebDAV file sharing with security. Supports both sharing and exclusive locks to prevent lost updates.  Provides access to any cloud data by securing WebDav irrespective of whether the underlying cloud supports the protocol natively. This whitepaper explores the below topics: About WebDav protocol: How does it work? Connecting to WebDav Servers and Windows Shares. Why WebDav as a Cloud Connector? Why choose WebDav over Common Internet File System (CIFS)? How to create a WebDav server? Securing WebDav Servers: Steps required to secure WebDav servers. Download this whitepaper to learn more about file and data access through WebDav and how to secure WebDav service.

How an Online PDF Editor Transformed Legal Document Transactions Between Courts and Police

White Paper: PDFfiller

Going paperless is a great way to remove clutter from your business, by turning paper document in to digital copies using PDF editor. What do you do when fast document turnaround is not just a convenience but an absolute necessity for your job? PDFfiller, a comprehensive online document editor and workflow solution, not only streamlines the after-hours process for filling, sending and signing warrant forms, but also provides a model for document management that could be extended to other court documents or even potentially to other government agencies interested in converting to cloud-based document management. Download this free whitepaper on going paperless with the help of PDF Editor and findout how: You can use this system to make your business completely paperless. It makes filling warrants and finding legal documents flexible and convenient. It helps in cost-saving by not maintaining fax accounts, equipments and phone lines, overtime.

Reinventing the RFP: Getting the Most Out of Your Document Review Platform in 2016…and Beyond?

White Paper: ICONECT Development, LLC

Unsure about what the top considerations for your next document review platform RFP should be?    In 2016, any software worth its salt in document review must not only have the new Request for Proposal (RFP) features, it must reach beyond the status quo to deliver workflow productivity tools. To make the RFP process more dynamic and relevant to your organization’s needs, present applicants with sample scenarios and actual test data, as well as an overview of your existing workflow.   This white paper “Reinventing the Request for proposal process,” focuses on the following: How to implement a web based document review platform successfully? Total Cost of Ownership: Is the Request for Proposal (RFP) telling you everything? How to enhance the document review process and maximize productivity? What are the major litigation challenges in managing document review platform RFP? Let your Request for Proposal serve as the first step in advancing your culture for excellence with a document review platform that meets the needs of both today and tomorrow.

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