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Contract Management

Creating Agility & Efficiency at Scale: The Economic Advantages of Open Architecture Platforms In NFV Deployments

White Paper: ACG Research

The imperative for communication service providers to embrace more agile service delivery platforms that help them become more continuously innovative is compelling and widespread. Having proven the essential functionality of numerous types of network appliances and applications in lab tests and trials, it is now time for operators to put the platforms to use in progressively larger deployments and determine how well they can meet their goals. This whitepaper provides an analysis of the nature of architectural transitions such as NFV in service providers’ environments and its strengths in determining the economic advantages on cost and revenue-generating aspects of designs. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The Rise of NFV in Service Providers’ Environments Beyond Theory & POCs: Realizing the NFV Vision  The Case of a Tier 1 Operator’s Deployment of NFV at Scale based on Open Architecture Platforms  The Operator’s Perspective on Its Deployment Architectural, Operational, and Economic Attributes Compared

How to Reduce Risk with Contract Management

White Paper: Conga Novatus

In this fast-moving and highly competitive global marketplace, proper commercial contractual risk management is necessary for success. Ongoing successful company revenues, profits, and reputations can be wiped out quickly by ignoring or not discovering contractual risk threats. Conversely, if an entity is protected from contractual risks and threats, it can effectively concentrate and focus on its business without distraction. This Conract Management whitepaper describes where the weak points in the contract lifecycle appear, and where risk is most likely to be introduced into the process to establish bulletproof contract management procedures.  Key takeaways from this Contract Management White Paper: Automatic renewal of contracts An inability to access contract terms Important features for any contract management plan Minimizing Contractual risk with an effective CLM tool

9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal

White Paper: Mind Matrix

A partner portal provides your channel partners with easy access to critical elements that will help them close deals faster. It plays a key role in helping you maintain your partner relationships better. Each channel partner is unique; so are their requirements. So, how can you bring them all on the same page as you? This whitepaper discusses the 9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal that can help your channel partners succeed. It also addresses questions like: What do your channel partners really want in a partner portal? What are the things to consider when investing in a partner portal? How can you make the most of your investment in a partner portal? What are the key requirements of a perfect partner portal to improve partner adoption and usage?

The Ideal Buyers Guide To Contract Management

White Paper: Conga Novatus

When contracts become business critical, a fully automated contract management solution is your best option. Selecting the right contract management solution can be a daunting task. With a broad array of functionality available in the marketplace, each system has different capabilities and strengths. This whitepaper covers all the activities associated with contract management from the establishment of the business case and the confirmation of need, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How contracts impact & simplify business Without an automated solution, the job can be complex Contract management: Success checklist Contract management: Core competency & focus Get everything you need to know about contract management!

Contract Risk Playbook: Risks Hiding in Plain View

White Paper: Exari Systems

Contract management is an integral component of the firm’s strategy and business operations. A lack of control around the contractual relationships creates risks, and can lead to brand or reputation damage and the loss of significant revenue. Contract risk management enables senior executives and boards to improve operational excellence while reducing risks. This whitepaper helps to examine how contractual agreements, a vital and often overlooked corner of operations, can provide management with the business intelligence to help reduce risks, uncover waste, and improve performance. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Contract risk- in terms of three broadly defined themes How well do you know your contractual risk? Contract risks to watch out for-Pain points Current trends in contract risk

Managing Third Party Contractors in Network Management :Seven Deadly Sins

White Paper: ServicePower

Network Management: How can you manage the third party contractors? Deploying third party contractors into labor equation can benefit business analyst organizations to a maximum level. Third party contractor management facilitates reduce costs, gain higher margins, have shorter cycle times and provide high levels of customer service, without any high costs. Managing third party contractors is associated with recruiting, training and managing more employees, in cyclical businesses where demand varies. This whitepaper on third party contractor management gives you insights on: What are the technologies required when managing the third party independent contractors? How does the lack of end-to-end business management lead to higher costs and inefficiency in third party network management? What are the 7 mistakes you could possibly make when managing third party contractors? Don’t fall victim to one of these deadly sins while your third party network management.

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