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High Performance Computing

Efficiency in Orchestrating Best-in-Class HPC Cloud Solutions

White Paper: Avere Systems

Employing hybrid cloud architecture can help IT departments more easily address both technical and business challenges. The availability of so much functionality and economy in High-Performance computing begs the question—why aren’t more organizations moving their HPC clusters to the cloud? This whitepaper discusses common HPC-environment challenges and outlines solutions that can help IT professionals deliver best-in-class HPC cloud solutions without undue stress and organizational chaos. The whitepaper: Identifies current issues that stress IT teams and existing infrastructure across industries and HPC applications Describes how to leverage cloud services as part of an overall computation approach Talks about data management in a cloud-based world Highlights how cloud orchestration works to automate and align computing with specific goals and objectives

Disaster Recovery for HPC BioInformatics Environment

White Paper: Data In Science Technologies

The crux of disaster recovery planning is a detailed recovery plan based on a disaster recovery strategy tailored to the HPC environment. When things go awry, it's important to have a robust, targeted, and well-tested  Disaster Recovery Plan.  This whitepaper discusses the development, maintenance and testing of the strategy for a Disaster Recovery Plan in a HPC environment, as well as addressing the following questions: What are the steps taken by the larger strategic Disaster Recovery Plan which can be invoked to provide a limited set of benefits in a disaster situation? What are the common challenges faced by HPC Environment for the Disaster Recovery? What is the main purpose of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan? Download this white paper which examines how Data in Science Technologies solves the problem of Disaster Recovery for a midsize HPC environment running an isolated system for research scientist and learn about: Top critical factors for the success of an IT Disaster Recovery Planning Process Requirements analysis in order to define the strategy for a Disaster Recovery Plan Strategic and tactical steps to provide a Disaster Recovery Solution (Disaster Recovery Strategy Examples) for the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) Cluster

Taking the Complexity Out of Intel Design

White Paper: SolidRun

This whitepaper outlines the challenges of Intel implementation. Designing an Intel-based computer has become an increasingly complicated process, requiring the developer to overcome the key issues lies in Intel's implementation process: How to implement a series of complex power conversions and sequencing? How to reduce physical footprint for small form factor applications? How to search through hundreds of pages of Intel-supplied documentation for answers to questions? If you want a headache-free way to leverage the power of Intel’s SoC, while eliminating the need for complex power circuit design and reducing time-to-market download this free whitepaper which helps you in taking the complexity out of Intel design.

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