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Public Sector

Advantages of centralized procurement: cloud-based end-to-end e-procurement solutions

White Paper: BidSync

Public procurement is an essential county government business function. In many instances, County procurement activities npayments made to private businesses for the purchase of goods and service are the second largest expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars (employee wages, salaries and benefits are the largest cost) At this level of spending, efficiency of the procurement process is a crucial component of good financial stewardship. Unfortunately, the traditionally decentralized structures of county government often don’t take advantage of business efficiencies and best practices offered by a more centralized configuration. Due to such impediments as cost, business disruption and process advantages important to other departments, simply “centralizing” county government to improve procurement efficiencies isn’t a practical option. However, technology offers an approach that features many of the advantages of centralized procurement: cloud-based end-to-end e-procurement solutions. 

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