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Project Management

Take Project and Portfolio Management to the Next Level

White Paper: Advaiya

A common reason projects fail is a lack of visibility over the entire spectrum of the project management process (PMP). Establishing a PMO is recommended to manage multiple projects and programs in collaboration under a centralized hub. By adhering to standardization, project teams can overcome hurdles and ensure that projects succeed. Bringing together data from different line-of-business applications and preparing a consolidated view eases the business innovation capability. To ensure the greatest impact, organizations need to efficiently handle large programs and invest in the right business strategy by understanding how projects are performing, and which projects should have the highest priority. How to improve collaboration between teams? What is the impact of low visibility and improper workflows? How do data-driven decisions improve project performance? Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: What Makes a Project Portfolio Difficult to Manage? How to establish proper project management practices? How can AdValue suppliment Constant Business Innovation? Why Should You Choose Advaiya for PPM?

Lower Project Costs & Time of Technology Rollouts

White Paper: Concert Technologies

The rapid deployment of multi-technology, multi-service, multi-site field rollouts requires well- defined processes, robust management skills, and a unique understanding of how to get the job done. Today's Technology Rollout Systems are a comprehensive, multi-technology, multi-service, multi-site system designed to meet varying project requirements in an ever-changing telecommunications industry. This whitepaper explains a Technology Rollout System, how it lowers costs and saves time without compromising quality, and provides essential questions to ask any technology rollout company. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Ideal Technology Rollout System and its key parts Benefits of the Ideal Unified Technology Rollout System The Role of the Web-based Software Application Single Point of Contact vs. Multi-Point of Contact Comparison Scenario: Process Structures in Action

Project Scheduling Techniques: Probabilistic and Deterministic

White Paper: Advaiya

Project scheduling in Project management is concerned with the techniques that can be employed to manage the activities that need to be undertaken during the development of a project. Project scheduling techniques encompasses mapping and planning of every phase of a project’s lifecycle from initiation to its’ subsequent completion. This whitepaper on “Project Scheduling Techniques: Probabilistic and Deterministic,” discusses the scheduling tools and techniques for Project Management. It addresses: A complete overview on Project scheduling and types of project schedule What are the various methods involved in displaying and analyzing project schedules? Which is the most widely used project scheduling technique? What is deterministic scheduling? What is the three-point estimate in deterministic scheduling? What is probabilistic scheduling? How PERT is used to determine the schedule?

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