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Mobile Marketing Guide

White Paper: Clickatell

Mobile Customer Engagement: A Marketer's Best Friend Accessible anytime, anywhere, today’s mobile-centric consumers are constantly connected. Having an optimized, cross-channel mobile strategy is critical for companies looking to win new customers and increase more interface. Mobile customer engagement is a huge opportunity for businesses to improve customer experience and loyalty through mobile app and social media channels.  To deliver optimum mobile customer engagement, businesses should therefore bear in mind a few key points. First, focus on finding right customer data and insight. Using mobile advertising and messaging, for example, are excellent ways to acquire new customers. Second, strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies. Lastly, never forget the customer experience. In this whitepaper, explore on how to get the building blocks in place that will enable you to get your mobile engagement right. Download the guide now to discover: Five reasons why mobile is the new face of customer engagement The role of Mobile Marketing in Customer Experience Essential building blocks to get your Mobile Customer Experience right How Clickatell can help you with your automated Mobile Engagement

The Business of Mobile Collaboration

White Paper: Plantronics

Making mobile collaboration a part of your work culture is not just something that is possible with mobile technology, but also integral to the way people feel they should work with one another. Today, more and more companies are embracing mobile technology as an essential workforce asset. Mobile technology gives individuals the ability to efficiently work by themselves or with one another, from wherever they happen to be. This whitepaper provides you with some practical guidance on establishing a mobile collaboration strategy for your organization. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Five criteria for implementing a mobile collaboration culture in your organization Mapping the mobile collaboration ecosystem to drive business results The oxygen that fuels a mobile collaboration ecosystem How to best navigate the mobile ecosystem and develop a strategy for your organization  

The Complete Guide to Mobile Success

White Paper: Swrve

Mobile needs to be at the center of your business, and probably deserves the lion’s share of your investment both in terms of time and money. There is a huge amount more that could be said about the challenges of running a successful mobile business, and mostly the campaigns are only a tiny subset of those that can and should be run using the various interaction channels now available on mobile. This whitepaper provides you insights on what you have to do to make mobile a success for your business. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: • Acquisition is the first and foremost step - success on mobile requires actively working to retain and engage users over the long-term • Campaigns should be targeted, relevant and personalized to the user • Collect as much data as you possibly can - it is the secret to effective mobile marketing campaigns • Test everything - and continue to optimize on the basis of your results

Business Class Next Generation Mobile Data Services

White Paper: DataXoom Corp

Next generation mobile applications and services and technologies to transform your business: Mobile data traffic is at an all-time high, and its growth shows no signs of slowing. In response to the changing requirements and to enable the richer experience users expect, the mobile community is evolving new standards for the next generation mobile data services and technologies . What businesses need is a new class of devices, networks and services that offer seamless, multi-carrier platforms. This whitepaper outlines the vision for the next generation of mobile technology.      It focuses mainly on: What are the must-haves for a best-in-class mobile data service? What do the mobile operators need to support the diversity and quality requirements of advanced, next generation mobile applications? How can a business focused wireless provider help you transform your business? Read this informative whitepaper to know how to meet the massive increase in the requirements of mobile internet and advanced data-intensive applications.

6 Things That Will Accelerate Enterprise Mobility Security Adoption

White Paper: SyncDog

IoT is here, fueling the fire for cyber risk via mobile sources. By 2020, there will be more than 1,000,000,000 M2M (yes, a billion plus!) connections, each device module capable of accessing your network by a malicious hacker. Are you or will you be prepared? Despite growing security risks, budget constraints and a perceived lack of internal concern have led to a slow adoption of formal mobile security policies and technology solutions. Most enterprises are inexperienced in mobile applications security and the developers don’t completely focus on the security but their functions, thus making them vulnerable to security threats. Technology is evolving rapidly and keeping that in mind, the executives must have clear-cut answers to all the possible mobility use-scenarios with a robust security solution in place to ensure business information is kept secure and is only accessible to those who need to access it. Download this informative whitepaper to get an insight on the things that will spur this industry on to better tools and best practices that will accelerate the Enterprise Mobility Security Adoption and how IT organizations can use them for better productivity without compromising protection.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

White Paper: Apperian

Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. Best-of-breed Mobile Application Management provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to every user in the extended enterprise because it is device management agnostic and manages the complete mobile app lifecycle. The remainder of this whitepaper is intended to help you map out the range of capabilities possible with best-of-breed Mobile Application Management (MAM) and the value they can deliver to your enterprise mobility initiatives. It addresses: What are the requirements for Best-of-Breed Mobile Application Management? What is the need for Mobile Application Management? What are the limitations of Legacy Mobile Management? What are the specific Mobile Application Management capabilities and your requirements? 

Executive Enterprise Mobility Report 2015

White Paper: Apperian

In Executive Enterprise Mobility Report 2015, 67% of enterprises cited improved business processes as a primary goal. Why enterprise mobility programs are recommended? An Enterprise mobility program seeks a competitive advantage and helps in generating new revenue streams for businesses. Enterprise Mobility survey is an effort to measure enterprise mobility trends. Mobility reports help companies to speed up business processes. The top priority for mobile is speeding up the unique business processes that represent an organization’s best practices for driving revenue. Mobile apps with the greatest impact on productivity and ROI. But, the challenge is Which Mobile Apps will have the greatest impact on productivity or ROI? This white paper focuses on top mobility challenges faced in achieving mobility goals including topics related to: Recommendations for Enterprise Mobility Programs What Challenges Are You Facing in Achieving Mobility Goals? How much visibility do companies have into mobile metrics? What investments do we need to increase mobile app adoption?

SIGNiX: Independent vs. Dependent E-Signatures

White Paper: SIGNiX

E-signature evidence is vital for transactions, especially important for highly regulated industries, including financial services, healthcare and government that place a heavy emphasis on security, compliance and data privacy. E-signatures are proven to save money, generate efficiency, improve document accuracy and enhance security. Are you using a vendor free e-signature? Does it offer independent evidence? Why only Independent E-signatures? Why not dependent E-signatures? Independent E-Signatures gives complete ownership and control over your signatures and documents. E-signatures let you store documents on servers, without relying on third party to maintain unnecessary copies. Whereas dependent e-signatures links back to the e-signature vendor for verification. What if the links in your e-signature are broken or not linking? You could end up losing data. This technology white paper guides you on: How to pick the right e-signature solution for your organization? What are the consequences faced in dependent E-signatures? What are the benefits of Independent E-signature? Are you getting the independent evidence you need for your e-signatures? Download this white paper to understand the problems faced when you choose an improper e-signature solution and why choosing a right electronic signature is important for highly regulated industries in maintaining costs, improve document accuracy and enhance security.

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