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Customer Experience Management

THE ART OF THE API: BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES An OpenLegacy Blueprint using API Technology for Digital Transformation

White Paper: OpenLegacy

The open API technology has potential to unleash a new wave of changes in the financial service industry. The implementation of APIs and microservices can eliminate complex integration difficulties thereby extending your back-end legacy systems to create a fully functional digital service. With OpenLegacy--open-standards-based API integration and management software--you can create seamless customer experiences, drive new revenue and reduce customer churn with innovative digital applications through the web or mobile devices within days or weeks. Customers expect real-time information whenever and wherever they are, without the assistance of an agent or a call center representative. The modern agent requires new tools and applications to maintain productivity in a mobile environment. This whitepaper explores the topic of using APIs (application programming interface) to quickly deliver the innovations that banking customers demand. In this whitepaper learn how to implement the ART of the API in order to achieve: Seamless customer experience 70% reduction in total cost of ownership Fully functional digital services in minutes instead of months Software quality and security Drive new revenue

The Role, Application and Benefits of Digital Customer Experience

White Paper: FirstSource

Today’s customer interacts with companies via multiple digital and traditional channels like web chat, smartphone apps, social media, voice and IVR, and they expect a seamless customer experience, based on a single view of their interactions. This makes it critical for companies to offer convergence based digital customer experience.

Rethinking customer experience

White Paper: Altivon

Rethinking the customer experience provides a clear path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and sustained sales growth. Customer effort has a big impact on the customer experience and is measured by customers with every interaction. It drives their impression of your company and can drive them away. It is driving companies to rethink customer experience. This whitepaper on “Rethinking Customer Experience,” addresses the following key questions: What are the common interaction characteristics which are common in contact centers and has a significant chance of decreased loyalty? What are the pillars of support for low customer effort? What are the technologies in the contact center that can be tuned to reduce customer effort?

10 Steps To User Experience Success: Microsoft Office 365

White Paper: AppNeta

Communicating the value of Office 365 to your organization, before beginning of the migration, is a challenge in itself. Before beginning your migration, you need to ensure the foundation you plan to run Office 365 on is robust and can withstand the connectivity and bandwidth necessary to deliver a critical application to your target end users. This whitepaper ensures that you get on the right track with understanding, planning and optimizing your Office 365 migration. It highlights: Key metrics for SaaS app performance monitoring Minimizing Office 365 Migration Impact on Your Critical Applications Ensuring adoption of Office 365 Explore User Experience in the Cloud

Leveraging Digital Technology For Consumer Engagement

White Paper: Nous Infosystems

The subject of Consumer Engagement is never the same and faces a lot of challenges with the advancement in the communication technology and information technology; it has to be approached with a 360 degree view rather than looking at only one or two factors. By developing effective communication and consumer engagement capabilities through new technologies and strategies, payers can address challenges in an efficient manner. This whitepaper focuses on how consumer engagement can enhance healthcare quality, lower costs, and provide a better digital customer experience. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Factors affecting consumer engagement in the Healthcare industry Technology to enable Payers and serve new customers Multichannel impact in consumer engagement Role of social media and real-time information in increasing brand loyalty and consumer engagement

Omni-channel commerce Making customer experience the new competitive advantage

White Paper: Ameyo

Omni-channel commerce seems to be picking up steam across industries and has radically transformed the way companies do business. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where buying processes are undergoing a radical transformation and switching costs are becoming virtually fictitious, companies that do not offer a superlative omni-channel experience are difficult to survive. This whitepaper on “Omni-channel commerce: Making customer experience the new competitive advantage”: Uncovers the radical changes in buying omni-channel experience, customer expectations, customer service Discusses the advancements in customer journey, the facets involved in implementing an omni-channel strategy Talks about a recently launched concept called “Universal Queue”, and its significance in omni-channel customer experience

Intelligent Contact Routing

White Paper: Content Guru

Building an intelligent contact routing strategy to improve customer experience level that considers customer value, resources, agent skills, priority rules can be challenging. Giving customers greater control over the communication process, in conjunction with more intelligent contact routing, will maximize the chances of getting customers the best possible customer experience. This technical whitepaper on “Intelligent Contact Routing to improve customer experience ” covers the top 10 tips to ensure customers reach the right agents and resources, each and every time. It highlights: Set contact routing rules that fully support your customer experience management objectives Make full use of all available information for intelligent contact routing Actively manage the customer journey to improve customer experience Act on customer insight and feedback for skill-based contact routing Read this whitepaper which discusses ways in which organizations can efficiently, quickly and consistently conduct the customer contact routing to the right resources, every time for better customer experience.

The Customer Journey Management Methodology - A 3-Step Approach to Ensure A Successful Result

White Paper: QMATIC

Customer Journey Management is defined as managing the customer’s experience from initial contact to final service delivery. Customer journey mapping methodology is used to understand the flow of experiences a customer has with an organization in order to be able to deliver the best possible solution for every unique situation. This descriptive whitepaper is devoted to describe the underlying working methodology of Customer Journey Management and how it can be used to deliver remarkable customer experience. This whitepaper on Customer Journey is a step-by-step guide that looks into ‘’ 3-step Approach to the Customer Journey Management Methodology’’ .It covers: Map the current and define the target Customer Journey Management Process Develop processes to gain insights from continuous data analysis and process re-evaluation while managing the customer journeys Design and implement a solution to achieve the targeted Customer Journey Management process Download this whitepaper that will help you gain the business benefits of Customer Journey Management.

Building High Performance Websites That Last for Engaging Digital Experiences

White Paper: Kuno Creative

High performance websites enjoy higher visitor engagement with advanced styles, features, including strong content and eye-catching visuals. High performance websites go beyond meeting the immediate behaviors and preferences of today’s user. Is your website designed and developed for adaptability, scalability and on-going optimization?Are you still using the traditional website designing methods? Some of the problems organizations are facing while traditional website redesigning: Marketing gets pulled from its focus on business goals to assist with branding and messaging. Organizations place significant cost, resources and energy into the website upfront without any guarantee that the finished product will perform to their standard. There is no warranty and the webiste performance is not up to the mark. This whitepaper includes all the necessary information to help you build high performance web sites including: 10 Steps to create high performance websites that lasts Different phases in redesigning high performaning websites Different enhancement approaches to design a high performing website? Mobile optimization: Making websites look great and function well Tools and Techniques used to build high performance websites for engaging digital experiences How to create strong visual content to engage more website visitors? Read this whitepaper and learn more about creating high performance websites for engaging digital experiences and how to incorporate these approaches, strategies and features through website redesign, to maximize your investment and meet your audiences in motion.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Creating a Customer-Centric Operation

White Paper: ServicePower

Is yours a truly customer-centric organization?Is your business truly being customer-focused? Increased customer satisfaction is becoming the top metric used to measure success of field service organizations (FSO). Indicator of customer success implies repeat purchase decisions, new customer referrals, and extended revenue for the service operation. What are the impacts of increasing customer satisfaction on profitability? This whitepaper discusses about driving efficient business processes through increased customer satisfaction and provides brief insight on: Steps for creating a customer-centric culture in organisations Key elements of customer transformation strategy What are the essential strategies to increase customer satisfaction? How Open Call Management (OCM) process has enhanced customer satisfaction. Selecting the right field service management software to enhance customer satisfaction From this white paper you’ll get to know how field service management has changed significantly and why field service organizations are focusing more on increased customer satisfaction to improve their brand image.    

A Recipe to Innovate The Digital Customer Experience

White Paper: Infosgroup

How important is the digital customer experience innovation? Creating a compelling digital customer experience has become the challenge for any business today. How can we retain a customer who never visits any branch physically? Maintaining customer relationship is the key to business success. Managing customers is not an easy task but an impossible one, and more importantly not an act of faith, but mainly a common sense journey. The challenge is how we do create a digital experience so compelling that our new and old customers would embrace it with the same or even more enthusiasm as they do with traditional face to face experience. This whitepaper presents a very pragmatic and easy to follow recipe, and other magical tech ingredients together to produce the best digital experience for your customer at the lowest possible cost, so we can call it “The recipe to your digital success”. Download this whitepaper to learn more about improving customer experience through digitization and the right ways to create a great digital experience.

Social Maturity Index (SMI)

White Paper: Conversocial

Every business needs to develop a customer centric strategy. It's how you identify and engage with new customers, and it's your front line for real-time customer service with new generations of users. With businesses still figuring out exactly how to measure social effectiveness and providing the best customer experience, an evaluation method called Social Maturity index (SMI) was created, for brands to map out their accurate position on the maturity scale. What is Social Maturity, and why do we need an index? How can you determine your brand’s social maturity? What are the indicators of robust innovation to extraordinary Social Media experiences? What actually defines a Socially Mature Brand? How do social media contribute to the customer experience? Download this informative whitepaper to learn how to enhance customer experience with social media and how SMI acts as a roadmap, an outline for the socially maturing brand.

Listening and Learning from Customer Reviews

White Paper: PDFfiller

Soliciting and sharing customer reviews have become a crucial element of both marketing and future product development as well as building the consumer trust. Looking for ways to respond effectively to online customer reviews? This white paper briefly illustrates a complementary solution to the problem of building consumer trust that involves the use of a third party system to expose potential buyers to the experience of previous customers. What are the ways to build consumer trust with customer reviews? What is the impact of customer reviews on consumers' buying decision? What are the benefits of sharing customer reviews for business? This white paper helps you to gain insights which leverages direct customer feedback to make your products and services more meaningful to the customers you serve.

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