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"Profitability of increasing customer satisfaction"

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Creating a Customer-Centric Operation

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Creating a Customer-Centric Operation

White Paper: ServicePower

Is yours a truly customer-centric organization?Is your business truly being customer-focused?

Increased customer satisfaction is becoming the top metric used to measure success of field service organizations (FSO). Indicator of customer success implies repeat purchase decisions, new customer referrals, and extended revenue for the service operation.

What are the impacts of increasing customer satisfaction on profitability?

This whitepaper discusses about driving efficient business processes through increased customer satisfaction and provides brief insight on:

  • Steps for creating a customer-centric culture in organisations
  • Key elements of customer transformation strategy

  • What are the essential strategies to increase customer satisfaction?

  • How Open Call Management (OCM) process has enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Selecting the right field service management software to enhance customer satisfaction

From this white paper you’ll get to know how field service management has changed significantly and why field service organizations are focusing more on increased customer satisfaction to improve their brand image.



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