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Guide: 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

White Paper: Velosio

7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs The days when the chief financial officer was primarily responsible for internal controls and compliance are long gone. While financial discipline remains critical, today’s CFOs have far more responsibility than their predecessors did, playing key roles in developing strategy, fostering innovation and driving growth. Skills to Lead Your Business Forward Read this business guide to learn more about the habits that effective CFOs use to meet the high expectations and demands of their ever-expanding role. Learn how these habits can be applied to the modern CFO: How to be proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first things first Seek to understand, then to be understood And many more!  

Customer Intelligence is the New Black: Deriving Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions to Reduce Cost-to-Serve and Customer Effort

White Paper: FirstSource

Whether it’s a B-to-B or a B-to-C model, the consistent delivery of high-quality customer care is a difficult goal to achieve. This is especially relevant in our device-driven world, an “always on” hyper-connected environment laced with multiple customer touch points

Rethinking customer experience

White Paper: Altivon

Rethinking the customer experience provides a clear path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and sustained sales growth. Customer effort has a big impact on the customer experience and is measured by customers with every interaction. It drives their impression of your company and can drive them away. It is driving companies to rethink customer experience. This whitepaper on “Rethinking Customer Experience,” addresses the following key questions: What are the common interaction characteristics which are common in contact centers and has a significant chance of decreased loyalty? What are the pillars of support for low customer effort? What are the technologies in the contact center that can be tuned to reduce customer effort?

The Customer Journey Management Methodology - A 3-Step Approach to Ensure A Successful Result

White Paper: QMATIC

Customer Journey Management is defined as managing the customer’s experience from initial contact to final service delivery. Customer journey mapping methodology is used to understand the flow of experiences a customer has with an organization in order to be able to deliver the best possible solution for every unique situation. This descriptive whitepaper is devoted to describe the underlying working methodology of Customer Journey Management and how it can be used to deliver remarkable customer experience. This whitepaper on Customer Journey is a step-by-step guide that looks into ‘’ 3-step Approach to the Customer Journey Management Methodology’’ .It covers: Map the current and define the target Customer Journey Management Process Develop processes to gain insights from continuous data analysis and process re-evaluation while managing the customer journeys Design and implement a solution to achieve the targeted Customer Journey Management process Download this whitepaper that will help you gain the business benefits of Customer Journey Management.

The Relationship Game: Analyzing Your Network Potential

White Paper: MREN

Relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. This maintenance however is often lost in the hustle for new business, more business, and attracting potential business. The art of maintaining business relationships through analyzing your network potential should be done as relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. Read this informative whitepaper which covers: In-Vested Trust: No matter how expansive your network may be, it is nothing without credible trust built. Relationship Intelligence: Did you make a connection with an enterprise or an individual? Are they still working at the same organization you remember them from? Transparent Opportunity: Transparency enables more opportunities and collaboration for individuals to make new deals. This whitepaper challenges you to review your contact lists and ask yourself, “How tangible is my network?” 

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Creating a Customer-Centric Operation

White Paper: ServicePower

Is yours a truly customer-centric organization?Is your business truly being customer-focused? Increased customer satisfaction is becoming the top metric used to measure success of field service organizations (FSO). Indicator of customer success implies repeat purchase decisions, new customer referrals, and extended revenue for the service operation. What are the impacts of increasing customer satisfaction on profitability? This whitepaper discusses about driving efficient business processes through increased customer satisfaction and provides brief insight on: Steps for creating a customer-centric culture in organisations Key elements of customer transformation strategy What are the essential strategies to increase customer satisfaction? How Open Call Management (OCM) process has enhanced customer satisfaction. Selecting the right field service management software to enhance customer satisfaction From this white paper you’ll get to know how field service management has changed significantly and why field service organizations are focusing more on increased customer satisfaction to improve their brand image.    

Warranty Management :Simplifying Warranty, Claims and Third Party Management

White Paper: ServicePower

"It’s Not Just All About Field Service Management; You Also Need to Build Warranty Management into the Mix" Field Service Management (FSM) is a big business – but, so is Warranty Management (WM) Warranty Management is not just solely a component of field service, but also is a standalone, or integrated activity for product and services organizations alike. Be it manufacturers, dealers, or third-party users, a robust warranty management system is necessary for critical aspects of the warranty management process, which entails monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration and claims processing. This whitepaper sees into queries like: What are the strategic actions currently taken by the leading warranty management organizations? How are warranty management organizations planning to meet the exceeding customer demands and expectations? What are the top uses of Collected Warranty Management data to improve processes and effect change? Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about warranty claims management features & benefits.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Hate Field Service

White Paper: ServicePower

A great customer service leads to overall increased productivity of the organization. The need for field service will never go away. Machines wear out they break. We all at some point contract with a provider for a home or business projects. When a product requires field service or maintenance, customers expect a well manufactured product in return.  Why does a company need field customer service? Satisfied customers are a company’s best brand advocates, proselytizing good customer service work to their entire social network. So, a company’s brand improvement depends on great customer service field. But when the service goes bad, the same advertisement of the field service experience can and does have ill effects on the company’s brand image, costs and future sales. In this whitepaper, ServicePower, an expert in providing field service management, has come up with top 5 reasons why customers hate field service. Download this whitepaper to know those Top 5 reasons and improve your organization's image by learning the loopholes in field customer service.

A Recipe to Innovate The Digital Customer Experience

White Paper: Infosgroup

How important is the digital customer experience innovation? Creating a compelling digital customer experience has become the challenge for any business today. How can we retain a customer who never visits any branch physically? Maintaining customer relationship is the key to business success. Managing customers is not an easy task but an impossible one, and more importantly not an act of faith, but mainly a common sense journey. The challenge is how we do create a digital experience so compelling that our new and old customers would embrace it with the same or even more enthusiasm as they do with traditional face to face experience. This whitepaper presents a very pragmatic and easy to follow recipe, and other magical tech ingredients together to produce the best digital experience for your customer at the lowest possible cost, so we can call it “The recipe to your digital success”. Download this whitepaper to learn more about improving customer experience through digitization and the right ways to create a great digital experience.

Customer Engagement Workflow for Enterprises Through Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

White Paper: BP Logix

Customer engagement workflow through social media, mobile and cloud capabilities have become the most important need for today’s enterprises as social tools and cloud-based availability are among the best ways that companies can deliver value and leverage existing technology investment for successful customer engagement. With enhanced mobile support, social media integration, new cloud capabilities, and multimedia annotation businesses make their internal processes more efficient while also increasing communication with customers who are engaged in their business processes. Customers today demand both round-the-clock access to company representatives and swift resolution to their problems. Engaging your customer efficiently, will help you gain exposure, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately improve retention rates. Download this white paper now to learn how you can change the way your organization operates, enabling it to be more efficient, agile and effective with proper customer engagement workflow. This whitepaper provides deep insight on three elements, which enterprises need to provide in order to practice what we call, “customer engagement workflow” : Engage the customer by proper communication and acknowledgement. Embrace the customer by participating him directly in your business processes. Extend the cloud by integrating popular cloud services to your workplace.

Social Maturity Index (SMI)

White Paper: Conversocial

Every business needs to develop a customer centric strategy. It's how you identify and engage with new customers, and it's your front line for real-time customer service with new generations of users. With businesses still figuring out exactly how to measure social effectiveness and providing the best customer experience, an evaluation method called Social Maturity index (SMI) was created, for brands to map out their accurate position on the maturity scale. What is Social Maturity, and why do we need an index? How can you determine your brand’s social maturity? What are the indicators of robust innovation to extraordinary Social Media experiences? What actually defines a Socially Mature Brand? How do social media contribute to the customer experience? Download this informative whitepaper to learn how to enhance customer experience with social media and how SMI acts as a roadmap, an outline for the socially maturing brand.

Choosing a Implementation Partner in Emerging Markets

White Paper: ABSYZ Software Consulting

Choosing the right partner for salesforce implementation can be a daunting task in emerging markets. Building a successful Salesforce implementation plan enables you to customize the platform to suit your organization’s changing business needs. This whitepaper illustrates a few best practices to be considered in simplifying the process and ensure that you select the best partner. It also focuses on: What are the ways of facilitating CRM adoption in Emerging Markets? What are the several challenges grappling the Emerging Market players in the choice as well as leveraging of their IT investment? Whether you are thinking about implementing a Salesforce solution or expanding upon the Salesforce solution you already have, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a reliable and trustworthy salesforce implementation partner. A few of the questions to be given a thought are: Do they have a track record of building custom applications to meet the unique requirements of different types of businesses and business situations? Do they have extensive experience implementing a Salesforce solution with companies in your industry? How knowledgeable is the specific type of cloud you need, which is being built and deployed?(Sales, Service, Marketing, etc.) When you’ve decided that Salesforce is the right CRM for your organization, the next step is to find the best consulting partner who has the potential to address your business needs with an impeccable, unwavering, rock solid and best-in-class solution.   

Obtaining Maximum Operational Success with Professional Service Automation (PSA) Tools

White Paper: TOP Step Consulting

The decision to implement a Professional Service Automation (PSA) is both a cost investment and a strategic investment. There are many PSA Tools out there, but to obtain maximum operational success with them you need to know: What your purpose behind implementing PSA Tools is. If implemented PSA Tools best fit your Organization. If you want to track projects more accurately or if you need to get better information on resource availability or utilization. This whitepaper talks about how professional services automation (PSA) software can help your service organization to obtain maximum operational success and: •Benefits of a PSA Tool: Measurable Efficiencies, Tracking, Visibility & More •Key to PSA Tool Selection •Implementation of a PSA Tool for tremendous benefit to your company •Measure Success with Key Performance Indicators

Transforming Sales:CRM's Critical Contribution

White Paper: Highland Technology Services

Sales Transformation enables company executives to improve sales performance by aligning the resources that relates to sales, management, marketing and customer service, or improving sales talent and sales operations. This informative white paper on Transforming Sales: CRM's Critical Contribution discusses the guiding principles for sales transformations and the impact of CRM on the sales organization. What are the key decision factors for choosing the right partner for your sales transformation initiative? What are the important elements of a sales transformation that the sales teams must get right? What are the components that ensure the sales transformation initiative is relevant?  Thinking ahead, what is your company’s change management strategy to achieve the required sales transformation? Download this informative whitepaper to read more .

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