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Container Strategy: Understanding Amazon ECS Schedulers

White Paper: NClouds, Inc

Most companies that have migrated to cloud are still wrestling with a container strategy—and one of the biggest decisions is which scheduler to use. Amazon ECS supports Docker containers and allows to easily run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. Schedulers like ECS have all the primitives to allow any company to build similar capabilities, so small teams within the organization can rapidly add new functionality and value for customers. ECS scheduler is helpful to organizations as they develop and refine their container strategy. This white paper discusses a solution to provide outstanding cloud capabilities—to create sustainable systems that empower business to deliver innovation faster and predictably, and an ever-improving customer experience. Read the following whitepaper that explains: What is a scheduler, and why and when do you need one? What are the requirements for a functioning ECS scheduler? How to provision clusters, task definitions, and service discovery? How to setup Cloud, Data center, API, IAM (Identity and Access Management), DevOps, AWS, Application Load Balancer (ALB), DNS?    

From Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery

White Paper: CA Technologies

Transformation to DevOps and the implementation of continuous delivery go hand in hand. There is a need to stand back and rethink the way your delivery pipelines work, and challenge every point at which manual intervention takes place, custom scripts are relied on and handoffs occur. Success at scale requires building the right process and tooling framework to enable continuous delivery. This whitepaper provides insights on how continuous delivery can enable a step change in IT performance and bring everyone in development and operations closer to the business. This DevOps Whitepaper highlights: The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery Continuous delivery fundamentals: Automation and orchestration across the entire delivery pipeline Creating a continuous delivery framework: From piecemeal tooling to a properly integrated environment Making the business case: Continuous delivery can enhance both the top and bottom lines

Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes

White Paper: Quali

Cloud sandboxing is the key to the successful modeling of production-like environments and consolidating Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) test clouds. A modern LaaS cloud sandboxing platform provides the foundation for infrastructure-aware test and continuous integration (CI) automation. This whitepaper on “Building Lab as a Service with Quali Cloud Sandboxes,” provides insights for organizations that are seeking to merge multiple labs into centralized, shared data centers that can be used by many remote user groups. It covers: Key aspects to making LaaS initiatives sustainable Steps to successful Cloud Sandbox deployment Best Practices for Modeling Production-Like Environments to achieve a successful LaaS rollout Capabilities of modern LaaS sandboxing platforms that enable sustainability of the LaaS initiative

Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

DevOps improves efficiencies by bringing SAP Dev and SAP Ops teams together in the larger business context to coordinate their work throughout the service lifecycle. On large SAP systems, tight integration between components is crucial. The challenge is to leverage, not lose, existing third-party software investments and avoid disrupting user-accepted business processes and procedures. Change Control is emerging as an ideal integration facilitator for automating DevOps in SAP. This whitepaper “Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator”: Focuses on integrating all the links in your DevOps, Agile development, and change control chains Sees how ready-to-use integrations will help leverage such key applications as service desks, code inspection, ALM analysis, testing and quality assurance tools along with the likelihood of DevOps success Focuses on implementation of the DevOps approach, SAP Change Control Software and DevOps Strategies

Tackling Software Testing Challenges in the Agile Era

White Paper: QASymphony

An insight into the current testing challenges and trends, ways to approach a vast range of testing projects. The software testing industry is undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes driven by major shifts in the software development landscape.This creates a new set of challenges for testers to have the right balance between automated, exploratory, and user-acceptance testing, to help build great products. The traditional procedures and techniques that have served QA departments in the past are no longer enough. This whitepaper talks about tackling software testing challenges and : How the best testers break down the testing process into a simple trio of questions: why, what, and how. How to identify the right balance of testing methods to establish a comprehensive testing strategy. When and how to use exploratory testing to help address the pressures of modern development, continuous deployment and fast feedback loops.

Using Application Performance Managers for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

White Paper: ECube Systems

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are the future of software development. IT managers are looking to improve the process of developing and deploying an application with DevOps and Continuous Delivery technology. This white paper outlines how companies can automate the management of enterprise applications through a single GUI-based Application Performance Management system. Key takeaways from this white paper on “Improving DevOps and Continuous Delivery with an Application Performance Manager”: Application Performance Management Goals Managing a deployed application by using Continuous Delivery Core Capabilities to improve the process and management of applications Efficiencies of adopting DevOps practices for application lifecycle management

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