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"What You Need to Know About Software Testing in the Agile Era"

Tackling Software Testing Challenges in the Agile Era

Tackling Software Testing Challenges in the Agile Era

White Paper: QASymphony

An insight into the current testing challenges and trends, ways to approach a vast range of testing projects.

The software testing industry is undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes driven by major shifts in the software development landscape.This creates a new set of challenges for testers to have the right balance between automated, exploratory, and user-acceptance testing, to help build great products.

The traditional procedures and techniques that have served QA departments in the past are no longer enough.

This whitepaper talks about tackling software testing challenges and :

  • How the best testers break down the testing process into a simple trio of questions: why, what, and how.

  • How to identify the right balance of testing methods to establish a comprehensive testing strategy.

  • When and how to use exploratory testing to help address the pressures of modern development, continuous deployment and fast feedback loops.

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