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Quality Control

Automating Quality Management Systems

White Paper: AssurX

Maintaining a firm grip on quality management system processes is essential for most organizations today. But the path to a successful transition to automated quality management system can be complex. If the time is now for your company to implement or improve your automated QMS solution, the good news is this is the first step toward improving operating efficiency and saving time and money in the process. This whitepaper provides insights on how you can assess the current state of your quality management system and what are the right technology choices for implementing your QMS solution. This Whitepaper addresses key questions like: What are the immediate and long-term benefits to significantly improving your company’s operational efficiency? What should a high functioning QMS system implementation team look like? How to build a successful QMS system implementation team? What are the unique requirements and constraints that must be considered when designing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for QMS implementation?

When Less is Really More:Effective Service Management

White Paper: Solisma

Learn to Develope Effective Service Management Strategies that focuses on both service quality and performance management  You need to understand and answer a few questions like: What are the minimum requirements for effective Service Management? What are the critical success factors of an effective Service Management plan? Why is performance measurement and management necessary and how are performance results measured? How to make balance between delivery of Quality, Value and Agility? This whitepaper on Quality of services in Service Management provides you insights on: Service Management - Is it really Doing More or Less? A framework or standards-based approach? Performance Management – Measuring For Success! Focus your attention on these following four key areas of Service Management

Tackling Software Testing Challenges in the Agile Era

White Paper: QASymphony

An insight into the current testing challenges and trends, ways to approach a vast range of testing projects. The software testing industry is undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes driven by major shifts in the software development landscape.This creates a new set of challenges for testers to have the right balance between automated, exploratory, and user-acceptance testing, to help build great products. The traditional procedures and techniques that have served QA departments in the past are no longer enough. This whitepaper talks about tackling software testing challenges and : How the best testers break down the testing process into a simple trio of questions: why, what, and how. How to identify the right balance of testing methods to establish a comprehensive testing strategy. When and how to use exploratory testing to help address the pressures of modern development, continuous deployment and fast feedback loops.

Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout

White Paper: Penta Technologies

Construction software roll out when carefully managed, can result in optimum growth and return on investment. Understanding the justification behind the rules of construction software roll out management buy-in is only half the battle. Actually attaining such buy-in is the challenge. This whitepaper on "Keys to a Successful Construction Software Rollout," brings you three often-overlooked rules for your system rollout to be a success. Setting up clear objectives to determine rollout success of your construction software implementation How to communicate effectively with key staff before, during, and after the system rollout effort How construction firms can streamline processes and gain competitive advantage by selecting and implementing the perfect construction software systems for their unique needs Read this white paper to get an insight on key factors for IT professionals to successfully rolling out a construction software and ensure a smooth implementation.

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