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Customer Relationship Management

Effortless Customer Engagement: Extra care with every call

White Paper: Plantronics

Delivering a great customer engagement is something every brand is striving for. Better customer engagement brings new ways to strengthen customer relationships through technological breakthroughs. Customers get the service they deserve when the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) is able to pay attention to what they are saying. They are less likely to have to repeat themselves if the CSR isn’t distracted by a nagging headache. The way CSRs engage with your customers will determine the customer experience and that, in turn, represents the brand experience. This whitepaper provides insights on how to provide your CSRs with innovative technology that’s within budget. It also addresses key questions like: What makes it easier for CSRs to engage with your customers? What area of your business is delivering on that promise through the customer experience? What are the measures that add up to better engagement between a CSR and your customer?

Improved Customer Service Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

White Paper: Fleetmatics

Great customer service is the essence of any business, it is essential not only to sustaining your business, but to growing your business. For field-service businesses and particularly companies that rely on fleet vehicles to deliver their goods and services – customer service has its own unique parameters and equally unique solutions. In a world of tight budgets, increased competition and rapidly changing technologies, it is easy to understand how customer service can fall from its deserved position as a company’s number-one priority. This whitepaper provides insights on improving customer service that should be a high priority within the field-service industry. It highlights: Customer Service in the Field-Service Industry Customer Benefits to GPS Location Intelligence Detailed Reports Provide Key Data to Improve Customer Service Active Pest Control Increases Profits through Quality Customer Service

The Relationship Game: Analyzing Your Network Potential

White Paper: MREN

Relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. This maintenance however is often lost in the hustle for new business, more business, and attracting potential business. The art of maintaining business relationships through analyzing your network potential should be done as relationships are often regarded as the most valuable asset a business can cultivate and maintain. Read this informative whitepaper which covers: In-Vested Trust: No matter how expansive your network may be, it is nothing without credible trust built. Relationship Intelligence: Did you make a connection with an enterprise or an individual? Are they still working at the same organization you remember them from? Transparent Opportunity: Transparency enables more opportunities and collaboration for individuals to make new deals. This whitepaper challenges you to review your contact lists and ask yourself, “How tangible is my network?” 

A Guide to Increasing User Adoption of Customer Reference Programs

White Paper: Point Of Reference

To increase user adoption of Customer Reference Programs, executive support is the most important success factor. Customer Reference Management Practices continually evolves services and processes to demonstrate value and prove success to the executive team. Customer Reference Program Marketing Plan provides a step by step plan and timeline for establishing, promoting and measuring a formalized Customer Reference Program. This white paper talks about the customer reference program best practices, most common obstacles in customer reference program adoption and the practical suggestions in overcoming them. It covers: How revenue has been influenced by the Customer Reference Management System? How can customer records be a major statistic to increase sales and customer reference? What is the role of sales involvement in Customer Reference Program? How can you generate leads by managing the customer reference procurement?

Customer Engagement Workflow for Enterprises Through Social Media, Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

White Paper: BP Logix

Customer engagement workflow through social media, mobile and cloud capabilities have become the most important need for today’s enterprises as social tools and cloud-based availability are among the best ways that companies can deliver value and leverage existing technology investment for successful customer engagement. With enhanced mobile support, social media integration, new cloud capabilities, and multimedia annotation businesses make their internal processes more efficient while also increasing communication with customers who are engaged in their business processes. Customers today demand both round-the-clock access to company representatives and swift resolution to their problems. Engaging your customer efficiently, will help you gain exposure, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately improve retention rates. Download this white paper now to learn how you can change the way your organization operates, enabling it to be more efficient, agile and effective with proper customer engagement workflow. This whitepaper provides deep insight on three elements, which enterprises need to provide in order to practice what we call, “customer engagement workflow” : Engage the customer by proper communication and acknowledgement. Embrace the customer by participating him directly in your business processes. Extend the cloud by integrating popular cloud services to your workplace.

Analyzing and Shaping Customer Journeys

White Paper: Altocloud

Customer journey analysis is the key to analyze how the customer uses information as it navigates, ultimately unlocking more transactions and higher usage, and also to understanding and delivering on the needs of the customer at each stage of its journey. How can you build and manage customer relationships through customer journey analytics? This whitepaper describes a new approach for customer journey analysis that improves and consolidates your customer’s experiences. It will help you understand: The Challenge of Customer Experiences Today The Power of Predictive Analytics How to get Business Value from integrating the approach of customer journey analytics The key steps to make a better customer journey analytics include: Collect data spanning the whole customer journey Apply analytics to better understand your customers and personalize the customer journey Use predictive analytics and machine learning to anticipate important events Continuously tune the analytics platform using feedback for analyzing the customer journey

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