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"Customer Benefits to GPS Location Intelligence"

Improved Customer Service Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

Improved Customer Service Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

White Paper: Fleetmatics

Great customer service is the essence of any business, it is essential not only to sustaining your business, but to growing your business. For field-service businesses and particularly companies that rely on fleet vehicles to deliver their goods and services – customer service has its own unique parameters and equally unique solutions.

In a world of tight budgets, increased competition and rapidly changing technologies, it is easy to understand how customer service can fall from its deserved position as a company’s number-one priority.

This whitepaper provides insights on improving customer service that should be a high priority within the field-service industry. It highlights:

  • Customer Service in the Field-Service Industry

  • Customer Benefits to GPS Location Intelligence

  • Detailed Reports Provide Key Data to Improve Customer Service

  • Active Pest Control Increases Profits through Quality Customer Service

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