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Internet of Things

Monetization Strategies for Connected Products

White Paper: Exosite

Explore how to drive maximum revenue from connected-product deployments. The Internet of Things is having a significant impact on the creation of new products and services. But to generate new revenue from IoT, companies need to transform the information from smart, connected products into services. Hence the focus should be on value creation to get maximum revenue for connected product deployments. Considering an example of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),  they often face complicated marketplace to track, monitor and control devices remotely. In order to remain successful, OEMs must be prepared to embrace the new connected normal in their future product offerings. Making an investment in a connected product offering is an investment for future. In order to make this successful, it is important to intertwine product performance with an objective to revolutionize the company and the industry based on data analytics. This white paper highlights: •  How to capitalize on the value of data •  Creating new revenue streams and lean operational efficiencies •  Strong competitive positioning and sticky brand loyalty •  Faster time to market and quantifiable product quality •  Relevant customer service and insight  

Demystifying Industrial IoT

White Paper: Winjit Technologies

The true potential of IoT is unveiled when it is used in the manufacturing and industrial section. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) combines the most powerful technologies that have been used in the industrial sector for ages. The collaboration of Machine Learning, Big Data, Sensors, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, automation, Artificial Intelligence and IoT gives us a promising Formula for near perfect Industrial Operations. The Gigantic Industrial Machines will not just be powerful but also be smart. Industries are pushing to modernize systems and equipment to meet new regulations, to keep up with increasing market speed and volatility, and to deal with disruptive technologies. The Ignition IIoT solution greatly improves connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for industrial organizations. Over the course of this document we discuss every aspect of IoT that you shall consider for your business including: Introduction to IoT IoT for Industrial Use IoT Adoption Stages in Industry Current Problems  

The IT Manager’s Guide to IoT in Meeting Spaces

White Paper: AVI-SPL

In a meeting room context, IoT refers to the use of hardware and software to connect AV devices and room technologies so companies can remotely control, monitor, and manage room systems to meet their strategic business objectives. This whitepaper highlights the opportunities Internet of Things brings to meeting rooms and discusses deployment considerations managers should keep in mind when pursuing IoT solutions for meeting room systems. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on Internet of Things: What Is IoT and How Will It Impact Meeting Room Technologies? Why Does IoT Matter to IT and Facilities? How to Get Started on an IoT Deployment Typical applications benefiting from IoT 

The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance

White Paper: XMPro

Using predictive analytics to drive maintenance is what we’ve labelled “IoT-based predictive maintenance”. However, if you start by systematically implementing the steps outlined in this roadmap and strategically investing in your IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program, your organization will rise above the rest and see the benefits of the Internet of Things reflected in your bottomline. Download this free whitepaper titled ''The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance'' to learn how to: Identify which assets are a good fit for an IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program Improve the quality of your data Design & deploy a predictive model with Azure ML Manage the work that results from predictions Leverage machine learning to act smarter This insightful whitepaper will teach you how to leverage sensor data, predictive analytics & machine learning for more intelligent maintenance.  

Internet of Things:The Interconnection of Everything

White Paper: CloudOne

The Internet of Things(Iot) is the future of internet, powering billions of integrated devices and processes across industries and global locations. Typically, Internet of Things is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications. Download this whitepaper on “IoT-The Interconnection of Everything” and learn about significant challenges of IoT and how to prepare for the interconnecting of everything. It covers: Dimensions of the Internet of Things: Components, building blocks, and system of systems Business challenges with the Internet of Things: Complex challenges that affect Internet-of-Things adoption and growth Cross-Industry concepts for the Internet-of-Things technologies and its components Internet of Things world: Connect and manage devices anywhere and simplify the last mile in the world of Internet of Things

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