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Process Intelligence is Critical to the Success of any RPA Initiative

White Paper: ABBYY

Discover how to realize business process improvements by complementing your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions with Process Intelligence. In this white paper, you will learn: What is Process Intelligence technology and why it is critical to the success of any RPA initiative Market statistics on the RPA promise How Process Intelligence allows customers to assess in granular detail their current state processes (pre implementation of any initiatives) and post implementation (execution of intelligent automation initiatives) and helps to assess, monitor, measure and compare the effectiveness of their RPA deployments. Raise your Process IQ with actionable insight ABBYY Timeline gives enterprises the ability to understand “as-is” process states for a more complete picture to view end-to-end process execution in the context of time, rather than through snapshots. Download our white paper to learn about use cases, as well as specific and tangible benefits of process intelligence technology used alongside robotic process automation applications.


White Paper: RoboBusiness

To advance industry, the Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) must combine management functions, standardize corporate systems, and integrate robotics innovations. The fast evolving availability of specific business/financial models for Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS) and lower financial barriers to adoption, in addition to increasing standardization levels, artificial intelligence, and automation are driving operational effectiveness (e.g. cobots (collaborative robots) in manufacturing processes, semi-homogeneous use of cloud computing capabilities, application specific solutions. This white paper takes a deep dive into this emerging role responsible for evaluating and implementing robotics, automation, or intelligent technologies into their organizations. Read the following white paper that will address all your questions, such as: What is the use of a CRO in any business? What is the impact of CRO in an organization’s growth and adoption of robotics? What is the future of CRO and Robotics-as-a-service? What are the operational trends for CRO adoption? How to define an action plan for existing or aspiring Chief Robotics Officers?  What are the roles and responsibilities of a CRO? What are the current approaches related to Robotics-as-a-Solution?

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