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Web Development

Four Types of Portals That Solve Enterprise Problems

White Paper: Liferay

Digital transformation requires significant changes in business models and corporate culture, and portals play an important role in guiding different viewers through that. Portals have evolved over the past 10 years, nevertheless, they have always been defined by one core priority: providing a personalized experience that removes the noise and offers only what is relevant to end users. With the increasing focus on customer experience, portals remain a key part of any digital transformation strategy. With this white paper, you will explore the untapped power of employee portals and how employee portals enable employees to be more strategic, improve productivity and in turn drive profits and revenue. Download this white paper now to discover: How modern portals solve common problems in digital business? What is the difference between a website and a web portal? Best practices for designing different types of portals How will portals be influenced by new technology trends?

Layperson's Guide to Hosting Services

White Paper: Elcom

  Utilizing a web hosting service, be it for a website, application, back end, database, or intranet is a major step forward into the digital business world, and thus should not be taken lightly. The best practice to making the transition smoothly is first to identify specifically what your business will need from said web hosting service in both the short and long term in order to find the best fit. In this whitepaper, educate yourself on the various important aspects and latest trends in web hosting as you move along the pipeline of digital technology.   Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Different Types of Web Hosting Present Hosting Landscape practices Best Practices for Choosing a Host Provider Recent Hosting Innovations

Streamlining Magento Development Flow with AJA

White Paper: Vaimo

Using AJA to streamline the Magento development flow automates the entire workflow from Development to Production. Magento is a complex system, and without appropriate tooling, principles and audit trails, managing deployments to different environments can be cumbersome. AJA supports the Magento application not only during development, but along its entire lifecycle. How to use AJA in keeping the Magento system secure? This insightful whitepaper outlines: Application of AJA in Magento Development. Key design principles in AJA. Advantages of using AJA for Magento. Issues and challenges in Magento development. Download this whitepaper on Magento Development which looks into the limitations of manual deployments, common failures, and the benefits of using AJA for the entire Magento Development Lifecycle.

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