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Advanced Beamforming Microphone Array Technology For Corporate Conferencing Systems

White Paper: Clear One

Beamforming is a signal processing technique carried out by a processor using input from the beamforming microphone array. Advanced beamforming techniques employ interference patterns to change the directionality of the array, so that information collected from the various microphones can be combined to give preference to the expected acoustic patterns. With good design and engineering, it’s now possible to employ an advanced microphone array system to capture desired sounds and produce a highly intelligible, superior-quality audio signal. This whitepaper focuses on beam-forming as a method of sensing and filtering acoustic waves for enterprise video and telephone conferencing applications. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The Emergence of Beamforming for Conferencing Applications World’s First Professional-Grade, 24-Element Beamforming Microphone Array Emerging techniques and technologies to improve the capture and processing of acoustic patterns The Ultimate in Teleconferencing Sound Quality

Power Supply Testing: 400 Hz Operation

White Paper: Crystal Group

All of the power supplies tested passed the thermal, stress test, and low/high voltage operation criteria at 440 Hz. However, there is one very important parameter that must be considered in deeming a power supply appropriate for operation in a 400 Hz environment. This parameter is known as power factor, commonly abbreviated as PF. The higher the PF (desired), the lower the reactance and the more current is in phase with the voltage. The lower the PF (undesired), the higher the reactance and the more out of phase is the current with respect to the voltage. The purposes of this whitepaper are: to provide confidence in claiming compliant operation outside the stated vendor specifications, namely at 400 Hz, suitable for use with airborne power buses to provide compliance with margin and eliminate borderline passing scenarios to provide insights on the supplies that are 400 Hz compatible

Why Technology Training is Broken?

White Paper: Eagle Point Software

Technology training is broken and needs to get back in step with the times. Traditional training events will be left behind, but companies who evolve and move toward informal learning will not. This informative whitepaper details the issues with the technology training and the problems with only considering the e-Training approaches. It addresses questions like: Why traditional choices like event training are still popular choices? How can successful companies combat these challenges of technical training? What is the uniqueness about training classes offered in Pinnacle Series and what are the key benefits of it? What are the factors that must be considered when implementing a training tool? Read this whitepaper on Why Technology Training is Broken. It’s time for a modern approach!!

Speeding Up CNC Machining with ZW3D Tool Path Editor

White Paper: ZWSOFT

The ZW3D tool path editor is not only a simple editor, it involves many more tools to fulfill any designers' wants and needs including -gouge detection, tools check, tools life extension, surface quality. Have you ever gone through a lot of trouble adjusting the parameters, simply to get the appropriate tool path editor? Do you long for a way to edit the tool path in CAM simply like you edit parts in CAD, allowing you to create the right tool path without complex operations? If this is a problem you can recognize, then this white paper may interest you. It focuses on: The Time-Consuming Way of Generating Tool Paths: Cutting the part without the guidance of the tool path editor The Time-Saving Tool Path Editor of ZW3D: Time saving by reordering the tool path Speeding up CNC Machining: Freeing the CNC programmer to focus on more creative things Read this whitepaper “Speeding Up CNC Machining with ZW3D Tool Path Editor,” to know about - how ZW3D Tool Path Editor can help you to greatly reduce programming time makes it simpler and smarter to produce a perfect tool path for machining. 

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