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The new SAP Business Suite on HANA

White Paper: Photon

SAP has put real-time business within reach with SAP Business Suite furled by SAP HANA. This Cutting-edge platform unifies the exceptionally fast analytics of SAP HANA with transactions, enabling enterprises to accumulate and process information while simultaneously applying it to continuous business processes, all in real time. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is designed to deliver improved business value across end-to-end business processes. It will substantially change the way companies do business and interact with each other. A board variety of business practices such as marketing analysis, financial close, material resource planning, as well as consumer and social sentiment analysis and the most used operational reporting and analytics have been specifically optimised to deliver increased information that is of high value to businesses. With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, businesses can:- Enable truer market differentiation by creating better data-driven business models Make smarter decisions and minimize risks by enabling predictive analysis and simulation on Big Data Transform business processes with embedded Intelligence in transactions to amplify top-line growth Drive entire business enterprises better in real time

Dynamics of Emerging Pricing Models in Business Process Management

White Paper: WNS

Today, enterprises need to look beyond cost savings, while service providers need new sources of competitive differentiation and margin levers. In Business Process Management (BPM), Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) has historically followed FTE-based pricing. However, in recent times, some areas have seen a very gradual shift towards new, value-based models such as transaction-based and — in a more limited way — outcome-based pricing.

A Tale of Two Industries: How Online Travel and Business Process Management Have Grown Synergistically

White Paper: WNS

Change has been the only constant for the online travel business. Most online travel agencies (OTA) have leveraged the expertise of Business Process Management (BPM) partners to stay afloat amidst the changes and challenges. BPM providers have added value to the online travel industry and contributed significantly to its evolution. As OTAs continue to face sweeping changes in the business landscape, the need to have a mature BPM partner on board is felt more sharply than ever before. Know how BPM has become an integral part of an OTA’s business strategy.

Transforming the Future of Outsourcing

White Paper: Atos

This paper proposes two parallel and complementary opportunities for the evolution of outsourcing services. The first strategy focuses on evolving transformational outsourcing strategies whereby Atos products and services focus directly on contributing value to its customers’ core business processes. The second proposes that Atos advances its current cloud offerings by developing sector-specific clouds capitalizing on the existing knowledge the company has gained from the many years it has been collaborating closely with customers in specific industrial sectors.

The Search For the Right Path

White Paper: Intetics

While navigating the cluttered spaces of growing cities is becoming ever more complicated, web and mobile journey planners promise to help stranded urban travellers find better, optimal transportation. Yet, the growing array of different systems are far from perfect and while many contain valuable components, others are missing elements that would make them invaluable to travelers. In this article originally published in April 2014 issue of Geoconnexion magazine, Intetics GIS analysts investigate 35 journey planning systems from around the world to identify which features make the best journey planners.

Integrated Demand-Side Management Cost-Effectiveness and Optimization Methodology


Across the U.S., demand-side management (DSM)4 activities, budgets and programs continue to grow in importance and to increase in overall magnitude in response to state and national policy. The effectiveness of these programs can benefit greatly from better integration and optimization in planning and operations. In the smart grid context, both the optimal integration and the full valuation of DSM cost-effectiveness (CE) have been challenging and difficult to achieve.5 Important interactive effects between measures and full optimization have been difficult to quantify, which in the long run cause poor investment decisions, misalignments, lost opportunities, and stranded benefits. This paper contends that much greater planning and operational efficiency (and resulting benefits) can be captured through robust valuation and optimization of the grid and the full integrated DSM (IDSM) portfolio, which will in turn show greater business case opportunities. Water related benefits, including embedded-energy-in-water, can also be further integrated and optimized. A critical outcome of better integration and optimization is to effectively and systematically optimize consumer engagement, with corresponding cost reductions.

Extend BPM and Lower Risk with a Hybrid Approach

White Paper: BPM Partners

How does a hybrid approach to performance management disrupt conventional solutions while preserving the value of spreadsheets? The hybrid approach to performance management is basically a design approach that combines a centralized database, workflow, and protective governance of spreadsheets for both input and output vehicles. This whitepaper examines the tradeoffs of the relatively new hybrid approach, and how it wraps data governance around the spreadsheet as an input vehicle. In this whitepaper, you’ll get to know more about: How spreadsheet-based performance management provides a competitive advantage, extends performance management into other application areas, and lowers risk How hybrid solution imposes workflow on data collection and the protection of audit capabilities around budgets and report numbers that export to a spreadsheet for analysis and usage The benefits of mixing Excel spreadsheets with key aspects of packaged applications for business performance management

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