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White Paper: Cisco

Next-Generation Networks – What Business Leaders Need to Know? Next-generation networks can bring together all the innovation in an organization—helping businesses to improve workforce engagement, create new business models, and transform customer experiences. Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is an open, programmable architecture that transforms business intent into business results— simplifying and automating to innovate and adapt rapidly. Cisco’s advanced networks for business drive better decisions through built-in analytics, machine learning, and AI functions, allowing organizations to take advantage of far-reaching and deep visibility into applications, users, and things to deliver valuable insights. The new network can learn to automate redundant, time-consuming tasks and can automatically adjust itself to quickly mitigate any attacks. This new era of networking not only boosts all aspects of the digital business, but also helps higher management such as CIOs, COOs, CMOs, and HR leaders to increase workforce engagement and workplace efficiency by providing new business trends like mobility, advanced collaboration solutions and digital building. How to enable simplicity through automation? How to implement new business trends? How can one revolutionize business operations through Internet of Things (IoT)? How to successfully manage the explosion of technology? This white paper highlights: What are the new network capabilities needed by the higher management? How to enable more engaged workforce? How to drive better decisions through data and analytics?

Fibre Channel over Ethernet and 10GBASE-T: Do More with Less

White Paper: Panduit

“Do more with less” has become the technological mantra, for data centres that have grown both in capacity and capabilities. Two crucial technologies that have surfaced and contributed improvements in both storage and physical-layer devices are Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and 10GBASE-T. The use of the two technologies together enhances the modern data centers as it can provide storage, server connectivity, and networking in ways that was not feasible with traditional data center designs. Ethernet technology is continuing to advance with new physical attributes that provide more options for lowering the cost of reliable storage connectivity in the data centers. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your queries, including: How does FCoE & 10GBASE-T enhance storage and physical-layer devices? How is FCoE & 10GBASE-T different from traditional LAN and SAN? Is the advancement with server virtualization cost effective for your business?    

Dos and Don'ts of Evaluating and Deploying a CDN

White Paper: Limelight Networks

As businesses continue to expand their online reach globally, individual user experience is one of the most important factors for building audience satisfaction and driving revenue. But whether you are delivering videos, web content or even files, ensuring engaging online experiences from an increasing variety of devices around the world, is a huge challenge. Organizations have a number of methods for improving user experiences, one of which is leveraging a content delivery network (CDN). But not all CDNs deliver the same level of service. This guide will provide some tips on how to determine what is most important to your organization and how to choose a CDN that meets your needs. In this whitepaper you will learn:  ■ What to consider when evaluating content delivery solutions  ■ Why speed alone isn’t an accurate measure of performance  ■ How to decide what is most important to your organization

Audio Over Ethernet: Cobranet And IEEE / AVB Network Bridging Solutions

White Paper: Clear One

Audio over Ethernet offers substantial potential cost savings in cabling and other infrastructure. With the convergence of IT systems and professional audio technologies, high fidelity, low-latency, digital audio can be efficiently distributed over Ethernet using one of many available protocols. As these technologies have evolved and the domains of sound transmission and information technology have converged, the transition from analog cabling into complex digital network infrastructures has not been without its challenges. This whitepaper on “Audio over Ethernet: CobraNet® and IEEE / AVB network bridging solutions”: Describes some of these innovations, including the emergence of Audio over Ethernet, CobraNet1, IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB), and other industry standards. Provides insights on how pro audio and computer networking have come together to harness the power of IP networks for the distribution of digital audio over greater distances Discusses Networked Audio Application Examples  

What's New in Windows Server 2016

White Paper: Parallels

In the near future, Windows Server will start rolling out to company datacenters. Windows Server has introduced the separation between fabric administration and service or application administration. From the fabric administration point of view, Windows Server 2016 also addresses the challenge of hardware component compatibility issues, migration to and from the cloud. This whitepaper provides insights on how the infrastructure of Windows Server 2016 has been inspired by Azure and see what cloud technology has been implemented in Windows Server 2016 deployments. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Major areas of innovation for Windows Server 2016 Is RDS 2016 Enough to Manage virtual applications and desktops? Built-in security features and protection of Windows Server 2016 Improving RDS 2016 with Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS)

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager and Parallels Remote Application Server

White Paper: Parallels

The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager and Parallels Remote Application Server Deployment White Paper describes the different ways of load-balancing different Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) components. The guide also details the reference architecture of the Parallels RAS solution. Who Should Read This White Paper? This white paper is written for network operations professionals, server administrators, and DevOps professionals familiar with administering and managing application delivery controllers (ADCs), servers, and applications. What This White Paper Covers? Parallels Remote Application Server Architecture Deploying Virtual Traffic Manager for Parallels RAS Gateway Servers Microsoft IIS Architecture and Parallels RAS Web Portal Deploying Traffic Manager for IIS and Parallels RAS Web Portal Configuring Parallels Remote Application Server Access on Virtual Traffic Manager Step by step instructions on configuring Traffic Manager for Microsoft IIS suite

Trupath - A New Approach to Network Monitoring

White Paper: AppNeta

Data center servers and network hardware have been replaced by the Cloud and the open internet- and that’s called a great deal of change. Continuous and precise monitoring is vital for business critical applications and the networks that deliver them. This whitepaper discusses an entirely new way to assess, monitor, troubleshoot and report on network performance from the perspective of applications that run on the network. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Near real-time network performance metrics measurements Benefits monitoring the actual network path Understanding network paths from the application’s perspective Continuous Path Analysis (CPA) and Deep Path Analysis (DPA)

Unifying the Distributed Enterprise with MPLS Mesh

White Paper: AireSpring

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based network solutions are emerging as a viable alternative for distributed enterprises with the need of a converged MPLS network for all of their mission critical applications and services.  The advantages of MPLS are especially desirable for distributed enterprises. However, these organizations face unique challenges in implementing MPLS services. This white paper explores these challenges and how the AireSpring MPLS Mesh product addresses them. It provides the much needed perspective on managed MPLS services and helps to understand the architecture, business value and benefits of the service. Inside this White Paper: The Distributed Enterprise MPLS Challenge - Major Challenges encountered by distributed enterprise Multiple MPLS Providers - Ubiquitous access, with a cost Business Value of MPLS – Convert the network benefits of Managed MPLS into business value Enhanced features of Multi-Protocol Label Switching - Is Managed MPLS the future?

Cloud Computing Success Demands the Right Cloud Connectivity

White Paper: GTT Communications

Cloud connectivity has moved beyond the tipping point, with the majority of enterprises using some form of cloud computing in their business. The white paper on “Cloud computing success demands the right cloud connectivity” highlights why it is critically important for enterprises to use private cloud connectivity, rather than the public Internet, to access their IT applications and services residing in the cloud. In this white paper, GTT explains that a cloud solution is only as good as the network that supports it. Key takeaways from it: Fast provisioning and service turn-ups enhance enterprise agility and cloud connectivity Transparent access protects existing hardware and software investments Reliable, secure network technology means reliable, secure cloud connectivity The right network connectivity is essential to enterprise cloud computing success

The 3 cores of Location Intelligence

White Paper: GaliGeo

Location intelligence (LI) is a business intelligence (BI) tool capability that relates geographic contexts to business data. Location based intelligence offers organizations opportunities to streamline their business processes and customer relationships to improve performance and results. Read this whitepaper to see how companies across a range of industries including finance, real estate, economic development and operational logistics are using location intelligence software and solutions to gain a competitive edge. This White paper ''The Cores of Location Intelligence'' covers: Location Discovery: Data Warehouse “Tuning” Location Analytics: Visualization, Analytics and Forecasting Location Optimization: Area Optimization and Customer Allocation Read this whitepaper on location intelligence to explore the benefits that businesses can realize with a location intelligence system in place.

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