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Creating Positive Customer Experience in Banking

White Paper: Nous Infosystems

Across the globe, banks are witnessing a stagnation of customer experience levels due to rising customer expectations driven by the proliferation of technology firms. In the last few years, as the customer dynamics have changed radically, banking industry need to think ahead and anticipate the changing customer needs and consequently offer products and services suiting their needs. This whitepaper provides data effortlessly and insights for better banking customer experience. It highlights: Key Mobile Banking features offered by banks Unleashing the power of social media to enhance customer experience Need for Customer-Centric Banking Business Model Elements to improve the banking customer experience

Speeding Banks’ Innovation In Digital Services And Payments

White Paper: DigitalML

Digital Banking leaders succeed by coupling the right approach with an organizational and process transformation that brings effective API design management, avoiding the danger of just adding on another layer of API chaos.  Whether by pursuing new high growth opportunities in payments, or new business lines targeting the under-banked, the right integration and service-delivery approach is a powerful enabler of business success. To succeed in meeting the challenges, they must be able to quickly create and launch innovative new products and services while delivering breakthrough digital banking experiences.  Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Banks must deliver customer-optimized banking experiences to win the digital race Digital Banking and payments are being transformed Delivering digital banking experiences demands a new approach

Roadmap to Omni-Channel Customer Communication for Banks

White Paper: Ameyo

Omni-Channel Interaction Roadmap helps banks at each level of their progress and defines processes to bring that to action at a particular level in their journey towards delivering a better customer experience. With ever-increasing customer expectations, banks often achieve unparalleled customer experience Key takeaways from the whitepaper on “Roadmap to Omni-Channel Customer Communication for Banks”: Challenges around Omni-channel interaction management and a case for continuous improvement Omni-Channel Interaction Roadmap based on best practices to assess the current state Path to mature as a omni-channel experience provider

Challenge Accepted | BASEL III Compliance-Tools Make the Difference!

White Paper: Analytix Data Services

Basel III is an opportunity as well as a challenge for banks. It can provide a solid foundation for the next developments in the banking sector, and it can ensure that past excesses are avoided. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is the primary global standard-setter for the regulation of banks. Although the Basel Committee has recognized the banks are making efforts in mitigating these risks, they still feel more needs to be done. This whitepaper on “BASEL III Compliance” gives an insights into overcoming the difficulties faced in governance of risk data aggregation and to reap full benefits of reporting capabilities in Banking and Financial Institutions. What are the significant challenges faced by banks when they are implementing Basel III? How to best implement a solution that allows the banks to comply with Basel III? How to streamline systems and processes for improved operational effectiveness? What are the guiding principles for effective risk data aggregation and reporting? The complexity and requirements of Basel III and the commercial demands of the banking world will require a flexible Basel III management solution that delivers speed, accuracy, and performance to gain competitive advantage.

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies

White Paper: China Systems

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies: Their Future Use to Support International Trade and Supply Chain Finance A combination of Cloud and Blockchain will potentially transform the current paper-based trade finance approach for the processing and management of trade transactions into a more inclusive digital and efficient platform. Cloud computing and Blockchain Technology also have the potential to expand the intermediation of a bank’s involvement in open account transactions. Banks are taking a great interest in Blockchain Technology as a potential way of unblocking complex processes that involve different third party touch points. A technology provider that fails to develop its approach to Cloud computing and to the Blockchain developments mentioned in this paper may find that existing clients move away from them at time of renewal and that they are disqualified from RFIs as Cloud- and Blockchain- based solutions become critical selection criteria. This whitepaper on Cloud computing and Blockchain Technology Covers: Transactional banking-The way forward the trade Network Data-Flow –Cloud-based Blockchain Technology Trading. How new technology is forcing disruption in the transaction banking sector Why adoption of Cloud computing by a financial organization will represent a major change to its existing technology management, resource and policies.  

Vertical Solutions Integration In The Banking And Financial Services Industry

White Paper: HCL

Vertical Solutions will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions. In Financial service industry,the business applications landscape is changing rapidly, and firms must act fast to cater to evolving customer demand. Financial service institutions (FSIs) need business applications that can deliver new business capabilities more flexibly including analytics, business intelligence, CX, and digital business processes faster. Read this insightful whitepaper that brings you the trends, drivers, and challenges of the business applications environment in financial services enterprises. It addresses questions like: How Vertical solution integration will be a key component of the future transformational journey for financial services institutions? What are the top business imperative that drives company’s transformation initiative to improve customer experience? Would your firm consider transforming its current landscape of financial-services specific business applications? What financial services firms do to simplify the business application environment ? How to overcome the key challenges faced in financial service business applications?      

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

White Paper: Nexright

Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the key to provide great digital banking experience to the customers. API provides value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy to meet demands of customer experience driving banking innovations. How do the banks benefit from APIs? Identify attributes which can provide individualized customer experience through power of API economy. Create significant balance change. Attract new customers and generate large transactions. This whitepaper guides you on banking innovation through API economy and topics related to: Understanding the API value chain & identifying APIs. Designing & exposing prediction APIs for app builders. Building Machine learning and analytic capabilities at API layer. What are the business assets provided through the API? How to Design & Model APIs with appropriate context? What are the technologies and tools to engineer the API data? Download this whitepaper which helps you provide individualized customer experience through the power of API economy.

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