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"Leveraging API Economy through Digital Banking and Fintech solution"

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

White Paper: Nexright

Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the key to provide great digital banking experience to the customers. API provides value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy to meet demands of customer experience driving banking innovations.

How do the banks benefit from APIs?

  • Identify attributes which can provide individualized customer experience through power of API economy.

  • Create significant balance change.

  • Attract new customers and generate large transactions.

This whitepaper guides you on banking innovation through API economy and topics related to:

  • Understanding the API value chain & identifying APIs.

  • Designing & exposing prediction APIs for app builders.

  • Building Machine learning and analytic capabilities at API layer.

  • What are the business assets provided through the API?

  • How to Design & Model APIs with appropriate context?

  • What are the technologies and tools to engineer the API data?

Download this whitepaper which helps you provide individualized customer experience through the power of API economy.

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