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Transform your data and your business in six steps

White Paper: TRIFACTA

If you’re a data engineer, scientist, or analyst, you’re likely looking for ways to make data consumable so you can build curated, accessible data products for advanced data insights and analytics. This eBook outlines the six steps to transform your data—and your business—with Trifacta, the Data Engineering Cloud:   Connect to and discover all your data with universal data connectivity Transform and enrich your data with predictive transformation Profile your data with advanced data profiling Achieve and maintain data quality with adaptive data quality Automate and orchestrate data pipelines Deploy smart data pipelines with advanced data insights and analytics

Post-Negotiated Fees: The New Competitive Weapon

White Paper: Investment Metrics

The Data Revolution in Asset Management In a shifting landscape of regulatory changes and increased M&A, fees have become a top priority for institutional investors. Asset manager fee data is more important than ever, but this information is typically obscure, with data on ‘stated’ instead of ‘actual’ fees. Improved intelligence regarding fees can lead to a strong competitive advantage. Post-negotiated fee data not only allows investors to better understand the fees they are paying, but also how those fees compare against the industry. Until now, there has been no one data source for actual, post-negotiated fees. Fee information has become a “must have” in the asset management industry amidst the ongoing push for greater transparency and comparability, and as such, asset managers will need to invest in the right technology. Data management capabilities must be increased in order to maximize distribution opportunities and cope with this new regulatory and reporting landscape. The Need for More Comprehensive and Complete Data Asset owners still have a hard time determining what they are actually paying for asset management. Asset managers have the ability to negotiate very different fee arrangements with different asset owners, which makes it difficult to determine if your fee structure is appropriate. And it has long been difficult – if not impossible – for asset owners to gain access to this data or to have the ability to compare fee structures. Fee data has typically been cobbled together from incomplete, infrequently updated sources that lack external validation. Until now, there has been no actual, true single source of post-negotiated fee data across major asset classes, investment vehicles and plan types.

Eliminating Application SDS Performance and Capacity Management Contortionism

White Paper: FalconStor

With a good reason, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) has exploded into the storage market. SDS enables server-side storage (HDDs, SSDs, and storage systems) to be shared with multiple hosts and virtual machines. Application storage performance management is far too frequently a non-trivial operation. This whitepaper provides insights on ways to eliminate application SDS performance and capacity management contortionism. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Difficulty Figuring Out Actionable Insight and Information Prognostic Application Performance Management with Simplified Troubleshooting Capacity Consumption, Capacity Consumption Projection, and Capacity Planning Management Infuriating application storage performance and capacity consumption problems

Speech Analytics: Convert Voice of The Customer Into Business Success

White Paper: CallMiner

Speech analytics as a technology is used to analyze customer conversations taking place through phone and/or interactive voice response (IVR) during or after the call. Don’t just analyze data, use speech analytics to deliver actionable guidance to employees to support them in doing their jobs. Research shows that 37% of speech analytics users currently use voice biometrics in support of their activities. This whitepaper on “Speech Analytics: Convert Voice of the Customer into Business Success,” highlights: How to lay the right foundation for your Speech Analytics Program Massive returns that companies see by incorporating speech analytics Building blocks that help organizations maximize the benefits they see from this technology

Comparing Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

White Paper: Sisense

Selecting A Business Intelligence & Analytics ​Solution​, shouldn't be based on the product with the most features but on the tool that best supports the needs of your business users. A plethora of business intelligence (BI) tools are available on the market, that address the increasing analytics needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. However, determining which BI analytics tool or tools to buy isn't always easy This whitepaper shows the comparison of several types of BI and analytics solutions based different criteria. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: 5 most popular types of BI solutions compared How to instantly analyze and visualize both big and disparate datasets in BI landscape Unique business benefits of different BI solutions

SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES: Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing

White Paper: Conversion Logic

A comprehensive cross-channel view of marketing performance, analyzing how individual channels perform as well as how they affect each other, has the potential to significantly improve efficiency and impact of activity across the organization. This whitepaper on “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing,” analyzes the findings according to the survey conducted, and provides actionable insights, including: Trends in channel utilization, especially around programmatic Which KPIs executives really want, and how marketers measure them with the analytics tools How to overcome data accuracy obstacles Benefits from attribution, and how to assess your implementation readiness Challenges with cross-channel attribution, and how to overcome them

Trupath - A New Approach to Network Monitoring

White Paper: AppNeta

Data center servers and network hardware have been replaced by the Cloud and the open internet- and that’s called a great deal of change. Continuous and precise monitoring is vital for business critical applications and the networks that deliver them. This whitepaper discusses an entirely new way to assess, monitor, troubleshoot and report on network performance from the perspective of applications that run on the network. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Near real-time network performance metrics measurements Benefits monitoring the actual network path Understanding network paths from the application’s perspective Continuous Path Analysis (CPA) and Deep Path Analysis (DPA)

How to Execute a Data-Driven Approach to the Cloud: Essential Insights for Successful Cloud Migration and Management

White Paper: Cloudamize

Whether you're planning your cloud migration strategy or already in the cloud, making accurate cloud decisions requires a deep analytical approach.  Making the right cloud decisions on an ongoing basis to consistently achieve optimal performance at the lowest cost isn’t easy - or even possible - without having highly precise analytics to guide you, and making the wrong decisions can have disastrous consequences. This paper discusses how to identify which cloud provider will provide the best cost and performance benefits for your organization and helps to determine which applications to move to the cloud vs. keep on-premises. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Main stages of an ongoing, strategic cloud journey Primary objectives to achieve and top questions to ask at each stage of cloud process Which analytics you need at each stage in order to make the best decisions

Value of Clinical and Business Data Analytics for Healthcare Payers

White Paper: Nous Infosystems

With the increasing need for business data analytics, healthcare payers must plan and implement solutions that make secondary use/re-use of data which is already available in various applications. This whitepaper to get an overview of the different sources of data, that payer systems can consider, advancements in bigdata, the challenges encountered, opportunities presented and listing of some of the common dashboards that healthcare payer industry implements. It highlights: Business Data Analytics for Customer Insights Data Analytics for Predictive Analytics Advantages of Data Warehousing Data Analytics to help in System Management

The Rise of Data-Driven Decision Management Is Real

White Paper: Fusionex International

Decisions from Data: What is the shortest path ? Making data-driven decision in a complex big data environment presents many challenges for organizations . What is driving organizations to rethink new approaches to shorten the path to data-driven decisions making?? This whitepaper highlights the top priorities as well as challenges that hinders wider adoption of data-driven decision making. It addresses questions like: What challenges organizations are facing in making data -driven-decisions ? What are the key offerings that address the organizations' needs in this process of driving decisions from data? What are the considerations CXOs need to take into account when implementing infrastructure and tools to support the data-driven decision making path? What are the benefits of leading with data-driven decisions in solving business problems? This informative whitepaper comprehensively explains the key trends impacting big data and analytics including: Digitization of Everything: Managing and analyzing new sources of data effectively Security and compliance regulations in the process of driving decisions from data New expectations for information access in making decisions based on data

Importance of Metadata Cataloging in Research

White Paper: Data In Science Technologies

Leveraging the DataLogger for Metadata Cataloging establishes a singular view of the meaningful attributes for your data and identifies access rights to this data. Data in Science Technologies is proposing the concept of a central Data Catalog called DataLogger, analyzes identified data sets and extracts the metadata into a searchable catalog. Read this informative whitepaper to learn more about how Metadata cataloging helps management make informed compliance decisions around Metadata and data created. It addresses: What are the features provided by DataLogger when it augments with HPC and analytics systems? How does DataLogger help in solving the Data Management issues? How does Data Logging work? What are the research facilities provided by the DataLogger? How research data can be systematically identified with a Data Catalog System? This Whitepaper on '' Importance of Metadata Cataloging'' highlights: Implementation of Data Catalog System Metadata Management Strategy around Research DataLogger Security and Features Taking full control of your Data Management using DataLogger Identifying what data exists in the environment

Disaster Recovery for HPC BioInformatics Environment

White Paper: Data In Science Technologies

The crux of disaster recovery planning is a detailed recovery plan based on a disaster recovery strategy tailored to the HPC environment. When things go awry, it's important to have a robust, targeted, and well-tested  Disaster Recovery Plan.  This whitepaper discusses the development, maintenance and testing of the strategy for a Disaster Recovery Plan in a HPC environment, as well as addressing the following questions: What are the steps taken by the larger strategic Disaster Recovery Plan which can be invoked to provide a limited set of benefits in a disaster situation? What are the common challenges faced by HPC Environment for the Disaster Recovery? What is the main purpose of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan? Download this white paper which examines how Data in Science Technologies solves the problem of Disaster Recovery for a midsize HPC environment running an isolated system for research scientist and learn about: Top critical factors for the success of an IT Disaster Recovery Planning Process Requirements analysis in order to define the strategy for a Disaster Recovery Plan Strategic and tactical steps to provide a Disaster Recovery Solution (Disaster Recovery Strategy Examples) for the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) Cluster

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Enterprise Planning

White Paper: 9dots Management Corp, LLC

The proactive planning and analysis components of a comprehensive, enterprise planning system enables any organization to quickly deliver a sophisticated, linked planning model that accurately reflects business in all its inevitable complexity and detail.Is your organization able to employ the best practices for proactive planning, budgeting, forecasting and analytics? This whitepaper comprehensively describes the process changes that enterprise planning and analysis approach enable: Whole company involvement: Unify and automate planning process Data integration and integrity better planning and high-demand forecasting Shortened Cycle Time with Proactive Planning and Forecasting Rapid modeling for easy adoption of enterprise planning solution Download this insightful white paper to learn how to make the most effective decision for your organization. It addresses questions like: What are the key elements of a highly-effective planning and forecasting process for enterprises seeking higher levels of performance and business optimization? Why are companies moving to rolling forecasts in lieu of an annual budget cycle? How are leading organizations meeting today’s challenges through proactive planning and analysis? How to improve cost discipline and mitigate risk with a proactive planning solution?

The Total Economic Impact of Saama Fluid Analytics

White Paper: Saama Technologies

This Total Economic Impact (TEI) study was conducted to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Fluid Analytics which is commissioned by Saama technologies and delivered by Forrester Consulting. Fluid Analytics enables organizations to inherently accelerate their time-to-value on analytics and BI initiatives by building out their very particular modern analytics platform or system of insight as well as unlocking valuable customer data. This Whitepaper from Saama Technologies on ‘’The Total Economic Impact of Saama Fluid Analytics’’ highlights: •An Overview of Saama Fluid Analytics •What are the risks involved in the Fluid Analytics Implementation that can  affect financial costs • Four components of Total Economic Impact methodology to evaluate investment value •Determining the costs associated with the Fluid Analytics solution through  economic impact study Download this whitepaper that represents multistep approach taken by Forrester for the ''Total Economic Impact analysis'' which examines the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises can achieve by deploying Saama Fluid Analytics Engine.  

Digital Banking and Fintech solution leveraging API Economy

White Paper: Nexright

Application Programming Interface (API) economy is the key to provide great digital banking experience to the customers. API provides value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy to meet demands of customer experience driving banking innovations. How do the banks benefit from APIs? Identify attributes which can provide individualized customer experience through power of API economy. Create significant balance change. Attract new customers and generate large transactions. This whitepaper guides you on banking innovation through API economy and topics related to: Understanding the API value chain & identifying APIs. Designing & exposing prediction APIs for app builders. Building Machine learning and analytic capabilities at API layer. What are the business assets provided through the API? How to Design & Model APIs with appropriate context? What are the technologies and tools to engineer the API data? Download this whitepaper which helps you provide individualized customer experience through the power of API economy.

BCBS 239 Leveraging Infrastructure

White Paper: Copal Amba

Guide to BCBS 239 compliance : Risk data aggregation and risk reporting(RDARR) BCBS 239 is a regulation that focuses on a number of issues beyond just risk data and its aggregation. This whitepaper is recommended for decision makers at banks complying with BCBS 239, and looking to explore how outsourcing/engaging third parties can help rationalize costs and mitigate the risk of overspending, as well as use the regulatory delta as a competitive advantage. This whitepaper on Risk Data Mangement covers: What is the role of BCBS 239 and risk data aggregation and risk reportingin Risk data Management Why is risk data important ? Scope & Key BCBS 239 Implementation Challenges: Preparedness and potential risks that banks face in implementing 239 guidelines. Pilot Run: Results highlighting the SIB preparedness in implementing BCBS 239 by the given deadline Download this insightful whitepaper that brings you the ways to prepare for BCBS 239 compliance, challenges in effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (RDARR) capabilities.

Biomarkers and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Pre-analytical Considerations are Critical for Early Detection of AKI

White Paper: Pacific Biomarkers

Biomarkers for the prediction of acute kidney injury: A review on current status and future challenges Biomarker of acute kidney injury (AKI) is strongly associated with increased morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients. The approach to analyzing AKI biomarkers has been to provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with services for testing robust novel biomarkers that have undergone thorough analytical validation and clinical qualification with the expectation to diagnose early organ injury. Read this insightful whitepaper on ''Biomarkers for early detection of acute kidney injury'' to know more on: How to target biomarkers that can detect acute kidney injury (AKI) and what the potential of an AKI biomarker program is. What are the issues surrounding the best methods of collecting and storing urine used for detection of AKI in human subjects? Acute kidney injury biomarkers performance assesment 

Incretins & Gastrointestinal Hormones: Pathophysiology and Pre-analytical Considerations

White Paper: Pacific Biomarkers

Testing for incretins, and other gut hormones, presents numerous challenges because of their instability. Therefore, proper sample collection and meticulous pre-analytical and analytical sample handling are crucial for successful quantification of these biomarkers. Incretins, which are insulinotropic gastrointestinal hormones, are produced mainly in K and L cells of the small intestine under the influence of nutritional stimuli. This insightful whitepaper sees into queries like: What are the significant challenges in the measurement of incretins and gut hormones? What is the best practice for minimizing pre-analytical variability associated with blood collection, processing and storage? What are the additional pre-analytical steps that should be considered when samples are obtained for quantification of active acylated ghrelin? Download this whitepaper that provides insights about the challenges, best practices and major concerns regarding commercial assays for reliable quantification of incretins and gut hormones and specific pre-analytical and analytical processes as well as data analysis to improve sensitivity.

The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance

White Paper: XMPro

Using predictive analytics to drive maintenance is what we’ve labelled “IoT-based predictive maintenance”. However, if you start by systematically implementing the steps outlined in this roadmap and strategically investing in your IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program, your organization will rise above the rest and see the benefits of the Internet of Things reflected in your bottomline. Download this free whitepaper titled ''The 5 Step Roadmap To IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance'' to learn how to: Identify which assets are a good fit for an IoT-based Predictive Maintenance program Improve the quality of your data Design & deploy a predictive model with Azure ML Manage the work that results from predictions Leverage machine learning to act smarter This insightful whitepaper will teach you how to leverage sensor data, predictive analytics & machine learning for more intelligent maintenance.  

Real Data for Real Change:End-to-End XBRL Software for Data Collection and Analysis

White Paper: SQL Power

The fully-integrated, end-to-end XBRL software for data collection and analytics provides the optimal medium for collecting, managing, mining and reporting against standardized electronic content worldwide. XBRL Power Suite is an eSignature-ready Supervision Management Framework that's completely multilingual. The solution integrates easily into existing regulatory infrastructures to unify de-centralized operations, and streamline important regulatory oversight functions. This insightful whitepaper identifies: What is XBRL mainly used for? How can this dynamic platform help Governments around the world make better decisions? What are the advantages of a complete end-to-end XBRL based regulatory platform? How can XBRL platform provide Governments with pre-validated, consistent and accurate machine readable data? Download this whitepaper that brings you the best and most comprehensive platform for data collection and analytics worldwide.

Video Analytics Platform for Big Data

White Paper: AvidBeam Technologies

Why You Should Use intelligent Video Analytics platform?? An intelligent video analytics platform can help you to handle massive amounts of video or image input data and produce results in real time. The complex process of converting unstructured video data to a structured visual realization in a parallel context can be done with Big Data Video Analytics easily. So would you like to employ an intelligent big data video analytic tool and cloud based platforms to scale up the computer vision algorithms? If Yes! Read this whitepaper that gives you a brief insight of video analytics platform for big data for better business intelligence. Why intelligent video analytics platform will be the next big thing in big data? Why intelligent video analytics platform is the most untapped source of data? What are benefits of implementing intelligent video analytics platform? How to select the best platform for performing Video Analytics? How to handle Video Processing with Big Data Tools?

10 Reasons Why You Need a True Self-Service BI Tool

White Paper: Datapine GmbH

Self-service BI(business intelligence) is growing with major shift from IT driven process to self service approach in Business intelligence. Instant insights with self-service reports are demanded by decision makers, as they need right data at the right time to make the right decision. Why are organizations adopting to self-service business intelligence (BI) tools ? What advantages do self-service BI offer over traditional BI? What's the difference between "self-service" and "traditional" business intelligence? How can self-service BI improve your business? What are potential advantages and challenges of self-service business intelligence tools?  So if you want to eliminate the traditional time-consuming reporting process, self-service business intelligence tools can help you analyze what is happening in real-time. Check out this whitepaper outlining ten reasons why you need a true self-service BI solution, and what that solution should offer.

Must-Do Tactics For Hyperlocal Channel Partner Marketing Success

White Paper: SproutLoud Media Networks

Over the last few years, ''Hyperlocal'' has become a buzzword in the marketing world,as big brands are looking forward to establish themselves on a local level and build more trust and connection with the consumers. Through targeted communication efforts on a specific local geographic area, it can help business to reach to a specific audience that gives them the ability to be a “big fish’’ in a small pond. This whitepaper will show you the right steps you can take to build the most effective hyperlocal marketing strategy, so your channel partner gets the most out of their participation with you. This Whitepaper Talks about: -Establishing your brand's Hyper-local Presence -Helping Your Local Partners to get hyperlocal success -Building Carefully Crafted Digital Campaigns for audience engagement Learn what are the must do tactics to build your brand successful at the hyperlocal level. Download this whitepaper now.

What the Heck is an Analytics Strategy?

White Paper: Kavi Global

Analytics strategy has to be very closely aligned with the business strategy as business transformation is not an isolated activity. An analytics strategy can identify the gaps in terms of organization and people, processes, technology and data are and proactively address them to be successful. So, what really is an analytics strategy? The key to success is a clearly defined vision and an analytics strategy. Whether you are planning an enterprise wide analytics program to transform the business or an analytics initiative that would benefit a single department, a well-planned Analytics Strategy can make all the difference by proactively addressing the reasons for the failures. Are you struggling to bring analytics to the business strategy?? Then read this whitepaper that explores enterprise data analytics strategy, best practices, risks associated and how to mitigate them. It highlights: How to successfully execute an enterprise analytics strategy? Where in the business processes can analytics strategy be applied? What are the quantifiable benefits of doing so?  What are the best known strategies to prepare data for analytics? What are the keys to develop a successful analytics strategy?

Rationalize Maintenance Inventories with Analytics: Smarter Onshore and Offshore Warehouse Management for Upstream Oil & Gas Operations

White Paper: Oniqua Intelligent MRO

Warehouse Inventory management and rationalization helps upstream oil and gas companies keep assets running more productively and safely. Rationalizing maintenance inventory with analytics optimizes warehouse management by optimizing space, resource time, and eliminates the compulsion to overstock. Warehouse Inventory management and rationalization helps upstream oil and gas companies keep assets running more productively and safely. How to effectively rationalize spare parts inventories at the business unit level, across onshore and offshore warehouse facilities for the needs of upstream oil and gas companies? Read this whitepaper on Warehouse Inventory Management to learn how the analytics assisted process helps upstream oil and gas companies to: • Boost offshore warehouse efficiency and safety • Maximize offshore storage space • Achieve high service levels while avoiding inventory build up This whitepaper sees how well-managed spares inventories help oil and gas companies to meet its objectives.    

G3G Cloud Deployment

White Paper: g3g

The G3G HANA Cloud deployment provides the flexibility to trial new technology and leverages the “always on” cloud to showcase innovations to your business. SAP HANA is the new “norm” for SAP and as part of your roadmap planning we can aid your decision making process and adoption through a migration proof of concept in the G3G HANA Cloud. Read this whitepaper on “G3G Cloud Deployment” to know more about:  Planning your migration journey to SAP HANA Moving parts or all of your SAP HANA solution into the G3G Cloud  Supplementing your on premise solution with G3G HANA Cloud services  SAP Basis Managed Services to supplement your existing team or provide holiday cover Read this whitepaper that brings you different cloud deployment strategies and the benefits of the cloud deployment models and services. 

G3G Global SAP Support Services

White Paper: g3g

SAP Support services are offered for continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes.  You need a partner who will ensure that your SAP environment becomes a real business enabler, not a business constraint. Download this descriptive whitepaper on “Global SAP Support Services” and learn how to get the best from your SAP program. It focuses on: What does your company require from SAP support services? How can you build the support package tailored to your needs by combining sap support services and commercial terms? How can the sap support services help develop your existing SAP environment? Get the consistent and seamless support you need for all your SAP solutions!

Visual Metrics-The Executive Insight into the Competitive Landscape

White Paper: TECSYS Inc.

What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is a specific process in which an organization compares its cost and performance data against data from a similar entity, to better understand both its position in the market and the current state of the business’ health. In this informative whitepaper we will explore why benchmarking processes are more important now than ever, and discuss some of the challenges that decision makers may face when attempting to utilize benchmark data. It addresses: What are the three key elements that are covered by benchmarking process? What are the significant benefits of benchmarking? How to find a trusted source of relevant benchmark data? What are the key steps involved to deliver insightful, actionable intelligence to a distribution organization in answering to the benchmarking challenges? Download this whitepaper that examines benchmarking and how businesses can use embedded benchmark data from top performers to benefit their warehouse and supply chain.

How to Make the Most of Your Data-Science Dollar

White Paper: Mosaic Data Science

Data scientists are a scarce commodity, and are likely to remain so for years to come. At the same time, data science can create a substantial competitive advantage for early adopters who make the best use of their scarce data-science resources. data scientists often struggle to recognize that every data-science project is an optimization problem.iii In business the objective function is usually expected value, but sometimes expected value is and should be traded away to avoid the possibility of catastrophic losses. Data science has a long, highly technical learning curve. An inexperienced team with limited background has two ways to shorten its learning curve. The first is training. For example, Coursera offers a series of online classes designed to train data scientists in specific computational techniques and tools.  This paper explains how management can make the most of data-science resources and opportunities, to achieve data-driven competitive advantage.    

The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are Easy to Do Business With

White Paper: Avtex

Not many companies make it easy for people to do business with them.Is your organization easy to do business with? If the answer is no, then this white paper may be helpful to examine the key aspects of your customer interactions. By doing so, you will gain invaluable insight into your strengths, and the areas you need to work on. This white paper on “The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are Easy to Do Business With,” will review the top 10 areas and give insight into these important aspects of your business. Great CX starts from within your company, so it is important to examine some of the key aspects like: Baseline Rating: Rate your business to know if you are easy to work with Social Media Strategies: To ensure that the customer engagement and response are very effective Being easy to do business with:Building a better business with great customer experience  Your Website: Must be easy to navigate, current, comprehensive and appealing Together we will make marked improvements in overall satisfaction and help you become an organization that is easier to do business with.

BIG DATA 2.0 - Cataclysm or Catalyst?

White Paper: Actian

Four undeniable trends shape the way we think about data – big or small. While managing big data is ripe with challenges, it continues to represent more than $15 trillion in untapped value. New analytics and next-generation platforms hold the key to unlocking that value. Understanding these four trends brings light to the current shift taking place from Big Data 1.0 to 2.0, a cataclysmal shift for those who fail to see the shift and take action, a catalyst for those who embrace the new opportunity. Key take aways from this white paper: 5 Advancements of Big Data 1.0 5 Challenges of Big Data 1.0 Big Data 2.0 – Transformational Value Big Data 2.0 Means Big Value Times Ten  

Building Successful Big Data Solutions

White Paper: XPatterns

Building successful Big Data solutions is all about taking advantage of volume, velocity, variety and visualization through analytics and making it accessible to all.  Building successful Big Data solutions is all about taking advantage of volume, velocity, variety and visualization through analytics and making it accessible to all. This Big Data whitepaper addresses queries like: Does your Big Data solution secure data out of the box? What are the big data opportunities and challenges from data analytics perspectives? What are the essential steps and mindsets you must consider when implementing big data solution for your business? How xPatterns helps in mitigating the challenges faced by the big data and advancing the insight? Explore this whitepaper on Big Data to learn more about: Building blocks of a successful big data deployment Advanced big data analytical tools and techniques Business opportunities to leverage Big Data through advanced analytics Lower the barrier of entry for any enterprises or application to take advantage of Big Data opportunities

The Total Economic Impact of Economic Sight's Behavioral Analytics

White Paper: Forrester Consulting

In a comprehensive six month study conducted in 2012, Mattersight Corporation ("Mattersight") commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its Behavioral Analytics platform. The Behavioral Analytics platform captures customer and employee interactions, and then automatically analyzes those interactions using proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models. The output of this analysis is new data attributes on every interaction measuring customer expectations and behaviors, as well as employee performance. This data is then leveraged by three primary products which comprise Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics platform to drive significant business value - Predictive Behavioral Routing, Predictive Customer Analytics and Employee Performance Management.

Hadapt: Technical Overview

White Paper: Hadapt

Today, business leaders see big data as a valuable competitive advantage. High-volume, disparate data - particularly internet- and social media based data - is increasingly important for enterprises as they seek to glean insights about their globally dispersed workforces and customers. Yet one principal challenge remains: how to derive timely and meaningful value from the growing masses of structured and unstructured data, when traditional platforms lack flexibility and demand significant capital expenditure. Hadapt is ushering data analytics into the future with its Adaptive Analytical Platform, an extensible, interactive SQL interface to Apache Hadoop. While most businesses are heavily invested in effective, well-established data warehouses, operational data stores, data marts, and business intelligence tools to mine and analyze structured data, many still do not have a clear approach for analyzing unstructured and semi-structured data such as audio, clickstreams, graphics, log files, raw text, social media messages, and video. Organizations understand that legacy relational database approaches are neither cost-effective nor efficient for unlocking the wealth of information in unstructured data. Yet companies continue to devote the majority of their resources to managing the smallest portion of their data (structured), while moving the majority of their data (unstructured) into special-purpose databases or content management systems with little or no analytic capabilities.

Standards in Predictive Analytics

White Paper: Decision Management Solution

Standards play a central role in creating an ecosystem that supports current and future needs for broad, real-time use of predictive analytics in an era of Big Data. Just a few years ago it was common to develop a predictive analytic model using a single proprietary tool against a sample of structured data. This would then be applied in batch, storing scores for future use in a database or data warehouse. Recently this model has been disrupted. There is a move to real-time scoring, calculating the value of predictive analytic models when they are needed rather than looking for them in a database. At the same time the variety of model execution platforms has expanded with in-database execution, columnar and in-memory databases as well as MapReduce-based execution becoming increasingly common.

Google Analytics Connector For Informatica Powercenter

White Paper: Saama

The Power Exchange Informatica Connector for Google Analytics is designed to integrate Google Analytics sources within Informatica PowerCenter installations. With the capabilities provided by the connector, user can extract data from Google Analytics through Informatica PowerCenter platform. It also enables the processing of data stored in Google Analytics using different Informatica transformations. Google Analytics Informatica Connector resides under the Informatica as a Source definition in the Client. The source definition contains the fields (dimensions or metrics) for which the data is to be fetched from Google Analytics Server (Data store). The server component is responsible for actual data transfer from Google Analytics server. The data is fetched from the Google Analytics server for the dimensions and metrics user has opted for. The data is then converted to Informatica understandable format and flushed to the next stage in the Informatica pipeline.

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