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"G3G Cloud Deployment :Solution with G3G HANA Cloud services"

G3G Cloud Deployment

G3G Cloud Deployment

White Paper: G3G

The G3G HANA Cloud deployment provides the flexibility to trial new technology and leverages the “always on” cloud to showcase innovations to your business.

SAP HANA is the new “norm” for SAP and as part of your roadmap planning we can aid your decision making process and adoption through a migration proof of concept in the G3G HANA Cloud.

Read this whitepaper on “G3G Cloud Deployment” to know more about: 

  • Planning your migration journey to SAP HANA

  • Moving parts or all of your SAP HANA solution into the G3G Cloud 

  • Supplementing your on premise solution with G3G HANA Cloud services 

  • SAP Basis Managed Services to supplement your existing team or provide holiday cover

Read this whitepaper that brings you different cloud deployment strategies and the benefits of the cloud deployment models and services. 

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