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SAP Invoice Automation –The Ingredients for Success

White Paper: Cogent Consulting

Cogent Consulting have been implementing invoice automation solutions, exclusively for SAP customers, since they were founded in 2005. In that time, our business and offerings have evolved along with the technology, experience and intellectual capital resulting from the delivery of 150+ projects for SAP customers globally. We continue the journey with existing and new customers by listening to and incorporating their great ideas in the solutions that we offer, so this document is here to give you a detailed understanding of the key ingredients that go into a successful invoice automation partnership. When we say it’s a journey and a partnership; we mean it because the automation we achieve on Go Live is only the beginning. The invoice automation solution is an enabler but does not deliver high automation rates without being implemented in the right way for the customer and no matter how good the implementation is; you can always improve automation long after Go Live using the insights from analytics. We are not the kind of company that repeat mantras or put profound quotes on our website, but here are two that should resonate with anyone involved with process improvement: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”                                    Henry Ford   “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”                                   Winston Churchill

The new SAP Business Suite on HANA

White Paper: Photon

SAP has put real-time business within reach with SAP Business Suite furled by SAP HANA. This Cutting-edge platform unifies the exceptionally fast analytics of SAP HANA with transactions, enabling enterprises to accumulate and process information while simultaneously applying it to continuous business processes, all in real time. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is designed to deliver improved business value across end-to-end business processes. It will substantially change the way companies do business and interact with each other. A board variety of business practices such as marketing analysis, financial close, material resource planning, as well as consumer and social sentiment analysis and the most used operational reporting and analytics have been specifically optimised to deliver increased information that is of high value to businesses. With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, businesses can:- Enable truer market differentiation by creating better data-driven business models Make smarter decisions and minimize risks by enabling predictive analysis and simulation on Big Data Transform business processes with embedded Intelligence in transactions to amplify top-line growth Drive entire business enterprises better in real time

Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

DevOps improves efficiencies by bringing SAP Dev and SAP Ops teams together in the larger business context to coordinate their work throughout the service lifecycle. On large SAP systems, tight integration between components is crucial. The challenge is to leverage, not lose, existing third-party software investments and avoid disrupting user-accepted business processes and procedures. Change Control is emerging as an ideal integration facilitator for automating DevOps in SAP. This whitepaper “Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator”: Focuses on integrating all the links in your DevOps, Agile development, and change control chains Sees how ready-to-use integrations will help leverage such key applications as service desks, code inspection, ALM analysis, testing and quality assurance tools along with the likelihood of DevOps success Focuses on implementation of the DevOps approach, SAP Change Control Software and DevOps Strategies

Unlocking the Value of SAP Change Intelligence: What Developers and Security Managers Ask About Implementing Salt in Their SAP Systems

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

Salt reduces risk in SAP systems by providing current, accurate SAP change intelligence on systems and code. Salt provides specific data to the appropriate stakeholders, who can then act quickly to make improvements or to avoid disaster. This whitepaper describes the eight Salt applications that comprise the suite, stating technical and business benefits of the intelligence they deliver and describing Salt’s safe, secure and problem-free implementation process. Salt provides real-time change intelligence in three focus areas: Developers are code-centric, and Salt’s Developer Utilities helps to work faster and more productively. Salt’s Landscape Management applications helps you to understand the state of play in each system, for example, un-promoted code left in QAS leads to incorrect test results. Salt’s Object Repositories guards against potentially expensive disasters with auto-save and archiving and keep custom ABAP code and data dictionary objects safe and secure. Salt is an excellent complement to your SAP change control processes already in place. And if you have not yet automated your processes, Salt provides a great starting point to understanding your actual SAP change control needs. 

An Insider's Guide to Easy SAP Audits

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

SAP Audit Management helps to detect and correct risks to proper governance. The key to exception-free SAP audits is to maintain complete records and eliminate possible threats to record integrity. When auditors see you’ve done that, SAP audits become just another part of the normal IT process. This whitepaper on “An Insider’s Guide to Easy SAP Audits,” is a SAP security audit report on security and audit of SAP ERP covers. It reveals crucial aspects of governance that any audit team will want to examine.  It highlights: What is the best way to approach the challenge when SAP audits become problems to smooth operation or well controlled resource management? How to reduce SAP audit support costs and cut the time that SAP audit teams need to complete the SAP audit? What are the biggest new SAP audit concerns and the most significant new challenges commonly involve IT security and particularly three aspects? How process automation and an internal culture of agreement with the goals of governance will eliminate SAP audit support problems before they occur?

SAP Change Control ROI: How to Project Economic Benefits Your CIO, CEO and CFO Can Believe

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

SAP change control automation technology decisions, although often below the CIO's radar, are among the one's a CIO ought to at the very least, understand.  Automation, enforceability, ease of configuration and use, and cost/time to implement can make or break an SAP change control automation project. SAP change control automation software can ease the burden of managing releases in an SAP change control environment – in particular through its process configuration flexibility, process enforcement and governance management aided by its high change control visibility This whitepaper on “SAP Change Control ROI: How to Project Economic Benefits Your CIO, CEO and CFO Can Believe,” explores the tangible gains (ROI) of SAP change control automation software. It highlights: Benefits of SAP change control automation and enforcement Areas where you can measure control automation ROI Common SAP change control automation challenges experienced by SAP automation teams Different types of SAP change control automation solutions

SAP Change and Release Management: A Multi-track Approach to Continuous Delivery

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

Proper SAP change automation and release management can sustain the degree of governance and enforcement that multi-lane change delivery requires while accommodating existing processes. When SAP change release strategies fail to meet business-side expectations, organizations can lose confidence in the “large project” approach. This whitepaper on “SAP Change and Release Management: A Multi-track Approach to Continuous Delivery” highlights the considerations required when facilitating a move towards a more agile, flexible ‘continuous delivery’ strategy by using a multi-lane approach to managing SAP changes. Keys to a successful multi-lane SAP change control transitions Managing a multi-track SAP change release strategy The Value of Automated Multi-track Approaches Barriers to Multi-lane Delivery Read this whitepaper If your company has not automated its SAP change control approach, or if you’ve already had difficulty transitioning to a continuous delivery approach. It will guide you to gain the advanced SAP change control using SAP automation tool.

SAP Cyber Security in Figures: Global Threat Report 2016

White Paper: ERPScan

How aware people are about SAP cyber security, regardless of how widely SAP in this region are implemented? This whitepaper shows a high level overview of SAP security in figures so that the problem area is not just theoretically comprehensible but based on actual numbers and metrics – from the information about the number of found issues and their popularity to the number of vulnerable systems, all acquired as a result of a global scan. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “SAP Cyber Security in Figures”:  How the awareness affects the state of critical business application and SAP cyber security on the global scale SAP implementations security in different regions Common cyber threats to an organization which does not have secure SAP systems Vulnerabilities in SAP sorted by their popularity, criticality, and type of affected systems and module

Generate Instant Value With SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS)

White Paper: Novigo

Generate Value from your SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS) through product demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, feasibility studies and end-to-end implementations. SAP Transportation Management Systems offers a variety of processes and functions that customers can implement over time to extract value. This descriptive whitepaper defines transportation value criteria and ties them to standard SAP TMs processes. It highlights: What are the deployment and transformation aspects of a SAP Transport Management System initiative? How to extract value from a new Transport Management System in SAP ? What are the criteria to select a Transportation Management System in SAP ?How to select the right SAP Transportation Management System that fits your organization's needs? How to start or accompany your own SAP Transport Management System initiative? How does SAP TMS fit into your respective IT strategy and landscape? Is SAP Process Integration (PI) Necessary for SAP Transportation Management implementation? Download this ''SAP Transport Management System PDF'' that focuses on how to drive the most value from a SAP Transport Management initiative.

SAP Authorization Logic - Where Did it All Go Wrong?

White Paper: CSI Tools

Although SAP Authorization concept has been widely followed in many software development environments, some of the enterprises are still facing issues to understand it. They often think that the purpose of SAP authorization objects is to restrict certain organizational levels and they can protect SAP systems by removing and assigning transaction codes to users.The reality is however completely different. Read this informative whitepaper on “SAP Authorization Logic - Where Did it All Go Wrong?” and learn about: How can you successfully implement the SAP authorization strategy? What are the actions which are subjected to SAP authorization checks that are performed before the start of a program or table maintenance? How can ABAP authorization concept protect the SAP systems from unauthorized access? What problems arise due to explicit authorization model that SAP designed for ABAP? What are the risks involved in the SAP security and how to mitigate them? Download this whitepaper that provides insights in SAP authorization logic, the logic and illogic of transaction codes and SAP authorization objects, the access path and an evolving approach for your GRC solutions.

G3G Cloud Deployment

White Paper: g3g

The G3G HANA Cloud deployment provides the flexibility to trial new technology and leverages the “always on” cloud to showcase innovations to your business. SAP HANA is the new “norm” for SAP and as part of your roadmap planning we can aid your decision making process and adoption through a migration proof of concept in the G3G HANA Cloud. Read this whitepaper on “G3G Cloud Deployment” to know more about:  Planning your migration journey to SAP HANA Moving parts or all of your SAP HANA solution into the G3G Cloud  Supplementing your on premise solution with G3G HANA Cloud services  SAP Basis Managed Services to supplement your existing team or provide holiday cover Read this whitepaper that brings you different cloud deployment strategies and the benefits of the cloud deployment models and services. 

Place Enterprise Data at Your Customer's Fingertips with a Self-Service Mobile App

White Paper: ExpertIG

Facilitate real-time access to Enterprise Data: Providing  customers real time access with a self-service tool allows them to easily access their detailed order data on demand through a mobile device of their choice. Nearly every company is now reacting with a growing demand to create an enterprise mobility strategy that equips both employees and customers with easy access to key back-end information on enterprise data. When done right, providing customers real time access to enterprise data with a selfservice mobile app can greatly enhance the customer experience and customer loyalty This white paper on ''Enterprise Data '' will guide you to : Give Customers Real-Time Visibility into Their Order Information Deliver extensive, meaningful Enterprise data and superior customer service to clients through a secure mobile platform  Provide customers with access to their own real-time Enterpriese data in a user friendly and highly intuitive format  

Survey: Small Business Security

White Paper: CSID

A look at small business security perceptions and habits at each phase of business growth: Small business security continues to be a huge focus for us here at CSID. To better understand how small businesses are approaching the threat of cyber crime, CSID surveyed 150 small business owners across the United States on their concerns about cyber security and their approach to risk mitigation and response. This Executive whitepaper on corresponding small business network security survey results will explore the security risks businesses face during the different stages of its growth, how small business owners are currently addressing these risks, and what businesses can do to mitigate these risks. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How small businesses perceive social media as it relates to business security & reputation? Which threats in small business security are of most concern to it? What small businesses know about business credit scores? What steps are taken by the small businesses to protect themselves against cyber threats? Explore this whitepaper that outlines CSID’s small business security survey results, provides a more detailed look into how small business owners feel about business security and details what actions they are taking to protect against these threats as a business grows.

Improving Your Company's Efficiency and Effectiveness, No Matter its Size

White Paper: SAP BusinessObjects

Your company’s focus has been on streamlining operations, acquiring customers, increasing revenues and profitability, and outpacing the competition. And while your company has continued to improve its operating efficiencies (sometimes by quickly learning from past mistakes), you feel your company should be spending more time analyzing what’s going on and predicting and planning for the future – rather than having your employees constantly running around trying to solve operational problems based on history and putting out fires.

2 Surprising Truths About Viral Content (And 2 Things It Means For Your Business!)

White Paper: DATUM

Viral content is contagious and the persuasion of viral marketing has an enormously strong pull.The goal of viral marketing is to create vcontent that goes viral and it spreads quickly via social media and is viewed, read and shared hundreds or thousands of times. But does creating viral content can benefit your products and services? Will the audience enjoy a little bit of purposeful viral marketing? Focusing on creating highly valuable and useful content that caters to audience’s needs should be main goal. When it comes to viral content and marketing, the ability to gauge your audience is extremely important. This white-paper focus on highlighting some truths about the anatomy of viral content including the topics such as: Setting the realistic goals and reasons for creating a viral content What’s the difference between viral marketing and viral content? Why Viral Marketing can be dishonest? Does viral content provide more value to the customers?

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