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Automating DevOps in SAP

"Automating DevOps in SAP"

Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator

White Paper: Revelation Software Concepts

DevOps improves efficiencies by bringing SAP Dev and SAP Ops teams together in the larger business context to coordinate their work throughout the service lifecycle.

On large SAP systems, tight integration between components is crucial. The challenge is to leverage, not lose, existing third-party software investments and avoid disrupting user-accepted business processes and procedures. Change Control is emerging as an ideal integration facilitator for automating DevOps in SAP.

This whitepaper “Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator”:

  • Focuses on integrating all the links in your DevOps, Agile development, and change control chains

  • Sees how ready-to-use integrations will help leverage such key applications as service desks, code inspection, ALM analysis, testing and quality assurance tools along with the likelihood of DevOps success

  • Focuses on implementation of the DevOps approach, SAP Change Control Software and DevOps Strategies

Automating DevOps in SAP: Change Control Software as Integration Facilitator
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