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PERCEPTIONS VS. REALITIES: 5 common myths about today’s automated workflow applications

White Paper: XTRAC Solutions

Today, workflow automation solutions tailored to financial services are available that allow organizations to easily adopt best practices and improve productivity while continuing to hold on to their unique culture and identity. This whitepaper exposes the five common misperceptions about automated workflow applications and accentuates the reasons why financial services executives should take action sooner rather than later. It addresses key questions like: How can automated workflow applications help your firm? What are the ways to ensure a successful and smooth automated workflow implementation? What are the several ongoing direct and indirect costs of continuing to operate in a manual or semi-manual operating environment? How can financial services firms realize their return on investment (ROI) relatively quickly?

7 Crucial Lessons Learned In Content Management System Implementations

White Paper: Bridgeline Digital

A detailed Content Management System implementation plan is designed to guide you through each phase of the CMS implementation and identify key processes throughout the lifecycle of the project. Effective implementation is essential to getting the most out of your content management software and learning how to use it efficiently. This Whitepaper examines seven key lessons learned by organizations that have selected a CMS solution, and are now in the process of CMS Content Management System implementation. Inside this technical whitepaper on ''content management system Implementation'':- Create a collaborative, motivated, multi-disciplinary team for content management system implementation Develop a cms implementation plan up front and follow it Use a distributed approach for large-scale deployments: Approach to content management software implementation Use digital agencies; creating content less difficult and how to make that content consistent Read this whitepaper to uncover the seven crucial lessons learned from Content Management System implementation that will help you plan a strong content management strategy.

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