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Improving Firewall Changes :Overcome Process And Complexity Challenges By Focusing On The Firewall

White Paper: FireMon

How to overcome the challenges of firewall changes? Firewall changes are a constant, but as business grows—changes must be made to the firewall to accommodate the new requirements. These changes present a number of challenges to firewall administrators and can present serious risk to the business. Changes in general, whether to a firewall, router, application or any other part of the IT infrastructure, are the single greatest cause of outages. If change is not effectively managed, it presents a serious risk to business continuity. Don’t you want to secure your business processes? Read this whitepaper which explains in detail the processes to manage this complexity, technology needed to automatically track firewall configuration changes, and describes the process of change management. Download this whitepaper that assists organizations to improve the firewall changes by addressing the few general questions. How to solve the firewall change management challenge? How to improve the firewall challenges? How to track the firewall configuration changes? How to address the unique challenges of firewall changes facing enterprises today?

Transforming Sales:CRM's Critical Contribution

White Paper: Highland Technology Services

Sales Transformation enables company executives to improve sales performance by aligning the resources that relates to sales, management, marketing and customer service, or improving sales talent and sales operations. This informative white paper on Transforming Sales: CRM's Critical Contribution discusses the guiding principles for sales transformations and the impact of CRM on the sales organization. What are the key decision factors for choosing the right partner for your sales transformation initiative? What are the important elements of a sales transformation that the sales teams must get right? What are the components that ensure the sales transformation initiative is relevant?  Thinking ahead, what is your company’s change management strategy to achieve the required sales transformation? Download this informative whitepaper to read more .

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