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Translation technology guide for easy communication

White Paper: Language Department

Technology is evolving at the rapid rate. As it continues to revolutionize the world, will the technology be the future of the translation industry? The short answer is yes, but it will aid the translator, not replace. Machine versus man is an obsolete thought when it comes to the translation industry because they are not in competition, instead they have to work together and complement each other. No matter how many algorithms or complexities you can throw into software or a system, you lose a translator’s compassion, empathy, understanding and indeed their specialty. Technology will always help translators to translate better rather than replace them. This white paper explores the current and future states of the translation industry in terms of services for organizations, pros and cons for both machine translation and human translation approach and the challenges translation professionals face in delivering high-quality translations and the expectation of how technology can help them. Download the guide now to discover: What does the future of the translation industry look like? Costly translation mistakes with real consequences The pros and cons of machine translation How to choose the best translation services for your business?​  

Trust Tags: Leveraging Shared Global Trust Intelligence to Enable Frictionless Authentication

White Paper: Metrix Systems

Authentication for fraud prevention and logon protection is crucial in creating the trust needed to authorize transactions as well as secure accounts. When implementing authentication for fraud prevention and logon protection, organizations are facing the challenge of balancing authentication strength with end-user convenience. Trust Tags can easily equip organizations with advanced authentication capabilities for fraud prevention and logon protection. Read this whitepaper to understand how to: Reduce fraud and management costs with trust tags authentication technology Increase revenue and productivity in the authentication process Strengthen authentication without adding friction for end users Download this whitepaper, “Trust Tags - Leveraging Shared Global Intelligence to Enable Frictionless Authentication”, to learn how your online business can improve authentication security for customers and employees, quickly and without adding user friction.

Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research

White Paper: Vubiquity

Research: Video Content Consumption Trends Research Study Vubiquity took an in-depth look into the video content consumption trends in today’s world. Consumers have a seemingly endless array of choices – from the kind of video consumption, to the screens on which to watch that video content. When asked if owners and users of smartphones and tablets were aware of TV Everywhere – 62% replied that they were aware of this service. This white paper on “Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research,” provides specific findings on video consumption trends  that we hoped to glean through the survey included: Role of TV with regard to alternative screens and what video content people were watching on each of their various devices The appeal of downloading video content to which people already subscribe through their TV service provider High awareness and activation of TV Everywhere among men and women 

What is SaaS? And Why Do I Care?

White Paper: CrownPeak

The goal of this descriptive whitepaper is to clarify what SaaS is and help the reader understand why not everything that is called SaaS meets the requirements of a true “Software as a Service” model. It also addresses key questions like: What is the relationship between SaaS and cloud computing? What are the core principles which makeup the fundamental building blocks of a SaaS application? What are the four layers of security which is used to safeguard customer data in a SaaS environment? What are the business benefits of Web Content Management when combined with the Software as a Service application? Is SaaS Web Content Management right for your business? Read this whitepaper on “What is SaaS And Why Do I Care?” that helps digital marketers and technology managers understand the true definition of SaaS, and eliminate preconceived objections about the benefits of a SaaS-based delivery model. 

Three Reasons to Take Another Look at Your Social Media Strategy

White Paper: Sitecore

A strong Social media strategy benefits brands by sharpening the focus and consolidating efforts for maximum results. The social media strategy serves as a roadmap and is planned after reviewing the relevant channels and targeted consumer’s online behavior. But do you have a cohesive social media strategy across all your marketing efforts that let you optimize your return on marketing investment? This informative whitepaper presents social media "at a glance" while providing 3 key questions to help identify common gaps in any social media strategy plan. It focuses on: What are the ways in which your business can benefit from a social media marketing strategy? Do social media marketing strategy lends itself towards reaching a current or prospective customer? Does social media strategy plan evaluate the results of each tactic and give a clear view of progress? How to plan and develop a perfect social media strategy that works like charm for your organization? Download this whitepaper on “Three reasons to take another look at your social media strategy,” and apply the tips you need to turn those gaps into opportunities and improve the success of your social media campaigns.  

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: 2013 Holiday Battle of the Brands

White Paper: SDL

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: The indisputable 2013 holiday retail battle of the brands Taking a break from the regular programming to answer a question that's been peppering everywhere with increasing frequency: Torn between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? Which one should you go for? This informative whitepaper outlines the past best practices and quantifies the impact of PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One activities. Learn the answers to these critical questions: What have been the strategies and tactics that have defined these early moments in this battle of- PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One? Who has laid the best foundation? Who will win between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and what can be learned from their game play? Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which is the best games console? What are the additional features of Xbox One over PlayStation 4? Here's the blow-by-blow of how the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compare with one another. Download this whitepaper on “2013 Holiday Battle of the Brands- Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4” to learn more.

Turning Piratez into Consumers

White Paper: Visual Unity

Want to stop content piracy? Multi-screen is at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda for delivering digital video. Many in the entertainment industry are quick to blame piracy for any revenue decline in their business. But why not blame the Internet itself? This whitepaper explores how piracy has evolved over the past decades, issues surrounding copyright infringement in the entertainment industry, and the steps necessary to convert Piratez into consumers in this digital age. It addresses questions like: What are the origins of digital piracy and what are the methods that have been developed to halt its progress? What is the role of social media in piracy and the entertainment industry? What are the issues surrounding piracy and content protection, in the form of a gap analysis about what consumers want from their entertainment? Read this whitepaper to learn about the new trends in multi-screen and the privacy related challenges that solution providers are facing today in assisting curators of content to address their content aggregators and distributors’ needs and changing market demands.

Forward Markets 2013-2018:Moving Direct Display Ad Sales on to the RTB Platform

White Paper: The Trade Desk

The adoption of real-time bidding(RTB)–based forward markets is inevitable for both ad agencies and publishers to remain commercially viable. By applying RTB technology, forward markets can automate, integrate, and optimize the trade and delivery of display advertising inventory, which today is still mostly sold in traditional direct sales transactions. This whitepaper on “Forward Markets 2013–2018: Moving Direct Display Ad Sales onto the RTB Platform,” explores the in depth opportunities and challenges of a forward market built on programmatic infrastructure, with the same buyer-controlled audience targeting found in RTB today. Readers will: Understand the advertising markets worldwide which includes data and forecasts for the RTB advertising markets of all global the adoption of real time bidding (RTB) Platform in premium digital display regions Get an estimate of current and past spending on forward market–based display ad sales and forecasts spending until the year 2018 Understand the challenges of employing RTB based forward markets

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