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"Forward Markets and Advertising Agencies"

Forward Markets 2013-2018:Moving Direct Display Ad Sales on to the RTB Platform

White Paper: The Trade Desk

The adoption of real-time bidding(RTB)–based forward markets is inevitable for both ad agencies and publishers to remain commercially viable.

By applying RTB technology, forward markets can automate, integrate, and optimize the trade and delivery of display advertising inventory, which today is still mostly sold in traditional direct sales transactions.

This whitepaper on “Forward Markets 2013–2018: Moving Direct Display Ad Sales onto the RTB Platform,” explores the in depth opportunities and challenges of a forward market built on programmatic infrastructure, with the same buyer-controlled audience targeting found in RTB today.

Readers will:

  • Understand the advertising markets worldwide which includes data and forecasts for the RTB advertising markets of all global the adoption of real time bidding (RTB) Platform in premium digital display regions

  • Get an estimate of current and past spending on forward market–based display ad sales and forecasts spending until the year 2018

  • Understand the challenges of employing RTB based forward markets

Forward Markets 2013-2018:Moving Direct Display Ad Sales on to the RTB Platform
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