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The Marketer's Big Book of Call Tracking Success Stories

White Paper: DialogTech

Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer’s business and loyalty. It’s why for many businesses, an inbound phone call is the most valuable conversion from their marketing and website.  If your business values phone calls, your marketing team should take a data-driven approach to generating more inbound calls, and this eBook can help. It explains how businesses in 25 industries use call tracking solutions to generate more calls and customers from their digital advertising, website, and offline marketing. Call tracking — also known as call analytics, call attribution, and call intelligence — enables businesses to generate better converting calls, decrease their cost per lead, personalize customer experiences, and drive growth. Want to learn marketing strategies to drive calls? Want to understand how marketers are analyzing what happens on calls for insights? Want to prove how your marketing generates calls that convert to customers? This eBook highlights: The importance of phone call conversions to your marketing ROI How marketers in 25 industries use call tracking to drive revenue What questions to ask when evaluating a call tracking solution

Automating campaign creation

White Paper: 123contactform

Creating effective automated campaigns can save time, energy and resources to engage new leads and current customers. Learn in this case study how a prominent SaaS company increased lead generation by 19% with improved marketing campaign management. How implementation of 123ContactFor lead-capturing form can reduce the campaign creation and implementation time to one working day. 

Artificial Intelligence White Paper: How AI benefits marketers?

White Paper: Emarsys

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most powerful marketing tools by actually delivering on the promise of 1:1 marketing. Instead of merely pushing the key marketer challenges further downstream, AI actually overcomes them. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, AI technology solutions are being built to take over most of the tedious and time-consuming tasks that marketers struggle with on a regular basis. This whitepaper provides insights on how artificial intelligence helps to fulfill the vision of true 1:1 marketing by bridging the gap between data and personalized customer experiences. Key takeaways from this Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper: Revolutionizing the marketer’s role Bridging the marketing gap with Artificial Intelligence Product recommendations: How Artificial Intelligence benefits marketers AI at work: Incentive Recommendations

Marketer’s Guide to Video Technology

White Paper: Elcom

Viewers increasingly expect the engagement online video offers, and the video technology is now sufficiently mature that cost-effective solutions exist for almost every use case. Whether you choose to go free, open-source, or with a commercial Online Video streaming Platform (OVP) provider, it’s almost certain there is a mix of products and services to suit your business. This whitepaper provides insights on things one should keep in mind, before commencing any video project. Key takeaways from this whitepaper on Video technology: The rise of video and its central role in multi-screen communication Overview of the main components and features of modern video platforms Managing SaaS VMS product lifecycles in the enterprise Sustaining a business with video as a core part of the multi-screen offering Many businesses have successfully addressed both mass and niche markets with entertaining and informative videos and monetized those videos effectively.

Quantifying The ROI Of Mobile Marketing

White Paper: Swrve

Today’s CMO needs to be absolutely sure that the decisions they make are right for the business, and that the resources allocated to mobile are delivering ROI - and more ROI than they would elsewhere. Creating personal, relevant and meaningful interactions within the mobile app- ‘mobile moments’ as they are sometimes called - is the new challenge in marketing. This whitepaper highlights if your mobile app strategy is killing your business and how to calculate the ROI to fix it! Key takeaways from this whitepaper: The true benefits of a cloud-based approach to mobile marketing All the examples shared come from large-scale mobile businesses in a range of verticals The key metrics mobile marketing can influence, and what sort of uplift can be expected Areas in which ‘direct experience’ mobile marketing can deliver value - from acquisition to re-engagement - and getting a handle on what sort of scale those benefits can take

The Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation

White Paper: Swrve

Mobile Marketing Automation is the set of techniques and tactics that engage mobile users, deliver value and content to them, and optimize their experience through personalization in order to keep them engaged, retained and, best of all, profitable. Let’s assume you’re committed to investing in mobile marketing automation. Where do you begin? In this whitepaper you’ll find: Certain questions you need to ask yourself before taking this mobile marketing automation approach Techniques are front and center-Ensuring that a mobile app strategy delivers long-term value and ROI Is ROI reported on my marketing campaigns? Ways in which a vendor can help ensure your experience with mobile marketing automation- a positive one The mobile space evolves quickly and marketing automation is no exceptional make sure the team you choose is prepared to support a rigorous product roadmap

Understanding The Expanding Benefits Of Marketing With Video

White Paper: Aberdeen Group

Video is a powerful medium that can be used to address a wide range of business challenges. While video’s use in business may start with simple marketing videos, it has the potential to do so much more. Marketing with video is unlike marketing with any other tactic, tool, technology, or channel. This whitepaper explores the impact of marketing with video – not only in terms of marketing performance, but with regard to the business as a whole. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: How to extend video’s value to the organization at large, optimize the technologies that integrate with or amplify video-based interactions How to stay ahead of the curve on effective video deployments Four general categories the marketing initiative adoption rates roll into

Quality Content Marketing Or Bust – Why It’s Worth It To Draw The Line

White Paper: Aberdeen Group

Simply practicing content marketing does not provide a competitive advantage. To see top-tier marketing results, content marketers must also enrich top-tier marketing capabilities. While there is a wealth of such capabilities to enrich, taken together, the effect can be best summed up as quality content marketing. Thus, the line between what is quality content marketing and what isn’t is indeed vital for gaining content marketing’s full utility. This whitepaper on “Quality Content Marketing or Bust –Why it’s worth it to draw the line” discusses the following: Defining Leading Content Marketers and Following Content Marketers Leading Content Marketers Are On-Par with Best-in-Class Marketers Leading Content Marketers Surpass the Best-in-Class In Marketing Competencies 3 key action items to help elevate standard content marketing to the Leading level of quality

SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES: Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing

White Paper: Conversion Logic

A comprehensive cross-channel view of marketing performance, analyzing how individual channels perform as well as how they affect each other, has the potential to significantly improve efficiency and impact of activity across the organization. This whitepaper on “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing,” analyzes the findings according to the survey conducted, and provides actionable insights, including: Trends in channel utilization, especially around programmatic Which KPIs executives really want, and how marketers measure them with the analytics tools How to overcome data accuracy obstacles Benefits from attribution, and how to assess your implementation readiness Challenges with cross-channel attribution, and how to overcome them

Paid Media Content Distribution: Inbound Marketer's Guide in 2016

White Paper: Kuno Creative

Paid Content Distribution- The Inbound Marketers’ Way Paid content distribution is a bridge above the swelling sea of content that connects brands with target audiences to help the right information find the right people. But the real challenge is to create highly engaging, personalized content that delivers value to its intended audience. This whitepaper guides you on how to connect with people through different paid media distribution channels including social media. It also covers topics such as: How can inbound marketers build a Perfect Content Distribution Strategy for paid media? Why inbound marketers need to consider paid content distribution? How to cost effectively distribute your content across social media channels? How to target the right audience for paid content distribution by finding the right information about them? Which paid content distribution channels can have a major impact on your search rankings? How to set the overall paid content distribution campaign budget to manage daily spend? Start delivering content to the right buyers at the right time and meet specific marketing goals.

Inbound Marketing: Buy in,Budgets & Best Practices

White Paper: Kuno Creative

Buy-in, Budgets and Best practices needed for successful inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is not a single channel or a tactic, but a philosophy that drives your entire marketing strategy. Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than having the marketers go out to get the attention of the audience. This White Paper will help you understand: Allocating marketing budgets for paid advertising through search engines or different social sites. Assign a daily budget or a total budget to a campaign and run the sponsored content for any time period, giving you a lot of flexibility. Setting the right budget, followed reporting and execution of best practices ​______________________________________________________________ This whitepaper provides a brief analysis of inbound marketing and its benefits including the below topics: Why choose Inbound Marketing? How is inbound marketing different from traditional marketing? How does inbound marketing help in launching new product? Setting an inbound marketing budget: budgeting for content creation &promoting content through paid channels Paid channels to consider: Facebook, Google adwords, LinkedIn ads and sponsored content Building an inbound marketing team Best inbound marketing practices in action Download this whitepaper to learn more about buy-in, budget and best practices in inbound marketing.

How to Generate More Leads and Build Brand Recognition

White Paper: Blue Fountain Media

Generating more leads and building greater brand recognition can't be achieved without implementing the right digital marketing strategies. The best way to generate leads online is by implementing the right digital marketing strategies. But there are numerous different tactics and tools in digital marketing including social media and Email Marketing which companies are using for generating more business leads online. So how would you figure out which one fits best for your organization’s need? It is crucial to understand the role that each tool plays and how it fits into your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Best link building startegies you can put to work to build your business . Social Media Marketing Digital Media Marketing, etc Email Marketing YouTube Marketing Content Marketing Advertising How often do you track the users' behavior on the website and their location? Read this white paper talks about the marketing strategies which are helpful for generating leads and build brand awareness for your business.

The Ratings & Reviews Landscape : A Field Guide for The Modern Marketer

White Paper: Reevoo

Are you wondering,how to get more positive ratings and reviews? How can you generate positive product ratings and reviews that can help you transform your business? This whitepaper unveals '' The Secrets to Getting Positive Online Reviews''. Online reviews have created a new form of marketing and communication that bridges the gap between simple word-of-mouth and a viral form of feedback that can move virtual mountains for a business. The importance of online reviews for businesses is truly mind boggling; from increase of brand awareness to an overall increase of profit in the long run. What are the ways to generate more positive online reviews? What are the six critical parameters for judging any ratings and reviews methodology? What are the essential characteristics of the most trustworthy approaches to ratings and reviews? This informative whitepaper outlines the impact of online ratings and reviews, the key differences between the main methodologies in the market and what the secrets to getting positive online reviews are.

Overcoming Marketing Challenges

White Paper: SmartFocus

Despite the abundance of data, marketers find the process of making all this information useful and actionable considerably problematic. With many organizations struggling to keep up with the incoming flow of data, it is no surprise that they also struggle to cope with more advanced activities around marketing data. The process of confronting a multitude of data sources might sound daunting as without any direction or experience, simplest datasets can prove to be complex. It has now become an important challenge to define what is being sought after before proceeding and wading through masses of data. Marketers are advised to push through the data pain and prioritize turning data into insights, gaining a single customer view and marketing attribution, all of which are critical to success. Move ahead and read the following whitepaper that will address all your questions, including these: How to create a marketing data inve ntory? How to target specific audiences (segmentation)? What is the need of market attribution? How to enable predictive marketing?  

How to Choose the Perfect Email Service Provider (ESP)

White Paper: Campaign Monitor

Choosing the perfect email service provider is critical to your business' success.Before selecting the email service provider and start testing solutions , it’s important to figure out how email marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. This whitepaper will help you make an informed decision in choosing the right ESP for your business that discusses about: What makes email marketing so effective? What questions to consider as you build an email marketing strategy? What features you need from your email service provider? Your budget to choose the ESP that best fits your organization’s need. Delivery rate and customer support your ESP offers.

Cart Abandonment: How to Avoid Losing over Half of Your Potential Sales

White Paper: Upclick

This informative whitepaper on shopping cart abandonment clearly explains:Why online shoppers are leaving their cart without paying in the first place and how you can Stop losing your potential sales. With a staggering growth in E-commerce firms in the past several years, online shoppers are finding more reasons to abandon their shopping carts, in case of infeasible shipping charges or extra fees. The internet is replete with multiple shopping sites that offer cutthroat deals and any wrong move by the online retailer can lead to substantial loss in sales. In such a scenario, to improve customer loyalty, what online merchants need are solutions which recognize the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment.  Inside this Cart Abandonment Whitepaper: If you want to know more about customer preferences that help reduce cart abandonment then read in this whitepaper! Top reasons for shopping cart abandonment : Do you want to know why maximum shoppers abandon their cart?Read this section of the whitepaper. How to prevent shopping cart abandonment? Learn to Avoid shopping cart abandonment while making the customer feels informed through every step of the payment process. What motivates people to complete the purchase? Are other e-tailers monitoring shopping cart abandonment? What steps can be taken to win back a customer who abandoned their carts?

Must-Do Tactics For Hyperlocal Channel Partner Marketing Success

White Paper: SproutLoud Media Networks

Over the last few years, ''Hyperlocal'' has become a buzzword in the marketing world,as big brands are looking forward to establish themselves on a local level and build more trust and connection with the consumers. Through targeted communication efforts on a specific local geographic area, it can help business to reach to a specific audience that gives them the ability to be a “big fish’’ in a small pond. This whitepaper will show you the right steps you can take to build the most effective hyperlocal marketing strategy, so your channel partner gets the most out of their participation with you. This Whitepaper Talks about: -Establishing your brand's Hyper-local Presence -Helping Your Local Partners to get hyperlocal success -Building Carefully Crafted Digital Campaigns for audience engagement Learn what are the must do tactics to build your brand successful at the hyperlocal level. Download this whitepaper now.

Reputation And Crisis Management Techniques For The Enterprise

White Paper: Sprinklr

Crisis management techniques are designed to protect an organization and its stakeholders from threats and reduce the impact felt by threats. Developing a well-thought-out crisis management plan can be the difference between brand longevity and long-term brand damage. In this Crisis Management whitepaper on, you will learn: A guided approach to assessing and handling brand crisis scenario Combined perspectives from industry thought leaders, and our own recommendations for brand reputation management Create a customized crisis preparation model by assembling a crisis management team Crisis Plan Flowchart to assist you in putting out flash fires and rolling disasters Your brand’s crisis might not be as dramatic as a star falling from grace, but it can be just as disastrous. That’s why you need to develop a comprehensive crisis management plan!!

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