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Creating Effective Automated Campaigns: Case study

"Creating Effective Automated Campaigns: Case study"

Automating campaign creation

White Paper: 123ContactForm

Creating effective automated campaigns can save time, energy and resources to engage new leads and current customers.

Learn in this case study how a prominent SaaS company increased lead generation by 19% with improved marketing campaign management. How implementation of 123ContactFor lead-capturing form can reduce the campaign creation and implementation time to one working day. 

Automating campaign creation
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Achieve HIPAA Compliance

By: 123contactform

HIPAA allows a transparent and secure management of PHI, reducing health-care abuse and fraud. Complying with HIPAA and putting your patient forms online is a top priority for health Institutions to keep patient's private information safe and secure. The best solution is relying on a solid and trustworthy HIPAA-compliant platform, which centralizes patients’ private and sensitive information, by following the procedures that ensure confidentiality and security when receiving, handling, transferring and storing PHI. This white paper will answer your questions such as: Why do health institutions need a HIPAA -compliant data solution? My clinic is not in the USA, why are HIPAA -compliant forms relevant for me? What are the benefits of automated online processes for your health institution? What are the top inefficient processes for health institutions? How 123contactform addresses the most important issues for health institutions?

The HIPAA Compliance Guide

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Being HIPAA compliant ensures that you have covered all the basic security issues and that your data is completely safe. This white paper guides you with the necessary tools and know-how for ensuring the safety of patient information while speeding up your business processes. Key takeaways from this white paper: A brief history of HIPAA How does HIPAA affect you? Securely gathering and storing healthcare data Achieving HIPAA compliance with 123ContactForm

What is

What is marketing ?

To sell a product, a company follows some marketing techniques and strategies to get themselves identified by the customers in the market. It basically involves some marketing plans in order to ensure that the right-mix of products is reaching the right audience. It starts from the production department to the product manufacture; marketing department focused on promoting, distributing and pricing the product

What is Social Media ?

Social media refers to web applications or tools that can be used in interacting with other people to create, share or exchange information with each other through the medium- Internet. Social media was originated as a tool for individuals to exchange information with their friends and family but later businesses adopted the new communication channel just to increase their product reach.

What is Web to lead ?

Web-to-lead refers to generation of contact forms that can be incorporated into an existential website for example: the ‘Delivery details’ or ‘contact information’ form that is often filled as part of online shopping. Each time a form is submitted it creates a lead record in the database. A lead is a potential sale and lifeline of every sales business.

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