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Practical Use of HIPAA-Compliant Forms for Health Institutions

"Practical Use of HIPAA-Compliant Forms for Health Institutions"

Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Achieve HIPAA Compliance

White Paper: 123ContactForm

HIPAA allows a transparent and secure management of PHI, reducing health-care abuse and fraud.

Complying with HIPAA and putting your patient forms online is a top priority for health Institutions to keep patient's private information safe and secure.

The best solution is relying on a solid and trustworthy HIPAA-compliant platform, which centralizes patients’ private and sensitive information, by following the procedures that ensure confidentiality and security when receiving, handling, transferring and storing PHI.

This white paper will answer your questions such as:

  • Why do health institutions need a HIPAA -compliant data solution?

  • My clinic is not in the USA, why are HIPAA -compliant forms relevant for me?

  • What are the benefits of automated online processes for your health institution?

  • What are the top inefficient processes for health institutions?

  • How 123contactform addresses the most important issues for health institutions?

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What is

What is Healthcare analytics ?

Healthcare analytics is the analysis of healthcare activities and data collected from different area of healthcare. Analytics help healthcare organizations to co-ordinate better and improve patient wellness. The main benefit of using healthcare analytics is to help you in decision making, which will increase patient experience and outcomes in a cost effective manner.

What is Analytics ?

Analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on examining existing data, typically large sets of business data, with the aid of mathematics, statistics, specialized systems and software. In the last few years use of analytical methods to extract useful insights from data have gained immediate importance and has helped several companies improve their business performances.

What is HIPAA Compliance ?

HIPAA Compliance is a set of laws and protocols that ensure the protection of private information stored by healthcare clinics or hospitals on networks. Firms that deal with electronic protected health information (ePHI) and Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI) has to follow the terms and regulations standardized by the HIPAA compliance, with the aim of protecting the privacy of patients.

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