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"White paper on shopping cart abandonment"

Cart Abandonment: How to Avoid Losing over Half of Your Potential Sales

Cart Abandonment: How to Avoid Losing over Half of Your Potential Sales

White Paper: Upclick

This informative whitepaper on shopping cart abandonment clearly explains:Why online shoppers are leaving their cart without paying in the first place and how you can Stop losing your potential sales.

With a staggering growth in E-commerce firms in the past several years, online shoppers are finding more reasons to abandon their shopping carts, in case of infeasible shipping charges or extra fees. The internet is replete with multiple shopping sites that offer cutthroat deals and any wrong move by the online retailer can lead to substantial loss in sales. In such a scenario, to improve customer loyalty, what online merchants need are solutions which recognize the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment. 

Inside this Cart Abandonment Whitepaper:

If you want to know more about customer preferences that help reduce cart abandonment then read in this whitepaper!

Top reasons for shopping cart abandonment :
Do you want to know why maximum shoppers abandon their cart?Read this section of the whitepaper.

How to prevent shopping cart abandonment?
Learn to Avoid shopping cart abandonment while making the customer feels informed through every step of the payment process.

  • What motivates people to complete the purchase?

  • Are other e-tailers monitoring shopping cart abandonment?

  • What steps can be taken to win back a customer who abandoned their carts?

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