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Situator for Electric Utilities and NERC-CIP Compliance

White Paper: Qognify

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-government organization which has statutory responsibility to regulate bulk power system users, owners, and operators through the adoption and enforcement of standards for fair, ethical and efficient practices. Achieving NERC CIP compliance and maintaining it, can be a daunting task for many organization. With the consequences for non-compliance both costly and risk increasing, the electric utilities industry faces significant challenges in ensuring and sustaining effective, efficient NERC CIP compliance. This white paper on “Situator for Electric utilities and NERC CIP Compliance” sees the aspects of the electric utilities industry’s operating environment and how you can comprehensively address the challenges of implementing NERC CIP standards around physical security and sustaining compliance. How to meet NERC CIP Personnel and Training requirements? How electric utilities are seeking ways to address challenges such as achieving and sustaining NERC CIP compliance? How to ensure compliance with NERC CIP regulations? How to get a complete view of the NERC CIP compliance status within the organization? Compliance and reporting can become a seamless event for the electric utilities industry with Situator !

The Power of Predictive Analytics: The Key Component of a Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Program

White Paper: InStep Software

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict A comprehensive equipment maintenance program should include a mix of predictive, reactive, preventative, and condition-based measures. But in the age of big data and analytics, predictive maintenance should be leading the way. Is your enterprise focusing on right key components of a comprehensive predictive analytics and equipment maintenance program? This whitepaper on “The Power of Predictive Analytics” describes in brief about the below topics: The (unfortunate) predominance of reactive maintenance Components of a comprehensive equipment maintenance program: Elements of different approaches The power of predictive maintenance software: Predictive analytics techniques Advantages and disadvantages of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) In order to truly monitor the overall health and performance of critical enterprise assets in real time, predictive analytics must be at the heart of any comprehensive equipment maintenance program.

Grid Data Vault:Data Management for Smart Grid Applications

White Paper: EMeter

Grid Data Vault is a seamless and highly scalable software application that effortlessly compresses inactive EnergyIP data, while providing flexible access so that data is available whenever and however it is needed. Grid Data Vault represents a 360 degree view of data management for Smart Grid. This informative whitepaper focuses on: How can a data archiving approach using Grid Data Vault streamline the data management process? What are the key benefits of using Grid Data Vault in smart grid applications? How can smart grid technology help in significantly reducing data storage and maintenance requirements? How can Grid Data Vault overcome the data management complexity and the risk of non-compliance? Get rid of extraneous infrastructure, power, and overall costs associated with storing vast amounts of inactive data!!! Download this whitepaper on “Grid Data Vault: data management for Smart Grid applications” to get started now.

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