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Enterprise Security

Five IT Engineering Challenges with Scaling Enterprise Security Workflows and How to Solve Them

White Paper: Avere Systems

Every organization’s primary challenge is to avoid bottlenecks to and from storage as the infrastructure scale to incorporate larger datasets. This includes managing unfiltered, real-time stream of data from tens of thousands of users and assets at every layer of the IT infrastructure—which includes scaling enterprise security log and analytics workflows.       This white paper introduces a solution that helps enterprises in collecting security log data, efficient searching, analyzing the data for improving the intelligence and threat detection, and ultimately protect at-scale functionality to support expanding enterprise security workflows.This benefits the enterprise in ingest and analytics performance, vendor choice protection, and migration and mirroring of log data across data centers. This white paper addresses the following questions: What are the five biggest scale-related problems faced by an organization?  How to solve the challenges associated with scaling the Enterprise Security Workflows? What are the methods for efficient data management throughout the lifecycle? How to maintain data availability and redundancy? What are the benefits expanding enterprise security workflows?  

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