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Contact Center

Eight Habits of Highly Ineffective Contact Centre Outsourcing Relationships

White Paper: Telus International

Outsourcing activity in the contact center market is at its highest level in five years. This increased transaction activity represents not only new demand for outsourced services, but also reflects an environment where many enterprises have matured in their outsourcing experiences, and are now in a more educated position to reevaluate their current deals.

Building your brand around better customer service

White Paper: Plantronics

In today’s omni-channel world, customer service centers play a vital role in building brands and growing revenues. The outcome of all the customer interactions is the customer experience, and it is this experience that the customer associates with your brand. Organizations need to rebuild around the customer experience and ensure every department understands its role in delivering the best possible service. This whitepaper explores the ways customer service centers can make small, incremental changes to deliver the service quality that customers now demand. It discusses: How do customer service centers that shift to a customer-centric model can maintain the gains? How customer service centers help build the brand in the face of growing customer power, expectations, and scrutiny? Issue of management recognizing the value of customers and CSRs

Using Gamification to Improve Contact Center Performance

White Paper: CallMiner

Gamification is a fun and growing resource that can be adapted to improve contact center performance and agent engagement. While gamification is flexible, two elements are required to make it successful: clear business goals and accurate metrics. When contact center agents are more engaged at work, enterprises can optimize engagement with customers. This whitepaper provides you insights on how interaction analytics and gamification could help your organization to optimize customer engagements and improve contact center performance. It discusses: How does gamification relate to contact centers? Several avenues to motivate contact center agents How leaders are combining gamification and interaction analytics to get business results Best Practices from the Leaders

Speech Analytics: Convert Voice of The Customer Into Business Success

White Paper: CallMiner

Speech analytics as a technology is used to analyze customer conversations taking place through phone and/or interactive voice response (IVR) during or after the call. Don’t just analyze data, use speech analytics to deliver actionable guidance to employees to support them in doing their jobs. Research shows that 37% of speech analytics users currently use voice biometrics in support of their activities. This whitepaper on “Speech Analytics: Convert Voice of the Customer into Business Success,” highlights: How to lay the right foundation for your Speech Analytics Program Massive returns that companies see by incorporating speech analytics Building blocks that help organizations maximize the benefits they see from this technology

What Will You Do When the Phones Stop Ringing?

White Paper: Altivon

It is quite probable, of course, that the phones will not stop ringing altogether. But the contact center that is prepared for such an eventuality will be better positioned to be responsive to customers no matter how they choose to reach out. And after all, aren’t customer satisfaction and retention the mission of the contact center? This whitepaper on “What Will You Do When the Phones Stop Ringing?,” highlights: The Customer Takes Control-Contact centers to focus less on service efficiency (costs) and more on delivering a positive customer experience The Role of Social Media-Social networks and blogs are now the fourth most popular online activity Addressing Non-Voice Media-Contact centers are finding that the fundamentals are the same regardless of media. Right Choice for Your Business-Discover the media preferences and service level expectations

Four 'Must Have' Utility Contact Center Enhancements to Improve Customer Service and Save Money

White Paper: Altivon

There is a great opportunity to improve the performance and contribution of utility contact centers by making four “must have” changes. These changes are consistent with the latest industry trends and contact center developments, leveraging technology and best practices to deliver new levels of service. This whitepaper ensures that the customer expectations are met in the most cost efficient manner by the following four changes: Deploy workforce management tools for better schedules, improved service levels, and fewer agents Staff with a mix of centralized and work at home agents for greater agent availability and schedule flexibility Merge disparate call centers into one virtualized, consolidated customer service contact center Leverage the ‘callback’ option to save money, eliminate long on‐hold times, and delight customers by freeing them from hold

Increase Your Per-Agent Debt Collection Revenue By Over 200%

White Paper: Ameyo

Fueled by many reasons, the debt collection industry has been growing and gaining more importance, forcing companies to adapt to this trend. By using a Dialer for handling large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and minimize the number of interactions to reach the right party. This whitepaper on “Increase your per-agent debt collection revenue by over 200%,” provides insights on how contact center technology and intelligent strategies can help collection agents to improve their debt collection rates. It highlights: Benefits of Automated Dialing System over Manual Dialing System for debt recovery scenario Metrics that are responsible in affecting productivity in debt collection agencies Personalized approach to debt collection services Automation to handle large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and by minimizing the number of interactions to reach the right party, they can improve the efficiency.

Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan

White Paper: Empirix

Pre-deployment testing of the contact center voice environment can result in time and money savings. In order to achieve the benefits that pre-deployment contact center testing offers, organizations must develop in-depth strategy and execution plans first . This whitepaper on “Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan,” provides necessary information to ensure that you achieve your goals with contact center testing plans, including: Step-by-step instructions for building an impactful testing ROI case Ten tips for developing an impactful contact center testing plan How to develop a follow-up plan to your test phase for contact center What should be included in a comprehensive testing plan for contact center? Improve your business performance by predicting your customers’ communications experience, end to end, with a powerful testing plan for contact center.

5 Reasons Skype for Business Is a Natural Fit for the Contact Center


Past several decades showed nothing much of improvement in the technological perspective of the telephony technology. Though the presence of archaic PBX system still consumes a major part of market share, the present day Unified Communications however promises much more to offer with its major upheaval. PBX hardware for contact centers will be nearly vestigial in a few years – Skype for Business will be better for your contact center in the future, even if it doesn’t look like the hardware you may be used to with phone wires sticking out of it.  Learn how a Skype for business contact center is a great fit for: • Multi-channel communications  • Cloud contact centers  • Development and extensibility  • Employee mobility • Significant cost savings Read this informative white paper on what you can accomplish with a Skype for Business contact center.

Predictive Insights: Automated Call & Lead Scoring for Today's Call Center

White Paper: VoiceBase, Inc

Today’s call center is not lacking data. But the manual process of analyzing voice recordings in search of business opportunities is labor intensive and costly. And it takes time— time that could be better spent exploiting new-found insights to improve business processes. By replacing human call scoring with an automated call solution offered by contact centers, call-tracking services and hosted PBXs can save a considerable amount of time and money. Your clients will be interested in a solution that accelerates the call-scoring process, saves money, and enables a new level of intelligence to be gleaned from customer calls. VoiceBase Predictive Analytic is just such a solution. Automatically mining the rich data in spoken interactions opens the door to a wealth of possibilities. Read this whitepaper for predictive insight on automated call & scoring leads for today's call center systems.

Turn the Channel of Last Resort into a First-Rate Customer Experience

White Paper: VoltDelta

With the explosion of new channels over the past decade, our customers are able to choose any number of ways to interact with us. For many, voice has become the channel they use when they need to escalate an issue; the channel of last resort.

The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics

White Paper: Fonolo

For executives, measuring and improving call center metrics can be a pain point. Your call center operates in a stressful environment where good quality call center performance metrics lead to a higher standard of customer service. In this white paper on “The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics,” you'll find how to improve 6 key call center metrics for better performance and future success. Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat): To keep service costs low, while maintaining high caller satisfaction Service Level: what your call center can reasonably achieve First-Call Resolution (FCR): Focus on three areas- people, process, and product to improve the call center metrics Average Handle Time (AHT): 5 methods to help your call center improve AHT This white paper guide includes information on how strategic and tactical teams should work together on call center metrics reporting and its best practices. 

The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are Easy to Do Business With

White Paper: Avtex

Not many companies make it easy for people to do business with them.Is your organization easy to do business with? If the answer is no, then this white paper may be helpful to examine the key aspects of your customer interactions. By doing so, you will gain invaluable insight into your strengths, and the areas you need to work on. This white paper on “The Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are Easy to Do Business With,” will review the top 10 areas and give insight into these important aspects of your business. Great CX starts from within your company, so it is important to examine some of the key aspects like: Baseline Rating: Rate your business to know if you are easy to work with Social Media Strategies: To ensure that the customer engagement and response are very effective Being easy to do business with:Building a better business with great customer experience  Your Website: Must be easy to navigate, current, comprehensive and appealing Together we will make marked improvements in overall satisfaction and help you become an organization that is easier to do business with.

The Future of Contact Centers Rests on the Edge

White Paper: 3clogic

The future of contact center are more likely to get augmented with “edge” computing and the ability to meet today’s requirements while preparing for tomorrow’s is already within reach. In the case of contact centers, putting the combined burden of media processing of multichannel platforms (voice, email, chat, text) and the exponential levels of data generated, processed, and stored for every interactive communication in the cloud is by no means a small undertaking. But it is possible. In this white paper, discover how a unique distributed approach to cloud contact centers can enhance business continuity, resilience, security, and big data analysis. Key takeaways from this white paper on “The future of contact centers rests on the edge” : The growing concern for contact center Hosted cloud and on-premise not so different The solution with “edge” computing (fog computing) to the challenges faced by the contact center industry How “edge” computing can power tomorrow’s contact center  

Best Practices of Using Remote Agents to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions

White Paper: LiveOps.

Many companies today are addressing the challenges to improve direct marketing conversions by using remote agent solutions – an innovative, cost effective approach to meeting unpredictable and specialized call center requirements. This white paper on “Best Practices of Using Remote Agents to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions,” helps to understand the benefits of using virtual, remote agent solutions, to handle specialized calls and to monitor remote agent performance in realizing competitive advantage today. This white paper is recommended to all the individuals who are developing plans to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions It addresses questions such as: What are the roadblocks faced by the remote agents while addressing the challenges in direct marketing for your business? What are the call center solutions that leverage remote agents help overcome the limitations of traditional call centers? What are the ways that remote agent solutions can help businesses in all industries increase call center service quality and meet complex requirements?

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