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Improve Direct Marketing Conversions

"Improve Direct Marketing Conversions"

Best Practices of Using Remote Agents to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions

White Paper: LiveOps.

Many companies today are addressing the challenges to improve direct marketing conversions by using remote agent solutions – an innovative, cost effective approach to meeting unpredictable and specialized call center requirements.

This white paper on “Best Practices of Using Remote Agents to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions,” helps to understand the benefits of using virtual, remote agent solutions, to handle specialized calls and to monitor remote agent performance in realizing competitive advantage today.

This white paper is recommended to all the individuals who are developing plans to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions

It addresses questions such as:

  • What are the roadblocks faced by the remote agents while addressing the challenges in direct marketing for your business?

  • What are the call center solutions that leverage remote agents help overcome the limitations of traditional call centers?

  • What are the ways that remote agent solutions can help businesses in all industries increase call center service quality and meet complex requirements?

Best Practices of Using Remote Agents to Improve Direct Marketing Conversions
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What is marketing ?

To sell a product, a company follows some marketing techniques and strategies to get themselves identified by the customers in the market. It basically involves some marketing plans in order to ensure that the right-mix of products is reaching the right audience. It starts from the production department to the product manufacture; marketing department focused on promoting, distributing and pricing the product

What is Digital Transformation ?

Digital transformation is the noteworthy and accelerating transformation of procedures, activities and foundational components of a business leveraging its operating model to its infrastructure with the application of digital technology across society in a strategic and prioritized way.

What is Digital Platform ?

A digital platform consists of many services, representing a unique collection of software or hardware services of a company used to deliver its digital strategy. Organizations look for the services that provide businesses with the best performance to cost ratio, but some services are almost always required for all applications or solutions. Digital platforms have gained importance in business due to this ‘performance to cost ratio’ advantage.

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