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White Paper on Hybrid Cloud Storage

"White Paper on Hybrid Cloud Storage"

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Making Your Move to the Cloud

White Paper: Quantum

Hybrid Cloud storage has features of both Public and Private Cloud implementations, connected at various points to allow business users and applications to access storage via either of the two infrastructures as determined by IT or corporate policy.
Moving data to the cloud is actually cheaper, can be expanded interminably and needs less attention; but how much data can a company realistically park in cloud storage?

With an effective Hybrid Cloud storage solution, you can choose the best match for your workload requirements at any time, and rebalance them as your needs change.

This whitepaper provides insights on how the promise of the cloud is playing out, both positively and negatively, through its various implementations. In this whitepaper, the main focus is on cloud storage.

It highlights:

  • Immediate and long-term benefits of different cloud models

  • Potential downsides of the cloud models

  • Different cloud storage options available

  • Finding which of the cloud storage options is the best

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Making Your Move to the Cloud
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What is

What is Cloud Computing ?

A type of internet-based computing, Cloud computing refers to delivery of computing services over the internet or "the cloud" instead of using local storage and computing. The different computing services include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, applications, and analytics. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware acquisition, maintenance, installation of software.

What is Storage ?

Computer data storage often known as storage or memory is a technological process through which digital data is stored on a storage device, and recorded for an indefinite period of time. A storage device is a core function and fundamental component of any computer which holds the data and information temporarily or permanently; and it can also be external to a computer, server or any computing device.

What is Cloud Backup ?

Cloud backup is the ability to save and restore data from a remote, cloud-based server provided by a third-party service provider. The data on cloud backup can be remotely accessed from multiple resources. Generally, data is encrypted thus offering secured off-site storage. Cloud backup is also known as online backup or remote backup.

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