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"Better customer service to build brand"

Building your brand around better customer service

White Paper: Plantronics

In today’s omni-channel world, customer service centers play a vital role in building brands and growing revenues. The outcome of all the customer interactions is the customer experience, and it is this experience that the customer associates with your brand.

Organizations need to rebuild around the customer experience and ensure every department understands its role in delivering the best possible service.

This whitepaper explores the ways customer service centers can make small, incremental changes to deliver the service quality that customers now demand.

It discusses:

  • How do customer service centers that shift to a customer-centric model can maintain the gains?

  • How customer service centers help build the brand in the face of growing customer power, expectations, and scrutiny?

  • Issue of management recognizing the value of customers and CSRs

Building your brand around better customer service
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What is

What is Customer service ?

Customer service is the support one offer his customer, before, during and after they purchase your product or service. This service depends on employees who can adjust themselves to the personality of their customer. More than answers, it’s about the promise, your brand gives to the customers. Priority given to customer service varies from organization to organization. A company that values good customer service might spend a lot on training their employees, in comparison to organizations

What is Customer Relationship Management ?

Customer Relationship Management is a set of practices, technologies, and strategies followed by companies to bring in a healthy customer interaction environment. For Customer Relationship Management, organizations use software systems to keep a record of customers’ contact information across different channels and track customer activity. These systems also consist of information related to customer care staff, sales leads, and even history of customers.

What is Customer Loyalty ?

Customer Loyalty refers to the tendency of the customer to continue availing the products, solutions or services from the previous supplier or seller, owing to satisfaction in the usage of the product despite situational changes. It is a measure of success for the seller as customer retention drives multiple positive impacts for a business. Customers could be loyal either to a specific product of the company or to the company brand as a whole.

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