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"Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research"

Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research

White Paper: Vubiquity

Research: Video Content Consumption Trends Research Study

Vubiquity took an in-depth look into the video content consumption trends in today’s world. Consumers have a seemingly endless array of choices – from the kind of video consumption, to the screens on which to watch that video content.

When asked if owners and users of smartphones and tablets were aware of TV Everywhere – 62% replied that they were aware of this service.

This white paper on “Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research,” provides specific findings on video consumption trends  that we hoped to glean through the survey included:

  • Role of TV with regard to alternative screens and what video content people were watching on each of their various devices

  • The appeal of downloading video content to which people already subscribe through their TV service provider

  • High awareness and activation of TV Everywhere among men and women 

Vubiquity Multiplatform Consumer Usage Research
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